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Janelle Wang Bio, Age, Husband, Baby, NBC, Net Worth, Height,

Janelle Wang is an American journalist currently with NBC Bay Area KNTV in the San Francisco Bay Area. She anchors the 5 PM news on weeknights and also….

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Janelle Wang Biography

Janelle Wang is an American journalist currently with NBC Bay Area KNTV in the San Francisco Bay Area. She anchors the 5 PM news on weeknights and also reports on NBC Bay Area News at 6 PM. Previously, Wang was anchoring and reporting at KGO-TV ABC7.

While there, she and Good Morning America alumnus Spencer Christian co-hosted The View from the Bay during its entire four-year run. In addition to her contributions for local TV, her work has appeared on multiple national television outlets, including ABC News, NBC Nightly News, and CNN. Search also for Janelle Hall

Janelle Wang Age

She is an American having Chinese roots. Born in Bay Area in San Francisco, where she had most of her upbringing including her schooling, she is from a generation where increasing multi-racial American society is at the forefront and appreciated. Janelle Wang’s age is in the forties.

Janelle Wang Photo

Janelle Wang Husband

Janelle Wang is blissfully married to Matt Nelson. Matt Nelson is an American singer and a songwriter. Janelle and Matt got married to each other in 2010.

Janelle Wang Baby

Wang and her husband Matt Nelson are blessed with one beautiful daughter of two years. The name of their daughter is not yet revealed to the public.

Janelle Wang NBC

Janelle Wang anchors NBC Bay Area News weeknights at 5 p.m. with co-anchor Raj Mathai.  She also reports for NBC Bay Area News at 6 p.m.

Since joining NBC Bay Area, Janelle has won 2 Emmys for her coverage of the Valley Fire in Middletown and the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland.  She has also traveled to Sochi, Russia to cover the Winter Olympics and Kansas City to cover the San Francisco Giants World Series victory.

Prior to joining NBC Bay Area, Janelle spent more than 8 years at KGO-TV ABC7 in San Francisco.  While there, she reported on stories ranging from the deadly San Bruno gas fire to the steroid scandal in professional sports.  She also covered the Scott Peterson murder trial were people as far away as South America and Europe read her daily trial notes from inside the courtroom.

During Janelle’s time at KGO-TV, she also hosted the afternoon talk show “The View from the Bay” for its entire 4-year run. Guests included President Jimmy Carter, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and TV Host Oprah Winfrey.  Janelle’s popularity and viewer appeal on that show landed her a guest co-hosting spot with Regis Philbin on “Live with Regis and Kelly.”

Janelle Wang Net Worth

Janelle Wang’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of approximately $205177914 in 2019, according to the users of vipfaq.

Janelle Wang Height

The gorgeous journalist Janelle Wang stands with an average height of 5 feet 3 inches and possesses the perfect body weight. Literally one of the most beautiful journalists on television, Janelle has slim body structure however her exact body measurement statistics is under review.

She is one of the high positioned journalists who always draw the attention of her fans, flaunting her long slender legs in eye-catching high heels. The epitome of beauty with brain, Janelle is blessed with every single thing that is required to be a perfect woman more importantly “perfect human”.

Janelle Wang Wrecks NBC Bay Area Newscasts; No April Fool; What an Abomination; Finch and Traffic Guy Make KCBS Sound Worse; Ryan Scott Coddles Ronn Owens; Why? KNBR Giants-Related $$ Down; Monday Quickie

I Watched my share of KNTV newscasts and Wang is terrible. So terrible as to not only wreck her newscast but mess up co-anchor Raj Mathai too.
That’s a difficult task to accomplish but Wang is so banal, so sloppy, so uninspiring she makes others look bad.
I enjoyed Wang when she multi-tasked at KGO a few years ago (hosting a low-rated community midday show and doing various newscast) but she has regressed and it’s not very pretty. Which is all the more reason Jessica Aguirre should be on board with an extension because Wang is a bomb?
*Raj is a fan of Jessica and likes her a lot which is odd because you would think Mr. Mathai would go to bat for Jess; he hasn’t. Curious. Maybe he’s got NY on his mind still*PETER FINCH: Disaster on the overnight at KCBS: Finch’s moronic habit of saying “degrees!” is beyond annoying; downright stupid too. “In Oakland. it’s 54 degrees, In Marin City, 48 degrees, in Walnut Creek, 56 degrees,…Finch could just broadcast the temperature, but his DEGREES! spiel is pathetic. STOP IT! …and the overnight traffic guy, “AJ” (Alden Jacobs) has a voice more annoying than Carrie Houdesak. Brilliant, amateur radio at CBS -SF.
*Melissa Culross: talk about pretension 101: the KCBS reporter ends her reporting spots a full second and a half before saying…”Melissa Culronn—KCBS.” What an abomination!*Ryan Scott, the alleged chef who was screwing around with another woman when his wife was pregnant, had an orgy interview on Saturday night with lonesome Ronnnnnn Owens actually sounded funny, unintentionally. Scott kissing Owens’ ass on-air is great comedy humor; one guy who can’t talk the other you wish was stuck in a giant wedge of gouda cheese. What an abomination.
*KNBR Giants-related revenue on a downward spiral; the pre-game show which used to be an hour-long is now 40 minutes and the post-game commercials onslaught is down a whopping half-hour! That’s a lot of pine, meat!
*KQED: Turmoil galore; wait until the end of April.
*I didn’t mention the ND with the initials, “SA” is supposedly pissing off the rank and file inside the NBCBA newsroom. The honeymoon is over.