Joel Schiffman Biography, Age, Education, Hoda Kotb And Net worth.

Joel Schiffman Biography

Joel Schiffman is an American financier and entrepreneur born on 21st March 1958 in the U.S. He is the director and vice president of Janus Financial Group. He is the senior relationship manager of New York City-based Columbia Management’s National Accounts.

Joel Schiffman Age

Schiffman was born on 21st March 1958. He is 61 years old as of 2019.

Joel Schiffman Education

In 1981 he graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He later joined the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained a certificate in Investment Analysis.

Joel Schiffman Daughter

In February 2017 Hoda Kotb and Joel Schiffman adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy Kotb, as Hoda is unable to conceive, which was caused by the cancer treatment she underwent when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Joel Schiffman

Kotb told People’s magazine that they worked with a New York adoption agency and left Schiffman’s name off the paperwork to simplify the process. Joel has another daughter Kyle Schiffman, born in 1994, from a previous marriage. No details about his former wife are available.

Hoda Kotb Joel Schiffman

Joel Schiffman met Hoda Kotb in the summer of 2013 while Hoda was speaking at an event for Wall Street professionals. At the time Hoda was signing books when Joel approached her.

“It was one of those events they ask us to speak at and it was pouring rain and it was a bunch of Wall Street guys. I didn’t even want to go. hey asked me to sign some books and one guy is like, Can you sign it to my grandma? And this guy walks up and he’s like, I’ll take a book. And I was like, Who do you want me to write it to — your girlfriend, your wife, your aunt? And he goes, Write it to me.”

Joel Schiffman and Hoda managed to keep their relationship private until in 2015 ‘The Daily Mail’ published their photos.

“Here’s the thing … Do you know when you’re keeping something so close to the vest? And I have kept this so close to the vest, I didn’t even say his name. We called him Boots forever because we just showed his shoes [on the show]. It’s almost been two years, so you know what we decided: Why not? Joel is out from the shadows! I feel some relief. I talked to him this morning and he said, Who cares? Who cares!” Kotb said on her Today show about the reveal.

In October 2016 they moved in together, Kotb revealed on her SiriusXM series The Hoda Show.

“Joel and I are getting an apartment together, so we went to see it with the measuring tape, it’s a little weird to be in your 50s and we’re like Hey, we’re moving in! It’s like your kids. It’s so weird.”

Joel Schiffman Career

In 1987 Joel Schiffman joined Kidder Peabody as the senior vice president until 1994. In 1994 he joined Smith Barney as the Consulting Group Director. While at Smith Barney he was a member of a multi-billion dollar consulting practice. He was a lead consultant for endowments & foundations, corporate pension plans, and family offices.

In November 2003 he joined Trail Ridge Capital, LLC as the Principal, Director of Marketing. While at the company he developed and executed a sales and marketing strategy for a start-up hedge fund of funds manager.

Joel Schiffman joined Reed, Connor & Birdwell in September 2005 as the senior vice president, business development & client services, he held the position until May 2008. In June 2008 he joined Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC as the director, retirement platform relationships until May 2013.

In August 2013 Joel Schiffman became the senior relationship manager for Columbia management. He served as lead relationship liason to retirement platform and insurance partners. His responsibilities included developing and implementing strategies designed to assist partners in meeting or exceeding their goals.

In August 2015 he became the Vice president & director for Janus Henderson Investors U.S. His responsibilities include developing and implementing investment and sales strategies designed to assist partners in achieving their sales goals and investors their retirement goals.

Joel Schiffman Net worth

Joel Schiffman has not made his net worth public but considering the career, he may be worth millions.