Ella Rose Bio, Age, Baby, Julian Edelman, Wiki, Net Worth and Height

Ella Rose (real name Manuela Cherejy) is a famous Swedish Model and Actress who is best known from the movie Street which was released in 2015 and also being a baby mama to Julian Edelman’s baby.

The song “I Can Feel” led her to be recognized internationally.

Ella Rose Model and Julian Edelman

she briefly dated New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, with whom she had one daughter. Edelman and Rose dated casually for two years.

Julian Edelma Baby with Ella Rose

Swedish model gives birth to Julian Edelman’s baby

nypost.com | 04 Jan. 2019

Tom Brady can officially welcome Julian Edelman to the dad club.

The Patriots receiver became a first-time father Tuesday night when model Ella Rose gave birth to their daughter, Lily, in Los Angeles. The Boston Globe reported Edelman traveled west to meet his baby girl this week.

After Edelman and Rose dated casually for two years, the Swedish beauty rocked his world after filing a paternity suit in July, naming him the father. Sources told TMZ that Edelman and Rose are on fair terms and the Super Bowl champ is willing to co-parent.

Edelman, 30, most recently was linked to Victoria’s Secret stunner Adriana Lima after being introduced by mutual friends this summer. They were spotted vacationing in Nantucket in July.

Edelman was back at the Patriots facility Thursday, ahead of Sunday’s home showdown against the Rams.

Ella Rose Baby Name

Her baby with Edelman is called Lily

Ella Rose Age

She was born on 04 January 1990 in Stei, Bihor, Romania.

Ella Rose Height

Height 5feet 5 in.
Weight 45-50 kg

Ella Rose Net Worth

Her net worth is not known for now.

Ella Rose Wiki

Her biography does not appear on Wikipedia.

Ella Rose Instagram


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