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Jared Knabenbauer Biography

Jared Knabenbauer, better known online as ProJared, is an American YouTube personality. He is best known for his video game reviews and videos related to Dungeons & Dragons. Knabenbauer also worked extensively with various YouTubers outside of his own channel

Jared Knabenbauer Age 

Jared was born on 28 August 1985 in green bay, Wisconsin, unit6ed states. he is 33 years old as of 2019.

Jared Knabenbauer Wife

Heidi Lynn O’Ferrall is the wife of the gamer, game reviewer, actor and writer, Jared Knabenbauer. She was born in Texas on April 1, 1988. The two internet personalities and gamers got married in June 2014 and Heidi is featured in Jared’s Asagao Academy series. She portrays the role of Hana in the series and makes all the decisions in the game.

Heidi did a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatrical Technology and Design in 2015 from the University of Texas at Arlington. Prior to the time of her graduation from the university, she had interned for God Save the Queen Fashions in 2014.

She worked in the art department for the short film Solstice and in an episode of The Game Chasers where she appeared as herself. Heidi is very good in leatherworks and sewing and also excels at makeup and foam fabrication. Her cosplays keep getting more complex and impressive throughout the years. Most of her works can be seen on her website and Twitter where she exhibits them.

Jared Knabenbauer Brother

He has a younger twin brother named Derek, they were born and raised together in green bay. His brother is also a YouTube personality known as DKlarations. They played the early editions of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) with their friends while they were growing up. His penchant for D&D games and discussions must have inspired his earlier uploads on his channel, and the name, DMJared.

During his early life

He graduated from Bay Port High School in June 2004. During and after high school, Knabenbauer did improvisational comedy with ComedyCity in De Pere, Wisconsin from 2001 to 2009. After graduation, Knabenbauer worked at GameStop from 2004 to 2009, becoming a store manager.

He launched his internet career on his YouTube channel, DMJared on November 20, 2006, but started reviewing videos and uploading his reviews in 2010. That was when he changed to ProJared so that he can apply to other game platforms.

He had always known that he could make better game reviews than others, thus, he set out to reviewing games. His first review was the one he made fun of Two Worlds which he felt was not doing a good and honest review. Others include reviews of Drake of the 99 Dragons and Hydlide.

His facial expressions and sarcastic style added more weight to his prominence on the internet. He is devoted to his work and has the ability to deliver high-quality comedy with professional touches too. This trait along with his down-to-earth and relatable performances has endeared him to his fans and viewers

Jared Knabenbauer
Jared Knabenbauer

Jared Knabenbauer’s Career Growth

In 2009, Knabenbauer moved to Texas to work for what would become Rooster Teeth, doing reviews and editing for ScrewAttack as well as managing their now-defunct video game retail store called GameAttack. In 2010, he uploaded a review of the game Two Worlds to his own ProJared YouTube channel, which he had originally registered as DMJared in 2006.

The video proved popular, and he soon followed it with reviews of motion controllers for games, Kinect and Move. By 2012, Knabenbauer had added a series to his channel called “One Minute Review” which has more than forty reviews. Knabenbauer joined NormalBoots when it was relaunched in 2014. Here he worked with JonTron (Jon Jafari) and PeanutButterGamer (Austin Hargrave) among others.

Game Grumps added Knabenbauer as a guest host of their Grumpcade series in 2015. He also appeared on Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers television series. In 2016, Knabenbauer expanded his content to Dungeons & Dragons and a few other tabletop role-playing games. Most notably, he was on D&D’s official channel in their Dice, Camera, Action series alongside Chris Perkins and fellow YouTubers Holly Conrad, Anna Prosser Robinson, and Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle).

The D&D venture on YouTube grew even more successful on Twitch when it became a live streaming series broadcasting every Tuesday with Perkins as Dungeon Master. The popularity of Dice, Camera, Action was further acknowledged when Beamdog announced in September 2018 that the cast of Dice, Camera, Action would voice roles in the Baldur’s Gate remasters, available as DLC.

Jared Knabenbauer Net Worth

Net Worth (2019) $1 Million – $10 Million (Approx.)
Estimated Net Worth (2018) $100K – $1 Million


Jared Knabenbauer Reddit

Knabenbauer and The Rumors about Jared “cheated on his wife with her friend were unfortunately true. The controversy has gone far beyond the initial announcement of divorce and infidelity. The twitter threads have confronted Jared’s nude-sharing behavior with fans.

In fact, many involved may have been underage with Jared knowingly continuing to carry a sexually-manipulative relationship with them in secret.

Regardless of thoughts on the divorce and affair, or even whether or not Heidi believes that some of those he corresponded with may have been underage at the time of their messaging, using her social influence to share nude and sexual pictures with fans, especially those largely younger than her, is not okay and is a blatant abuse of power.

Any who knew of Jared’s personal, official Tumblr account when it was active can attest to this behavior and the fact that he convinced people that it was somehow okay that he was doing this. When questioned on this, he often stated that “Heidi knew and accepted it but did not participate”, and reiterated it so often that his account was once plastered with asks talking about nude photos.”

whether it was okay to share them, and the aforementioned “lack” of the infidelity of it. Whether playing it off as a joke or something he portrayed as acceptable, he sent sexual photos to many people and was very much wrong to do so. So Pro Jared released a statement officially announcing his divorce from wife Heidi, before blocking her on Twitter.

ProJared and His Wife File for Divorce

YouTube video game reviewer Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer married cosplayer Heidi O’Ferrall. A Texas native O’Ferrall graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2015 and owns the apparel company Forest Girl Clothing.

ProJared released a statement via Twitter saying that he and Heidi have filed for divorce. He said in the statement that they decided to separate after Jared went through intensive individual and couples therapy in May 2018.

Shortly after Jared issued his statement, Heidi took to Twitter to make an explosive statement of her own. After saying that Jared had blocked her on social media and she couldn’t see his statement, she claimed that Jared had been cheating on her for months. She went on to say that his statement on the divorce was not mutual and an attempt to silence her.In a lengthy Twitter thread, Heidi alleged that the other woman is YouTuber Holly Conrad. Holly split from her husband Ross O’Donovan, another YouTuber, last year.

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