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Jeannette Reyes Bio, Age, Married, Rhabdomyolysis, 6ABC, Salary, Net Worth

Jeannette Reyes is an American reporter for 6ABC Action News in Philadelphia. Reyes worked really hard achieve her current position at 6 ABC News. At the station, Jeannette is working alongside other top reporters like Annie McCormick and Chris Sowers.

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Jeannette Reyes Biography

Jeannette Reyes is an American reporter for 6ABC Action News in Philadelphia. Reyes worked really hard achieve her current position at 6 ABC News. At the station, Jeannette is working alongside other top reporters like Annie McCormick and Chris Sowers.

Reyes married her boyfriend who she met at WJLA-TV. It’s been 3 years since their marriage and the lovely couple is still in head over heels in love. With her hard work, Jeannette’s salary and net worth are enough to live a comfortable life for her and her family.

When it comes to the life of Jeannette Reyes, hard work put talent to shame. Reyes who currently works as a reporter for 6 ABC, had a very humble beginning to her journalism career.

Where she stands today in her career is a direct result of her undying determination, will and constant perseverance.

The Rhode Island native has maintained a healthy balance between her professional and her personal life. She manages her career while also sustaining a healthy and happy married life.

Along with her work and her love life, she is also an avid believer of giving back to her society. She can often be seen involving herself in humanitarian acts not just to make headlines but to actually make a difference and change the lives of the ones in need.

Jeannette Reyes Age, Height, And Body Measurements

As per tweets made to her, we can deduce the fact the Reyes celebrates her birthday on the 15th of August every year. However, the year of her birth remains a mystery. So her age is a matter that has us all scratching our heads.

Hair color Black
Build Slim
Weight N|A
Height 5 feet 6 inch

Jeannette Reyes Family

Reyes was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Thus, she holds American nationality. However, her parents are from the Dominican Republic.

They immigrated to the United States with a hope for a better life. Most of Reyes family members still reside in her native country and she is often seen visiting her family land where she involves herself in making a difference even through the smallest of contributions.

Jeannette Reyes Health And Rhabdomyolysis Condition

Jeannette Reyes, a reporter for 6ABC Action News in Philadelphia, learned a life-threatening lesson about pushing her body to the max this past summer.

In a segment reported by the station’s health reporter, Ali Gorman, Reyes recounted the harrowing story of how an intense workout with a new personal trainer caused her arms to swell beyond anything she’d experienced before.

One morning this past summer, Reyes was filling in as an anchor and noticed that her arms were ballooning over the course of the broadcast.

“That morning before I anchored the morning show, about 3:30 in the morning, the swelling stopped at my elbow,” Reyes said.

Jeannette Reyes“By the end of the show, about two and half hours later, it worked its way down, almost halfway down my forearm. So, the swelling was working its way down.”

Reyes was suffering from a dangerous condition known as rhabdomyolysis, an exercise-induced breakdown of muscle fibers that leak into the bloodstream. If left untreated, “rhabdo” can cause kidney failure or trigger serious liver and heart problems.

Jeanette Reyes Married

For Jeanette Reyes, she found the love of her life while doing what she loves. Although Reyes has never disclosed the full details regarding her and her partner’s first encounter, she has hinted that she met her beau, WJLA-TV reporter Robert Burton at work.

Their common interest in reporting and journalism is what sparked a relationship that would eventually end up in Reyes and her man getting married.

After meeting each other, Jeanette and Reyes immediately hit it off. After some years of dating and flourishing their love, Jeannette and Robert finally tied the knot on August 20, 2016.

The newly pronounced husband and wife expressed their love and gratitude towards one another at their wedding ceremony which consisted of family, friends and loved one.

Jeannette Reyes 6ABC

As of now, the pair are enjoying a happy married life which is evident through their number of social media posts. Here’s to undying, cherished love.

Jeannette Reyes joined the 6abc Action News team in the spring of 2016. She previously worked at WJLA, the ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C., where she was a general assignment reporter for two years.

There, she covered Pope’s Francis’ visit to the nation’s capital. Jeannette also reported on the 2015 Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia. Prior to that, she worked at KATV in Little Rock, Ark. where she began her career.

Jeannette Reyes Salary 

Jeannette Reyes has been involved in the journalism sector for quite some time now. She first began her career as a general assignment reporter for KATV.

After which she made a move and shifted to WJLA where she again worked as a general assignment reporter. Later in spring of 2016, Jeanette Reyes started her new role as a reporter for 6 ABC action news team.

With a decent job backing her, Reyes is sure to have a salary that could turn a lot of heads. The exact amount has not yet been revealed as to how much she earns but as per reports of paysa, the average salary of a 6 ABC employee is $78,593 and could be higher for the ones in prominent positions in the company. With Reyes experience and reputation, it can be certain that she earns a well above average salary.

Jeannette Reyes Net worth

The estimated wealth of Jeannette Reyes is around $200,000. Her majority of the income comes from her journalism career working for a different news station.

The start of her career saw her working at KATV where she bagged a salary of $65,531 on average but later when she started working at 6 ABC and her income had a significant rise. From her current job, Jeannette earns about $35,065 to $166,040 on average.

Additionally, her husband is also a reporter and works at WJLA-TV where he receives an average salary of $62,408 annually.