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Faith Ford Biography

Faith Ford is an American actress, born (Faith Alexis Ford) on September 14, 1964 in Alexandria, Louisiana, U.S. She is known for her roles as Corky Sherwood on the CBS sitcom Murphy Brown.

Faith Ford Age

Ford was born (Faith Alexis Ford) on September 14, 1964 in Alexandria, Louisiana, U.S. She is 54 years as of 2018.

Faith Ford Family

Faith is the younger daughter of Patricia Walker and Charles Ford. Patricia was a school teacher while Charles was an insurance agent. Ford has a sister; Devon O’Day she is also in the entertainment industry.

Faith Ford Husband

In 1989 Ford married Robert Nottingham until 1996. In1998, Ford got married to writer/director Campion Murphy

Faith Ford Children

Ford has no any child in the both relationship.

Faith Ford Photo
Faith Ford Photo

Faith Ford Height

Ford is approximately 1.7 m

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Faith Ford Hot
Faith Ford Hot

Faith Ford Net Worth

Ford as an actress has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Faith Ford Interview

Faith Ford News

Keeping her Faith in troubling times

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Published: January 13, 2019

The stars aligned (or is that misaligned) to see Donald Trump ascend to the US presidency. His volatile administration, combined with the #metoo movement were crucial to the show’s return.

“We’ve certainly never had a voice like this president in my life from what I can remember or even studied about in history,” Faith tells Watch, over the phone from her drizzly Louisana base. “First of all we never had Twitter or anyone who speaks to the public through Twitter the way he does. I mean, look he did a reality show where he was firing people all the time and I thought ‘well, he’s not really going to do that when he gets into office’, but he is doing that.

“I think he’s firing people just like he did then. I keep thinking to myself does he say “you’re fired”,” adds the 44-year-old, adopting a Trump in his Apprentice days voice. “I’ve often thought about how does that go down exactly. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be working in the White House right now.”

Fortunately, working on the revived Murphy Brown is much more settled and comfortable. Candice Bergen is back in the lead role, Joe Regalbuto and Grant Shaud also reprise their roles as investigative journalist Frank Fontana and producer Miles Silverberg respectively. Eighty two-year-old Charles Kimbrough drops in from time to time as former anchorman Jim Dial. The originals are joined by Jake McDorman (Murphy’s son Avery), social media whiz Pat Patel (Nik Dodani) and Tyne Daly as Phyllis the sister of beloved bar owner Phil (played by in the original series by Pat Corley, who passed away in 2006).

“We might have gotten a little bit older, but we don’t feel like that,” Faith says. “When we’re back working together we don’t feel like we’ve lived all of this life we’ve lived, it’s just, in a way it’s like time has stood still really. I mean we all work the same, we rehearse the same, it’s really pretty

And that’s been one of the best parts of revisiting the show – getting the gang back together.

“Obviously having some of the original writing staff has been fantastic,” Faith says. “But just to have Candice, Joe, Grant and me … it’s really like a really comfortable place to be. We know each other so well we don’t have to really speak – we almost know from our reaction what we feel and that’s all come back just from time together.”

Shooting in New York and a fabulous roster of guest stars from Bette Midler, Katie Couric and Brooke Shields to the former first lady and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton herself is not too shabby either.

Security was tight the day Hillary was on set. Cast and crew had to sign water-tight confidentiality agreements. Her appearance wasn’t written down in the pilot, nor was it included in the initial preview sent to the media. Fortunately, but perhaps a little surprisingly, the secret did not get out.

“I was called a little bit later (that day), I went right back stage and met her,” Faith recalls. “She’d finished shooting and she gave me a big hug and it wasn’t weird – I mean, you just never know how someone is going to be.

“She was so completely normal, I told my mom she reminded me of her. Obviously she’s very smart and very sincere, very warm and I just loved her – I wished I could have talked to her longer but she had to leave and go and do important stuff. But she didn’t seem like she wanted to get out of there, she had no airs about her at all.”

Faith also took the opportunity to tell the completely down-to-earth scion of American politics how she felt about her 2016 election loss.

“One of the first things I said was ‘I’m so sorry’,” she says. “She said ‘You know, we all are.’ It was great, she’s fantastic.”

Stepping back into the fabulous shoes of lifestyle reporter Corky has also been fantastic and seamless.

“I slipped right back into her because she’s from Louisiana and I’m in Louisiana a lot. I sold my house in LA back in 2012 and Louisiana is my base, so that part of Corky has been really easy to pull from,” Faith says. “And then also being thrust right back into the forefront, having been on the backburner for a bit, is something I can also identify with Corky. She’s dealt with ageism, she lost her job to someone who basically looked better than her – a weather girl who got a boob job – and that has been happening. Women have been judged for other things other than just their abilities. I notice from being in my business, we have to sacrifice a lot just to stay in the game.”

However Corky’s “talent” – speaking first and thinking later – isn’t one that she shares with her TV alter ego.

“She’s very unedited which I’m not – I will hold my tongue a lot more than Corky will which is what makes her so great to play,” Faith laughs. “She and Murphy are not on the same page. I think somtimes Murphy will listen to her and won’t believe what will come out of Corky’s mouth. I can’t help but love her because she comes out with her truth and I think writers are hitting that perfectly. She’s retro but yet new, a retro- noveau character if that’s possible.”