Eddie T. Johnson Biography, Age, Wife,Son And Jussi Smollet

Eddie T. Johnson Biography

Eddie T. Johnson is The Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. Born  Near North Side of Chicago, Illinois and, at age 10, moved to the Washington Heights neighborhood, where he still resides.

He began his Career In The Chicago Department in 1988 as a beat Cop. In 2012 He was Appointed as The Chief Patrol in 2012. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel endured controversy when appointing Johnson as his interim superintendent in 2016 considering Johnson was not one of the three finalists selected by the Chicago Police Board, and Johnson did not apply for the job.

Emanuel named Johnson as the interim Police Chief on March 28, 2016, On April 13, 2016, a day after the Chicago City Council Public Safety Committee bypassed the Chicago Police Board with a fast-track vote, Johnson was officially sworn in as Chicago Police Superintendent after his nomination was approved unanimously by the Chicago City Council in a 50-0 vote.

Eddie T. Johnson Age

Eddie T.Johnson was Born in 1959 Near North Side of Chicago, Illinois where He Grew up till He was Ten Years. He is About 60 years of Age as of 2019 since his exact Date of Birth is Not yet Known.

Eddie T. Johnson Wife

Eddie Johnson, In 2017 Married His Sweetheart Nakia Fenner Also a Police Officer. At the time he wed his Girlfriend Eddie had Undergone Kidney Transplant. Daniel Johnson Donated His Kidney To Help His Father Recover.

Eddie T. Johnson Image

Eddie T. Johnson Image
Eddie T. Johnson Image

Eddie T. Johnson  Son

Daniel Johnson Came Out Of The Police Academy IN 2018 and Was assigned to His Fathers Old District South Side.

Eddie T. Johnson Conference

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson met with Chicago Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot at the department’s headquarters a day after Lightfoot’s historic landslide win against Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Lightfoot wanted to hear about their plans for the upcoming summer,” Because violence usually ticks up in the summer months because more people are out.”

During the city’s crowded mayoral race, Lightfoot stood out among her opponents by indicating she’d keep Johnson on the job at least through the summer months. Many of her opponents said they’d fire Johnson immediately. A corporate attorney by trade, Lightfoot is familiar with police matters – in 2015, Emanuel appointed her president of the Chicago Police Board. She’s also headed the police department’s Office of Professional Standards and city’s Police Accountability Task Force.

Eddie T. Johnson Good Morning America

Eddie Johnson appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday, Feb 25 so that the “record gets set straight” in the Jussie Smollett investigation.The sit-down came just days after Johnson and Chicago law enforcement officials said that Smollett orchestrated the Jan. 29 attack with two brothers because he was dissatisfied with his pay on his Fox series, which he has since been written off of for this season’s final two episodes. Smollett has denied staging the incident.

The city of Chicago has its issues, the Chicago Police Department has its issues with racism and excessive force and all of that, and I’m acutely aware of that, Johnson told ABC’s, Robin Roberts.

Eddie T. Johnson Jussie Smollet

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has had enough.
“I have to turn the page and focus on what’s really important in this city. We’re getting ready to go into the summer months. I have to focus on violent crime and keeping this city safe,” Johnson said On The Smollet case.“Cops are resilient people. We go to court all the time and don’t get the outcomes that we’re looking for. We’re accustomed to it. . . . We move on.”

Smollett’s legal team doesn’t appear ready to turn the page even though prosecutors dropped the charges against the “Empire” actor that accused him of staging a hate crime against himself.After city leaders called on Smollett to apologize and reimburse the cost of the police investigation, the actor’s defense team demanded that Emanuel and Johnson apologize to Smollett for “dragging an innocent man’s character through the mud.”“Absolutely not,” Johnson said when asked if he was prepared to apologize to Smollett.

And Johnson laughed out loud Friday at Smollett attorney Mark Geragos’ comments that the case was dropped because the police investigation was “fatally flawed” and it was going to “become embarrassing.”The superintendent essentially accused Team Smollett of blowing smoke.

“They’re just saying that because that’s what they get paid to do. They get paid to represent him. … I don’t pay attention to that. … That’s just rhetoric,” Johnson told the Sun-Times.“I can guarantee you that the investigation the Chicago Police Department conducted was a thorough one. And the facts bear out that this was not a hate crime. … I stand by that thorough investigation that the detectives did. … The facts that we laid out … supports the fact that it was a hoax. … If they have something that disputes that, then fine. You present that in court.”

Condemned by Emanuel as a “whitewash of justice,” Smollett was allowed to walk away from 16 charges of disorderly conduct after forfeiting his $10,000 bond.Emanuel and Johnson didn’t get a heads up from Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx or her office about the decision to drop the charges. The two were at a police graduation ceremony when they found out.

On Friday, Johnson talked openly about the incident that has demoralized police officers and further strained the relationship between prosecutors and police.“My relationship with Kim Foxx has been great. But you have to understand: Relationships with the police and the state’s attorney’s office can often be akin to a marriage. We don’t always agree,” he said.