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Don Geronimo

Michael L.Sorce is an American Radio Personality, better known as Don Geronimo who formerly featured on the nationally Syndicated Radio Talk, Don, and Mike Show.

Don Geronimo Biography


Geronimo(born 18, September 1958) is 60 years of age.


He is an American citizen born in the U.S.



Freda Wright-Sorce was the second wife of Don. Born June 7, 1955, and rested July 10, 2005.

She was half of the duo, The Don and Mike show, a cabal radio program in the United States. Freda was conceded as a supporting radio personality due to her spirited on-air exchanges with her husband, Don.

She grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland attending Magruder High School. She worked as a producer and part-time disc jockey in the 1980s at Washington-area stations WHFS, WASH-FM, and WAVA-FM.

Freda met her husband at radio protocol. They both had a son(Bart), who is a graduate of Clemon University in South Carolina.

After her death,  she was 50 years of age and was considered an integral part of The Don and Mike Show. With Don absent due to injuries, the entire following show on July 11, 2005, and the opening segment of the next show on July 12, 2005, was dedicated in remembrance of Freda.

He is now married to Janet Source, with who he has a son(Bart Sorce).


Beginning of Career-WLXE

Geronimo began his career at a young age of 13 going to work at Rockville, Maryland AM station WLXE(now a Spanish-language music station). He got fired at different local stations because he lacked the required FCC broadcaster’s license.


He later forged the license and landed to the dream he had always dreamt, he got a job at WLS-FM in Chicago, Illinois, this is in the early 1980s.


He later moved to WBBM-FM to do the evening show. He eventually replaced Dick Biondi doing morning drive at the station.


He later returned back to Washington, D.C IN 1985. He afternoon podcasting in the afternoons at WAVA-FM  then moved to the mornings in 1986, substituting Charlie and Harrigan. Don and Mike Show was moved to WJFK-FM due to the forgery at WAVA.

Geronimo was featured in the book Something in the Air by the Washington DC radio reporter Marc Fisher, based on the rise and fall of radio in the United States.

Geronimo announced on January 27 that he would be a regular on the TV show Good Day Sacramento,  with the first appearance on February 14, 2011.


His contract with CBS was extended through 2014 and was named Program Director for 1140 The Fan KHTK.

October 4, 2013, The Don Geronimo Show was replaced by Jason Ross on the CBS Sports Radio 1140 KHTK. He went to air on KHTK in Sacramento. October 23, he appeared on 106.7 The Fan’s Lavar and Dukes so as to announce his return to the station after five years.


He would appear weekdays from 7-10 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m-12 noon. On March 1, 2014, he was no longer going to be heard on WJFK anymore apparently to what he announced on his tweeter feed.

Geronimo now has his own show that he hosts.

Don Geronimo and Mike O’meara

Both co-hosted the radio show. Robb Spewak(a former show intern) mostly produced the show while Joe Ardinger screened phone calls.

Four news reporters were included over the course of its run. David Haines(1985-1989), the program’s original newsman, died on July 10, 2005, then Laurie Neff was the second newsperson. February 4, 2008, Geronimo announced that he would leave the show on May 30.

Later the date was moved to April 11, 2008,  an announcement from the WJKF program director and Beth Ann McBride returned becoming the producer.

The show is known as The Mike O’Meara Show. Don is excluded from the show until July 2009 when the show is canceled following the decision of turning it into a sports talk station.

The Mike O’Meara Show took a respite of 5 months then came back as a daily podcast in December.

Geronimo Acting

Don has acted in several movies. He appears in The Adventure of Brisco County, Jr., Babylon 5 and The King of Queens. He is a member of the Screen Actor Guild(an American labor union that represented over 100,000 film and television principal and background performers worldwide.

On the Don and Mike Show, he acts alongside with Mike O’Meara. In Babylon, they both spoke without authorization in a non-speaking role.

The producers saw to it that rather than reshooting the scene, they arrange for their union membership. This paving the way for a speaking role on The King of Queens, where he spoke one line, “Looking good, Heffeman”.

Don Geronimo Podcast

THL 85 Show on Youtube(Lounging with God Don G)

Don’s Twitter


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