Ebony K Williams Biography, Age, Husband, Fox News and Net Worth

Eboni K Williams Biography

Ebony K Williams born Eboni Kiuhnna Williams, is an American attorney and television host. She co-hosted a talk show on WABC Radio in New York City and was a co-host of Fox News Channel’s 2017 show Fox News Specialists.

Williams was raised by a self-employed single mother. She received her B.A. in Communications and African-American studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and she earned her law degree from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. As a law student, Williams clerked for the Louisiana Secretary of State and the Louisiana Attorney General’s office, and also assisted New Orleans council-members in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Ebony K Williams Age | How Old Is Eboni K Williams

She was born on 9 September 1983 in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. She is 35 years old as of 2018.

Ebony K Williams Ethnicity

She was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, the United States. She is an American Nationality.

Eboni K Williams Husband | Married | Is Eboni K Williams Married

Eboni Williams isn’t married yet and is fully focused in uplifting her professional life. She has done her best effort to avoid revealing her personal relationship and dating issues. She might be possibly single and is still in search of a perfect guy. She has been followed by many crazy fans including a 44 years old man named Omar Williams who tried to forcefully enter her office. This man from Xenia, Ohio was regularly sending gifts and love notes to Williams.

Although she has been seen, time to time with a man named Gray Sandy. Sandy also happens to be her childhood friend. Maybe they are dating but this has not been made public news.

Eboni K Williams Fox News

From 2011 to 2014, Williams served as a freelance broadcaster to various media outlets for three years. Further, she started appearing as an on-air correspondent at various networks like Fox News Channel, NFL Network, CNN, HLN, The Oprah Winfrey Network and much more. On various media platform, she has contributed as a host, co-host, political commentator & analyst and strategist. From September 2014, Williams worked at CBS News for a year.

After that, she joined Fox News and later turned as the political & legal contributor to the FOX News Channel. She started contributing the new afternoon show Fox News Specialists as a co-host alongside Katherine Timpf and Eric Bolling. This show got canceled on September 8, 2017. In addition to Fox Network, she has also worked as a co-anchor for a talk show at WABC Radio with Curtis Silwa. The WABC’s show lasted until October 18, 2017.

Eboni K Williams Parents

Eboni Williams’s father name is Gary Williams. Eboni was raised by her single mother and therefore she missed the fatherhood love in her early age. In January 2017, she took an interview with her father over the telephone. In that interview, Gary talked about his childhood life where he shared the enjoyment of catching lizards as a child. The information is grabbed from an online source which validity is yet to be confirmed.

Eboni K Williams Birthday

Eboni K Williams was born on 9 September 1983.

Eboni K Williams Photos | Hot | Bikini

Ebony K Williams Photo
Ebony K Williams Photo

Is Eboni K Williams Related To Juan Williams

It is not clear how they are related either as family or not. This information will be updated soon.

Eboni K Williams Measurements

Eboni K Williams has is only 5 Feet and 1 Inch (1.54 m) tall and her body weight is 54 kg. Her bra size is 32 C. She has an hourglass body shape with breast size 35 inch, his waist size is 23 inch and hips size is 35 inch. She has dark brown hair color and her eyes are also dark brown.

Eboni K Williams Height

Eboni K Williams is 5 feet and 1 inch tall which is can be translated to 1.54 meters tall.

Eboni K Williams Net Worth

According to some source, her net worth is expected to be $1 million, as of 2018.

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Eboni K Williams Interview

Political analyst Eboni K. Williams on ‘The Breakfast Club’: “We got videos, but still no convictions”

Updated on 2 April 2018.

In the wake of last week’s disappointing, but expected, Alton Sterling verdict and the recent Stephon Clark shooting, many African -Americans are feeling like the system is continuing to fail us. “We got videos, but still no convictions,” said political analyst Eboni K. Williams while discussing politics as usual on The Breakfast Club this morning. The lawyer and Fox News host also spoke with Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God about Stephon Clark, deferred prosecution and President Trump’s Stormy Daniels scandal.

On the Stephon Clark shooting: We are not new to this. This is Sean Bell all over again. This keeps happening.

On the importance of deferred prosecution: I really want everyone out there in the world, and especially here in America to understand deferred prosecution. It says if it’s a non-violent offense and you’re a first-time offender, you’re not really a threat to society, right? You ain’t really threatening anybody. So we’re going to let you earn your way into a dismissal of the charge, so that you won’t have a record and you can go on a live your dreams.

On being a disruptor: You got to be ready for the consequences. That’s what I would say to sister Mo’Nique. If you want to be a disruptor – and we’ve chosen to do that, nobody asked us to do that. We’ve chosen to enter that space – you have to do the math upfront, and I mean sometimes literally doing the math and say, ‘can I afford this?’

On Fox News’ response to Killer Mike’s NRA interview: I could tell you, if you go to Fox News’ Instagram, they’re delighted with his commentary. They loved it. They put a meme up.

On the Stormy Daniels scandal affecting Donald Trump’s presidency: Let me just be real candid with you. Let me tell you something. I understand the Trump voter better than most, and the Trump voter is not at all concerned with the President’s moral position. I think they were fully aware of his lack of moral accountability before they ever cast a ballot.

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