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J.J. Green Biography

J.J. Green is an American journalist working as a news anchor/reporter for WTOP News. He works as a National Security Correspondent. JJ graduated magna cum laude from Hampton College.

He’s familiar with Spanish, talks working-level French, and is concentrating on Korean. An eager competitor, he is a cultivated speed skater, a standard sprinter, a swimmer, a cross coach, and a specialist kickboxer.

You can email J.J. at jgreen@wtop.com or follow him on Twitter. Pursue J.J’s. a week-after-week pamphlet, Inside the SCIF.

J.J. Green WTOP News

JJ is the Public safety Journalist at WTOP radio. He reports every day on worldwide security, insight, international strategy, psychological oppression, and digital turns of events and gives normal live investigations. He joined WTOP on Walk 11, 2004.

J.J. Green WTOP
J.J. Green WTOP

In the years from that point forward, he has made a trip to many nations examining, revealing, and breaking down the U.S. battle against psychological warfare and has talked with the administration of all the key public safety parts of the U.S. government and numerous security and unfamiliar government authorities all over the planet.

He has the week-by-week digital broadcast, Target USA, which looks at the dangers confronting the U.S. He additionally has the week-after-week broadcast program “The Chase,” and leads top to bottom meetings with specialists on ISIS, al-Qaida, the Taliban, and other arising dread dangers.

He’s been implanted with the U.S. military multiple times in disaster areas. He has announced from Kandahar, Zabul area, and Kabul in Afghanistan. While installed with the U.S. Aviation-based armed forces in 2006, he voyaged 18,000 miles, to 10 nations, including Iraq, Djibouti, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and others in 31 days, covering the conflict exertion.

He has made a trip to Israel, the Golan Levels, Israel’s boundaries with Syria and Lebanon, and Gaza. He talked with Israeli and Palestinian political authorities about the contention there and the possibilities for harmony, and the road obstructions.

Beginning around 2013 he has invested a great deal of energy in North Africa, covering the ascent and fall of ISIS and the progression of unfamiliar warriors. He is the beneficiary of the 2017 Gerald R. Passage Official Establishment grant for Recognized Investigating Public Safeguard for his series Life structures of a Russian assault.

He has likewise gotten a Public Edward R. Murrow Grant (2009) for “Buried Tracker” — his revealing on board an atomic-fueled, Los Angeles Class submarine in progress in the Atlantic Sea. He likewise won the renowned Related Press Douglas S. Freeman grant in 2010 for his analytical series, “Poise Denied,” which investigated many years of disregard at America’s consecrated Arlington Public Graveyard.

He has likewise won multiple dozen provincial and nearby honors since he began working at WTOP. In 2012, he was regarded by the College of Maryland, College School as their beginning speaker, in acknowledgment of his expansive collection of public safety announcing achievements.

He has likewise been perceived by top public safety authorities for his profound information on foreign relations and capacity to investigate complex issues compactly. Notwithstanding his work at WTOP, JJ addresses routinely at colleges and universities on public safety issues and talks frequently to the U.S. government, military, and public safety associations.

He is likewise a supporter of Jane’s Knowledge Survey magazine. Prior to joining group WTOP, he made a trip to and covered the occasions, issues, individuals, and spots of Africa, Latin America, and Europe for quite a long time on open and global TV.

He started his vocation in Washington in 1989 at WMAL radio. During the 1990s he was prepared as a television journalist at ABC News “Nightline.” Later he functioned as an overall task part-time reporter at CNN.

In the last part of the 90s, he was welcomed on at CSPAN as the end-of-the-week host of the Washington Diary. In 1998, JJ started functioning as a reporter for the Voice of America TV on Window on America and as host and reporter of Africa Diary while going there habitually until he joined WTOP in 2004.


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He is approximately 5’9” tall.

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He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

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