Erin Moriarty CBS Biography, Age, Parents, Twin Sister, Husband and Net Worth

Erin Moriarty Biography

Erin Moriarty (Erin F. Moriarty) is an American television news reporter and correspondent born on 6 April 1952 . She works for 48 Hours Mystery as a correspondent. She has won national Emmy Awards numerous times.

Moriarty went to Upper Arlington High School in Columbus, Ohio, and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Ohio State University, where she was also a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma and was selected to Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society. She graduated with a J.D. degree from Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and is licensed to practice law in Ohio, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

Erin Moriarty Age

She was born on 6th April 1952. She is 66 years old as of 2018.

Erin Moriarty Parents

Erin’s parents were of mixed ethnicity. Her father is of Irish origin. Her mother’s ethnicity however has not been disclosed because of the fear of being discriminated.

 Erin Moriarty Sister | Erin Moriarty Twin Sister

She has a sister called Sheelah. They both have believed they were identical twins in their whole lives .
However they signed up for a simple test to find out for sure if they are, or if the doctor who delivered them more than 40 years ago got it wrong considering the two don’t look alike. Later they found out that they were fraternal twins.

Erin Moriarty Husband

She is married to James E. Musurca since 1983.

Erin Moriarty Career

Moriarty worked as a reporter for a Columbus-based NBC affiliate WCMH-TV from 1979-1980. Erin also co-hosted the local PM Magazine program with Steve Shannon at WCMH-TV. She also in 1980-1982 hosted for the Baltimore-based CBS the then ABC, affiliate WJZ-TV and in 1982-1983, for CBS affiliate WJKW-TV in Cleveland, currently a FOX affiliate since September, 1994 due to the ex-Storer Broadcasting stations eventually falling into the hands of News Corporation after the former Storer Broadcasting had folded, and this action having been spearheaded by CBS’s loss of the NFL AFC rights to FOX in 1993.

Erin Moriarty CBS News

Moriarty also served as a consumer reporter for WMAQ-TV in Chicago, from 1983-86. She joined CBS News in 1986, where she has served as a consumer correspondent for CBS This Morning and the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. She later in 1990, joined the CBS News program 48 Hours as a correspondent.

She has collaborated on two weekly public-affairs radio series with colleague Nancy Giles under the Giles and Moriarty banner, one for WPHT in Philadelphia in 2003-04 and another for Greenstone Media in 2007. The two shows were produced at the facilities of the CBS Radio Network.

Moriarty co-authored “Death of a Dream” with Paul LaRosa, a CBS News producer, in 2008. The book talks about the 2005 murder of dancer Catherine Woods in New York, and the subsequent trial and conviction of Paul Cortez.

Erin Moriarty 48 Hours

She has also been narrating recent episodes of 48 Hours Mystery.

Her lack of skepticism and “complete journalistic fail” over her segment on CBS’s Sunday Morning in March 2018 was brought about by Neurologist Steven Novella and paranormal investigator Joe Nickell writing in separate Skeptical Inquirer articles . Her segment showed clips of spoon-bender Uri Geller from the 1980’s performing “‘psychic’ parlor tricks” but instead of explaining to her audience that Geller had been debunked many times she instead said he was “‘unreliable’”, no mention of the work of James Randi.

Novella claimed that Moriarty was most likely just an old-school journalist who thinks of paranormal pieces as ‘”fluff”‘ pieces that don’t require journalistic rigor and that this segment could have run “thirty years ago with no change”. Moriarty in another segment interviewed psychic Angela Dellafiora Ford, who claims that she “psychically tracked down fugitive drug smuggler Charlie Jordan in 1989”. Nickell wrote that Moriarty “simply takes Ford at her word” and “gushes” over her. Nickell states that Ford’s claims are an example of ‘”retrofitting”‘ and incorrect.

Erin Moriarty Net Worth

She is believed to have a net worth of millions, though the exact amount ain’t known.

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Erin Moriarty News

CBS News’ Erin Moriarty Spent 16 Years On Murder Case For ’48 Hours’


Most reporters spend days, maybe a few weeks, on an important story. Erin Moriarty worked more than 16 years.

Moriarty will present new information on CBS’ “48 Hours” Saturday night that she hopes will prompt officials to take a new look at the case of Crosley Green, a Florida man convicted of murder who has spent 26 years in prison.

“What we uncovered in the last year has both shocked and saddened me,” Moriarty said in an interview this week. She and “48 Hours” started to follow Green’s case – he was convicted for the murder of Charles “Chip” Flynn in Titusville, Fla., sentenced to death in 1990 and has been in prison ever since – in 1999.

Viewers will this Saturday see two police deputies who were involved originally in the case acknowledge for the first time in public that questions exist about one of the chief sources in the case, a woman who called 911 at the time of the Flynn killing and who was Flynn’s ex-girlfriend. And the original prosecutor in the case, making revelations that have not been made in the past, “admits the actual lineup that led to the investigation was flawed,” said Moriarty. “He admits he wouldn’t do it again today and that it might have unduly influenced the witnesses.” The comments, she said, are “astounding.”

Moriarty has a history uncovering details about prosecutions gone awry. In 2013, her “48 Hours” work covering the case of Ryan Ferguson, a Missouri man convicted of killing a sports editor for a newspaper, was credited as keeping a spotlight on the case. The verdict was eventually vacated. “48 Hours” did three separate stories on Ferguson’s case, starting in 2006, and its reports spurred new witnesses to testify and brought a new attorney to help Ferguson.

She first began to examine the Crosley Green case after hearing from private detectives looking at evidence. “They were convinced this man was innocent,” she explained. Joe Moura, a private detective who has worked the case, served as a consultant for the “48 Hours” report, which is produced by Gail Abbott Zimmerman and Doug Longhini. Susan Zirinsky is senior executive producer. Moriarty stayed with the case even as attorneys from an elite practice in Washington, D.C. took it on a pro bono basis.

“This case had been bothering me,” said Moriarty, who is also an attorney. “I realized that this man had been put on death row, and yet there as no physical evidence at all to tie him to the crime.” Moriarty also discovered through those Washington lawyers that other cases in the Florida region that prosecuted the Green matter that took place around the same time had been overturned. “We had to do this story,” she said.

This episode of “48 Hours” will air Saturday at 10 p.m. on CBS.