Eddy Feliz Garcia Bio, Age, David Ortiz Shooter, Motive and Beaten

Eddy Feliz Garcia is a 25-year-old man from the Dominican. He is one of the two suspects in the shooting of former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.

Eddy Feliz Garcia Biography

Eddy Feliz Garcia is a 25-year-old man from the Dominican. He is one of the two suspects in the shooting of former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. Before he was taken in custody, he was captured and beaten by the crowd.

According to the records by National Police Eddy Feliz is accused of being the driver of the motorcycle carrying the triggerman who ambushed and shot David.

Eddy Feliz Garcia Age

Eddy was born in 1994. His exact date of birth is not disclosed yet.

Eddy Feliz Garcia David Ortiz Shooter

Former baseball player, David Ortiz, was on June 9, 2019, shot at a club in the Dominican Republic. The suspects of the shooting are accused of showing up on a motorcycle before one of them leaped from it and ambushed the baseball star. Feliz who has been identified as one of the suspects is said to be the driver of the motorcycle.

Eddy Feliz Garcia

Ortiz was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery. Speaking on his condition, his spokesman, said that some parts of his intestines and the gallbladder had to be removed. He further stated that the bullet had also pierced David’s liver which was bleeding.

The identification of Eddy Feliz Garcia as a suspect in the shooting according to WUSA9 came from the National Police. The Dominican National Police also confirmed to CNN that Ortiz was shot “by a motorcyclist who approached Ortiz directly.”

According to CNN, it is alleged that there was more than one suspect involved. However, at the time it wasn’t clear whether the motorcyclist was in custody. In the videos of the suspect being beaten and of Ortiz being shot a suspect is seen possibly wearing different shirts, although the latter video is grainy.

They further reported that a suspect was hospitalized although they were not clear as to whether the hospitalized suspect was the triggerman on the motorcycle or was involved in another way.

Later the police confirmed the reports by the local outlet Listin Diario that there may have been two suspects on the motorcycle.

Ortiz “was according to the Chicago Tribune ambushed by a man who got off a motorcycle and shot him in the back at nearly point-blank range.”

According to Dominican National Police Director Ney Aldrin Bautista, the gunman approached from behind and shot Ortiz. He went on to add that “the gunman was captured and beaten by a crowd of people.”

Authorities are according to the police report, in possession of “a motorcycle Bajaj Platina, in which the people involved in the incident used. The origin of the motorcycle is being investigated.

The report further states that “two young men showed up on the aforementioned motorcycle. One of the occupants of the motorcycle approached the amusement center and made a single shot that hit the former player and his companion, after which they tried to escape on the motorcycle, falling to the pavement

One of the involved managed to escape on foot, while another, identified as Eddy Vladimir Felix Garcia, was arrested by the crowd that hit him and handed over to the authorities.”

Eddy Feliz Garcia Motive

Although Bautista ruled out robbery as a motive, the motive for shooting Ortiz is not clear yet. According to The Daily Mail, the suspects were hired by an unnamed drug lord to shot Ortiz as he was suspecting Ortiz of having an affair with his partner. This allegation has since been dismissed by Ortiz’s spokesperson.

Eddy Feliz Garcia Drug

Eddy according to the police report has a drug history. The report states “The detainee, Felix Garcia, who resides in the sector of Las Caobas, Santo Domingo Oeste, and who appears with a registry for possession of drugs in 2017, suffered blows and injuries that caused him to people who were in the place, the reason why He was transferred to the Doctor Dario Contreras hospital.”

Eddy Feliz Garcia Beaten

Eddy was caught and beaten by the crowd after the shooting and a photo circulating on Twitter shows a man reported to be Eddy Feliz Garcia with a wounded face.

CNN confirmed that a suspect “was hit and attacked by bystanders immediately after Ortiz was shot” and said that the suspect was being treated at the hospital.