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Evan Koslof is an American journalist working as a reporter for WUSA9. He graduated in 2013 from the George Washington University with a degree in Journalism.

Evan Koslof Biography

Evan Koslof is an American journalist working as a reporter for WUSA9. He graduated in 2013 from the George Washington University with a degree in Journalism. He fell in love with D.C and even after graduating, he was thrilled to know he was returning to D.C to work for WUSA.

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Evan Koslof Career | Evan Koslof WUSA9

Evan Koslof has long idea of D.C. as his “home,” in spite of being conceived in the Boston territory. He attended a university in the locale, examining Journalism at The George Washington University, and began to look all starry eyed at the city very quickly.

As his graduation lingered, Evan realized that he would need to go to a little market to start his profession, however, he generally realized that arrival to D.C. was the objective.

Evan Koslof

At the point when Evan graduated in 2013, he acknowledged a vocation at the shoreline as the Sussex County Bureau Chief for WBOC News on the Delaware coast. While there, he constructed a notoriety for following hard news, doing innumerable stories on the governmental issues of the zone.

Conversant in Spanish, he additionally did numerous accounts with the developing Hispanic people group in Southern Delaware. In 2015, Evan won a provincial AP Award for “Best Reporter.”

Evan is pleased with his time at WBOC, and still appreciates the periodic end of the week outing to the shoreline. Since he’s not the only one, he says he’s happy he knows the byways.

In August of 2016, Evan headed out to Rio De Janeiro for the Olympic Games. While this excursion was principally for relaxation, Evan really wanted to do some work, sending back a news report, which disclosed on WBOC News.

In September of 2016, Evan was excited to make his arrival to D.C., as a journalist for WUSA9. At the point when he’s not working, Evan can be discovered eating all that he can get his hands on.

He likewise fixates on dream football, and can regularly be found at a Buffalo Wild Wings on Sundays, observing his four groups. While the Redskins are his most loved NFC group, he concedes that he is a bad-to-the-bone Patriots Fan, and loves Tom Brady.


News Reporter
Company Name WUSA-TV
Dates Employed Sep 2016 – Present
Employment Duration 3 yrs 1 mo
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Evan is a complete “one-man-band,” working as what’s called a “Multi-Skilled Journalist.” In that role, Evan shoots, writes, and edits his own news stories on a daily basis. He even runs his own live shots on a regular basis. Evan is also responsible for developing sources and finding stories on a daily basis. Evan is a proud member of the morning show team at WUSA9!

Company Name WBOC News: Delmarva’s News leader
Total Duration 3 yrs 5 mos
Title Sussex County Bureau Chief
Dates Employed Dec 2013 – Sep 2016
Employment Duration 2 yrs 10 mos
Location Milton, De
I work my beat of Sussex County, in order to locate two stories per day. I shoot my own content, write scripts for both, edit them together using either Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, and report live for one or both of these stories. In a typical week, I am responsible for 8-10 stories to be broadcasted on air.

Title Reporter
Dates Employed May 2013 – Dec 2013
Employment Duration 8 mos
Location Salisbury, Maryland
Video Journalist covering Sussex County, the Southernmost county in Delaware. I am also proud to be a member of the night-side team for part of the weak where I cover all of Delmarva. I go where the news is. I ask the right questions. I shoot and edit. And when it’s done, the final product is all mine. It allows me to take pride in what I produce.

Company Name NBC News 4 Washington
Dates Employed Jan 2013 – May 2013
Employment Duration 5 mos
Location Washington, DC
Covered DC events, Maintained and interviewed sources, Wrote scripts, Performed standups, edited packages together.

Company Name NBC News Channel
Dates Employed Aug 2012 – Dec 2012
Employment Duration 5 mos
LocationWashington D.C. Metro Area
Covered stories, wrote scripts, helped book appointments, conducted interviews, logged shots.

Company Name GateHouse Media New England
Dates Employed Jun 2011 – Feb 2012
Employment Duration 9 mos
At GateHouse, I was responsible for writing more than 50 articles on a variety of issues from Selectmen meetings to holiday celebrations to police reports.

Assistant teacher of Journalism
Company Name Roosevelt High School
Dates Employed Jan 2011 – May 2011
Employment Duration 5 mos
At Roosevelt, I was responsible for offering aid to students at a high school in Northwest D.C.
On multiple occasions, I was responsible for leading class lessons on subjects such as interview methods and journalism writing.


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Digital Snow Days with Evan Koslof – Wednesday, February 4, 2015

 Article by Evan Koslof

Could a monorail be the answer for I-270? One Montgomery County developer thinks so

Like many in the region, Montgomery County developer Bob Eisinger has become accustomed to long waits on I-270. Unlike many though, he’s made it his mission to try and fix the problem. His solution is new: a monorail.

Even at 10 a.m. – hours after rush hour – Bob Eisinger had warnings about Interstate 270.

“If we’re going to 270,” he said, pointing at his car’s GPS. “We’ll get nailed… There’s a lot of red on there.”

Like many in the region, Eisinger has become accustomed to long waits on the highway. Unlike many though, he’s made it his mission to try and fix the problem.

“We need to start fixing the problems we create,” he said. “And not use the same technology we used to create them with.”

Although out of the box, the idea is not some half-baked proposition. Eisinger has poured tens-of-thousands of dollars into the proposal and has gained some powerful allies in the business community and political sphere.

He created “The High Road Foundation,” and has partnered with transportation companies like Bombardier and BYD, engineering firms like Innova Technologies, and construction companies like Granite Construction and Clark Construction.

His idea has been generally accepted by mayors across the region and has intrigued state senators. The proposal has even earned him a sit-down with the transportation secretary of the state on June 4.

“We’re feeling good about this,” he said.

The monorail would run in between Frederick and Shady Grove, a 27-mile journey, that would be traversed in just 31 minutes, according to Eisinger. Along the way, there would be stops at Urbana, Comsat, Germantown, and Metropolitan Grove.

The project would cost $3.4 billion to construct, an amount Eisinger said is far lower than it would be to expand the Red Line from Shady Grove.

“There’s much more bang for your buck,” he said. “And it’s cheaper at the same time.”

The monorail would attract 45,000 trips per day, according to a ridership study done by the foundation. Eisinger said he believes the fares would be more than enough to cover operating costs, making this a viable, self-sustainable system.

A monorail would also require “basically zero” land acquisition since they can be built along medians of the highway. This is in contrast to any plan for road expansion, which would eat up some private property.

There are examples of monorail systems across the globe, from Osaka Japan to Sao Paulo, Brazil. And these systems can be massive. In Chongqing China, they have about 1 million trips per day.

But in the U.S., development has been slow, outside of small systems in places like Las Vegas and Seattle.

Eisinger said there’s a clear reason that it’s been overlooked.

“It’s because of the Simpsons cartoon,” he said.

He’s referring to the classic 1993 episode of the Simpsons, in which a conman came to town selling the townsfolk on a monorail, that would turn out to be a bust.

“It’s just been overlooked as a viable transportation mode,” he said. “It hasn’t been overlooked internationally. It’s being built everywhere.”