Glenn Villeneuve Biography, Age, Net Worth, Life Below Zero, Family, Wife, Children, Divorce

Glenn Villeneuve Biography

Glenn Villeneuve is an American survivalist and reality TV personality born on 18th March 1969 in Burlington, Vermont USA. He is known for his appearance on the reality Tv show ‘Life Below Zero’ on BBC Worldwide.

Glenn Villeneuve Age

Glenn was born 18th March 1969 in Burlington, Vermont, USA

Glenn Villeneuve Background/ Glenn Villeneuve Family

There is no information about Glenn’s childhood from his parents to his siblings. He developed an interest in exploring at an early age and would often spend time in the forests near his home. He attended high school for a year before he quit.

In 1999 Glenn moved to Alaska settling in Chandalar, 200 miles north of Fairbanks and 65 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Glenn began hunting to make a living and after years in the Alaskan wilderness he was noticed by the producers of BBC Worldwide, who created a documentary show about Alaska and the people who live there, entitled “Life Below Zero”.

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Glenn Villeneuve Wife/ Is Glenn Villeneuve Married

In 2001 Glenn married Silvia Daeumichen, the couple met in the ‘90s. Once Glenn moved to Alaska his wife followed him four months later. They welcomed their first child, Willow Leaves, on 9th May 2009. They had moved to Fairbanks for Silvia’s labor, remaining there for the next 15 months, before returning to the wilderness and their cabin. They welcomed their second child, Wolf Song, in 2009 in Fairbanks.

Glenn Villeneuve Divorce

Glenn and his wife Silvia divorced in 2013, Silvia together with their children reside in Fairbanks, in the Cripple Creek area.

Glenn Villeneuve Girlfriend

Glenn has been in a relationship with Trisha Kazan since 2014. The two welcomed their fist child together, Agatha, on 22nd June 2017 in Fairbanks. Trisha has since come to live with Glenn in his cabin in Brooks Range together with their daughter and Trisha’s other daughter, Amelia, from a previous relationship.

Glenn Villeneuve Children

Glenn has three kids a daughter and son named Willow Leaves and Wolf Song from his first marriage and a daughter Agatha with his girlfriend Trisha. He is also a father to Trisha’s other daughter, Amelia.

Life Below Zero Glenn Villeneuve/ Life Below Zero Glenn/ Glen Life Below Zero

Glenn features in the BBC Worldwide reality Tv show, Life Below Zero. The show was launched in 2013 with Glenn featuring in over 70 of the Prime-time Emmy Award-winning series. Other cast members include: Sue Aikens, a 54-year-old woman and sole resident of the Kavik river camp in Northern Alaska, then Chip Hailstone and his wife Agnes, who live on the Kobuk River in Noorvik, Jessie Holmes, who lives in Nenana, Alaska, Andy Bassich, who can be found on the Yukon River, near Eagle, Alaska with his 25 sled dogs, and Erik Salitan with his wife Martha living a few miles north of the Arctic Circle in Wiseman, Alaska.

Glenn has received praises for his hunting skills and his personality. He survives the winters by obtaining enough moose, sheep and caribou meat. He uses wood as fuel for the fire.

Glenn has been faced severally with dangerous situations often having to spend up to four months without a human contact. He was once faced by a pack of wolves but managed to escape and return safely to his cabin.

Glenn Villeneuve Salary

Glenns annual salary is $200,000.

Glenn Villeneuve Net worth

Glenn has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Glenn Villeneuve Camp Location

Glenn Cabin is located on an unnamed lake (sometimes referred to as Island Lake) approximately 20 miles northeast of Chandalar Lake and approximately 10 miles east of Reds Lake. Located between the North Fork of the Chandalar River and Your Creek.

Glenn Villeneuve Rifle Silencer

Glenn uses a large caliber rifle to hunt and for his protection. On his Facebook page he states that he uses a Ruger 77 in 30-06 with a Leupold 2-7X scope and a SRT Shadow XL Ti suppressor.

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