Eleni Kounalakis Biography, Age, Net worth, Family, Husband, Children, Education, Political Career

Eleni Kounalakis Biography

Eleni Kounalakis is an American diplomat, politician and businesswoman born on 3rd March 1966 in Sacramento, California, United States. Sh e is the 50th Lieutenant Governor of California. She is the first woman to be elected in this office. Previously she served as the United States Ambassador to Hungary from 2010 to 2013.

Eleni Kounalakis Age

Eleni Kounalakis is 53 years old as of 2018.

Eleni Kounalakis Net worth

Eleni Kounalakis has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

Eleni Kounalakis Family

Eleni Kounalakis was born to Angelo Tsakopoulos (father) her mother is not indicated in her record. Her father founded AKT Development Corporation, one of California’s largest housing development firms, where she was the President.

Eleni Kounalakis photo
Eleni Kounalakis photo

Eleni Kounalakis Husband

Eleni Kounalakis was married to Markos Kounalakis. The couples were blessed with two children.

Eleni Kounalakis Children

Eleni Kounalakis has two sons Neo Kounalakis and Eon Kounalakis.

Eleni Kounalakis Education

Eleni Kounalakis graduated from Dartmouth College.She then got her Masters of Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She received an Honorary Doctor of Law from the American College of Greece.

Eleni Kounalakis Political Career

Eleni Kounalakis started his political career when she was just appointed as the United States Ambassador to Hungary, and was sworn into office on January 7, 2010, and presented her credentials to President László Sólyom on January 11, 2010. She served for ten years as a Trustee of the World Council of Religions for Peace. In recognition for her work with the WCRP, she was awarded the medal of St. Paul, the Greek Orthodox Church of America’s highest honor. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed her to serve as a Trustee of the War Memorial and Performing Arts Center. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee appointed her to serve on the Port Commission Board.

Eleni Kounalakis Lieutenant Governor

Eleni Kounalakis announced her candidancy to be Lieutenant Governor of California and as a member of Democratic party in the 2018 election.She was elected to this position on November 6, 2018 election. She won the election against her opponent Ed Hernandez. Before she served as a member of the First 5 California Commission, and the California Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism. She also served as a of Robert Redford’s Sundance Preserve and on the Conservation Fund’s National Forum on Children and Nature. She is also a Senior Advisor at Albright Stonebridge Group. She first visited all 58 counties in California during her campaign. Her grassroots campaign earned the recognition of Time Magazine for engaging hundreds of volunteers to text over 1 million voters before Election Day. On June 5, 2018, she was the first top two in 2018 to finish the Primary Election out of 11 candidates. She was the first female to be elected as Lt. Governor in California history (Mona Pasquil was appointed as the acting Lieutenant Governor in 2009 following the resignation of John Garamendi but was not elected to the post). She won with over 56% of the vote

Eleni Kounalakis Vs Hernandez

Eleni Kounalakis

“I’m running for Lt. Governor to lead California toward a better, stronger future. California values and diversity underpin and drive our economy forward, and truly make California great. We must continue to pursue policies which grow our economy – while ensuring that it works better for everyone, not just those at the top.” Read more

Affordable Homes
“I’m a housing expert. I spent nearly two decades building and creating homes for middle-class families and in the Sacramento area. I know the answer to California’s housing crisis is building more affordable homes for California families. Being able to afford a home matters to all families. Also, it is essential for every healthy community that first responders, police officers, firefighters, public school teachers and health care workers are able to live near the places where they work.” Read more

Affordable College
“The Lt. Governor plays an important role in California higher education as a member of the UC Board of Regents and the CSU Board of Trustees. I am committed to fighting to bring down the cost of higher education for California students. Here in California, we have one of the best systems of higher education in the world – but with costs soaring, college is out of reach for too many of our kids. It is time to change this.” Read more

Universal Healthcare
“Education remains the primary tool to get a good-paying job and support a family. Senator Feinstein believes Washington must do more to improve the quality of K-12 education and increase the affordability of higher education.” Read more

LGBTQ+, Racial Equity, and Women’s Rights
“As a mom, mentor to other women, and hardworking activist for marriage equality and gender and racial equity, I have dedicated my entire life to public service and fighting for equal rights. I’m proud to have intersectional support in this race, and there is no doubt that I will fight hard for racial and gender equality in policy, government and every aspect of society. We need more protections and more advocates, and we need to empower people from marginalized communities to have a louder voice in our state government.” Read more

“My father came to the United States when he was 14 years old – alone and penniless. He became a farmworker in the fields of Lodi, California, and later attended Sacramento State University on a waiter’s salary. He started his own business, where I was proud to work with him side-by-side for nearly 18 years, rising from project manager to president. I have personally walked the path of the American Dream, and I deeply understand the value of California’s immigrant communities.” Read more

“As an outdoorswoman and avid hiker, all my life I have marveled at the biologic diversity and natural beauty of California. I was immensely proud when President Obama signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016, taking a major step forward in the global effort to address climate change. But as California continues to lead the way in environmental protections, the Trump Administration sets our country backwards.” Read more

Affordable Childcare
“I was proud to be a member of California’s First 5 Commission for early childhood education. As a mom of two sons, I know just how important it is to make sure kids have the care and education they need. California can – and should – do more for children 0-3 years old. We must support safe, thriving in-home daycares and daycare workers. If elected, I will also fight for universal preschool so that when our kids enter kindergarten, they are prepared and ready.” Read more

Infrastructure & Universal Broadband
“I spent 18 years working in the housing industry, building infrastructure and delivering master planned communities for hard working families in California. I understand the need for safe, reliable and modern infrastructure. Infrastructure projects are not only a smart investment for our future, they also create much-needed, good-paying jobs now. That’s why I support Senate Bill 1 and Proposition 69 to invest in rebuilding California’s highways, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure. It is time to seriously address California’s crumbling infrastructure by significantly increasing our investments in our roads, canals, reservoirs, dams, and bridges.” Read more


“Senator Ed Hernandez wants to ensure California, as the world’s 6th largest economy, has an education system that will prepare our kids for an ever-evolving 21st century global economy. The first in his family to graduate from college, he believes an education is the greatest equalizer in our society. That’s why he is an advocate for re-investing in our K-12 public schools, community colleges, and public universities.” Read more

Jobs & the Economy
“As a small business owner himself, Senator Ed Hernandez knows the everyday challenges facing small businesses. He believes that while government can create the right environment to foster business growth and economic
opportunity, it is still businesses that create jobs. Senator Hernandez also believes that a rising tide lifts all boats.” Read more

Health Care
“Increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare is what drove Dr. Ed Hernandez, O.D. at the age of 49 to make his first run for elected office in 2006 to the State Assembly. As a practicing Optometrist, State Senator Ed Hernandez has seen firsthand the devastation a lack of access to care has on our communities. He has been a champion for expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare, reducing overall healthcare costs, and addressing the provider shortage throughout our state.” Read more

“Senator Ed Hernandez believes the debate about climate change is over and that our planet is at a critical crossroads when it comes to addressing this global crisis. As a member of the California State Legislature, he’s supported the state’s forward-thinking efforts to tackle the issue head on, as well as championing environmental justice legislation that deals with local sources of pollution and contamination.” Read more

Public Safety
“Throughout his time in public office, Senator Ed Hernandez has always put public safety first. He believes that without safe neighborhoods and communities, kids can’t go to school, businesses can’t thrive, and our regional economies grind to a halt.” Read more

Immigrant Rights
“The grandson of immigrants, Senator Ed Hernandez believes that in a nation founded and built by immigrants, we ought to embrace, promote, and celebrate our great diversity — not demonize immigrants or separate families.” Read more

“Senator Ed Hernandez believes in full equality for ALL Californians. As a state legislator, he has supported measures that advance marriage rights, equal housing rights, and equal pay for equal work that is not determined or impacted by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.” Read more

Government Reform
“Senator Hernandez is a major proponent for reform because he believes that a lack of public confidence in the integrity of government is the fastest way to undermine faith in democracy.” Read more

Eleni Kounalakis Books

  • King of Kings: The Triumph…
  • African-American Inventors (McKinley
  • African‑American Inventors
    McKinley Burt
  • African-American firsts (Joan Potter)
  • African‑American firsts
    Joan Potter
  • 100 Greatest African Americans (Molefi Kete Asante)
  • Black Inventors (Sidney Wallace)
    Black Inventors
  • Sidney Wallace
  • Slaves to Freedom (Kathy Tilghman)
  • Kathy Tilghman
  • The Talented Tenth (W. E. B. Du Bois)
  • The Talented Tenth

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Eleni Kounalakis News

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is projected to win the race for California governor, while former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary Eleni Kounalakis is projected to win the lieutenant governor race as of press time at 12:23 a.m. Wednesday. Newsom received 57.3 percent of the vote and is projected to beat Republican candidate John Cox, who received 42.7 percent, with 52 percent of precincts reporting. Kounalakis is leading against fellow Democratic candidate Ed Hernandez, receiving 56.8 percent of the vote with 52 percent of precincts reporting. Newsom’s platform prioritized economic development through job creation and decreasing poverty, providing greater access to high-quality education, protecting the environment and resisting efforts by President Donald Trump’s administration to “take us backwards,” according to his website.

“I want to congratulate each and every one of you because you stood for courage — courage for a change,” Newsom said to a crowd of supporters during his victory speech. “Now I can stand before you knowing I will have the incredible privilege of serving as your next governor.” As mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011, Newsom supported immigration reform to allow a pathway to citizenship as well as the city’s sanctuary status for undocumented immigrants. He also allowed same-sex marriage, advanced a plan to reduce carbon emissions, passed the nation’s first plastic bag ban and brought universal health care to the city. While serving as lieutenant governor, Newsom defended Planned Parenthood, supported paid family leave and facilitated the termination of offshore drilling operations and the closing of the state’s last nuclear plant. He was also a proponent of “Safety for All,” a proposition that strengthened California’s gun laws in an effort to prevent dangerous people from obtaining guns and ammunition.

Former president Barack Obama, Gov. Jerry Brown and several news organizations, such as the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, endorsed Newsom. In line to be lieutenant governor after Newsom’s term ends, Kounalakis emphasized affordable higher education in her campaign for the position. The lieutenant governor sits on the University of California Board of Regents and the California State University Board of Trustees. Her goals include growing the economy, increasing the number of well-paying jobs and achieving universal health care, according to her website.“Today Californians made history by electing Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis Lt. Governor of California,” stated a press release from Kounalakis’ team. “She is the first woman ever elected Lt. Governor in the state’s history.” Before running for lieutenant governor, Kounalakis was a businesswoman — she earned an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and served as president of her family’s housing development firm. She later became the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary under Obama and worked for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump-endorsed Cox ran on repealing the new vehicle license and gas tax increases, challenging special-interest groups, supporting charter schools and rejecting “Newsom’s ‘sanctuary state’ policies that have allowed violent criminal aliens to escape prosecution,” according to his website. During the campaign, Cox emphasized that he is not a politician. In addition to an endorsement from Trump, Cox was endorsed by U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy and former U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice. Cox raised about $11 million in campaign contributions since the beginning of the year, compared to Newsom, who raised about $26.5 million, according to the secretary of state website. For the lieutenant gubernatorial race, Kounalakis raised more than $7 million in campaign contributions, while Hernandez raised almost $1.7 million. Hernandez ran on education investment and, similar to Kounalakis, job creation. According to his website, he also supports immigrants’ rights, saying he believes the United States should “embrace, promote, and celebrate” diversity within the country. As a state senator, Hernandez advanced workers’ rights and led California’s opposition to Trump’s effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. “This victory is really your victory,” Newsom said during his speech. “Because of you, the future belongs to California.”

Source: dailycal.com

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