Erika Castillo

I’m home grown. And I love El Paso. Here’s a secret about me nobody knows (only you, if you’re reading this). I get kind of irked at the term the “Sun City” because I feel we should allow the name El Paso to be heard at every opportunity. I feel proud of this city, its heritage and its growth, and I feel like the term Sun City, while very pleasant and appealing, also dilutes the name of the awesome city I love: El Paso. I say it, with pride, every chance I get. And you know what else I love? My country.

I am a proud American. I have a German father (yes he lives there) and my mother is an American of Mexican-Cuban descent (she lives in this beautiful city I love). I love them both. I very much love traveling and learning about other cultures, and I speak Spanish fluently. But I am thankful to be an American and am so thankful I can raise my children in a country where they are free to learn, pray, express themselves and pursue their dreams. I appreciate all those who fight to defend these freedoms, and especially those who have made great sacrifices to ensure them.

My life is filled with daily activities involving my wonderful career, five awesome, beautiful, amazing children who make me tremendously proud, and a husband with a heart of a gold, and a Purple Heart from Iraq with USMC Delta Recon. Needless to say, my family always feels safe.

I am a positive person but also pragmatic, which makes me good at this job… I have a good attitude about pretty much everything and know how to meet deadlines. Trust me, these two things help if you want to stay in this business as long as I have. My resume includes The El Paso Times, The Dallas Morning News, KTSM (NBC) here at home a long time ago, KDFW (Fox) in Dallas and KRQE (CBS) in Albuquerque. I think the secret to success is not getting wrapped up in office gossip, staying focused on doing your job better every day, and never assuming you’re irreplaceable. My husband the Marine says in combat, “complacency kills.” I decided a long time ago that mantra is true of everything, not just combat.

I never plan to just sit back and assume my experience is enough to grant me this wonderful job of bringing the beautiful people of El Paso the news — I will always work hard to deserve it.

At the same time, I’m excited at the crop of young people I have the chance to work with in the newsroom. I hope somehow I make a positive and lasting impression on them, and that they stay here and grow with our wonderful city.

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