Dexter Darden Biography, Age, Parents, Height, Net, Movies, Victorious, Minutemen

Dexter Darden Biography

Dexter Darden is an American actor best known his appearance in Joyful Noise and in The Maze Runner and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

Dexter Darden Age

Dexter was born on 24 June 1991 in Camden, New Jersey, United States. He is 27 years old as of 2018

Dexter Darden Parents | Dexter Darden Family

His father is said to have died in 2000. There is no more information about his family members and his mum.

Dexter Darden Height

He stands at the height of 6′ (1.83 m)

Dexter Darden On Victorious

He was cast as Nate in the 8th episode season 1 of Victorious; the Survival of the Hottest

Dexter Darden photo
Dexter Darden photo

Dexter Darden Joyful Noise

He was cast as Walter Hill, Vi’s son and Olivia’s brother in the American musical comedy-drama film Joyful Noise

Dexter Darden Minutemen

He was cast as Chester, an outcast who becomes popular due to the actions of the “Snowsuit Guys” in the science-fiction Disney Channel Original Movie Minutemen

Dexter Darden Cadillac Records

He was cast as Geneva’s Teenage Son in the American biographical drama film Cadillac Records

Dexter Darden Maze Runner

He was cast as Frypan, a cook in the 2014 American dystopian science fiction action thriller film The Maze Runner

Dexter Darden Movies






Kelvin Kennedy

Maze Runner: The Death Cure



Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials



The Maze Runner



Geography Club

Jared Sharp


Joyful Noise

Walter Hill


Standing Ovation

MC John




Cadillac Records

Geneva’s Teenage Son


My Brother

Baseball Son

Dexter Darden TV Shows





Hell’s Kitchen


Making Moves



Strawberry Summer



Cougar Town

Glee Club Member #1




Poor Paul

Bobby the Fish




Dexter Darden Net Worth

He has made his fortune from his acting career. His net worth is not yet calculated, it is still under review.

Dexter Darden Twitter

Dexter Darden Instagram

Dexter Darden MAZE RUNNER THE DEATH CURE “Frypan” Interview

Dexter Darden Interview

‘Maze Runner’ Star Dexter Darden Talks the Initial Negative Response to His Casting, and Surviving Trump’s America


“We always will have each other’s backs, regardless of the color of our skin or where we come from,” Darden said of his “Maze Runner” castmates in a chat with TheWrap

Darden told TheWrap that fans of the book series were not always happy with his involvement with the films.

“Originally, they weren’t very happy, because Frypan in the books wasn’t necessarily a man of color,” Darded explained, describing a phenomenon that has occurred fairly often when a black actor is cast as a character who is not black in the source material. See, for example, Idris Elba in the “Thor” films, which was met with a similarly irrational outcry from some fans at first. But as is usually the case with these sorts of “controversies,” the situation calmed down once the first movie came out.

“So they weren’t really the most excited about that, but Wes Ball and James Dashner had kinda come to the conclusion that, look, in the book it just says that he’s a chubby guy with nappy hair, so it’s like, if Dexter gains 15 pounds he could really be any ethnicity. Although it does say he has red hair. So it was a little bit mixed in the beginning, but since then the fans have literally been the most amazing. Like literally the most amazing, incredible support.”

Darden said the eventual positive response only grew when Frypan got into more of the action in “The Death Cure,” which lands on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K today.

“In the third one I think fans are really happy to see me kinda come to the forefront and step up to the plate and really showcase what my abilities are and what I can provide to the character and what I can provide to the team,” Darden said. “And so the outcry on social media, and fan mail as well, has just been incredible and this has been something I’ve been very fortunate to experience.”

Darden told me that earlier in his budding career, the types of roles he was able to audition for and would be offered seemed to, as the story in Hollywood so often goes, be dictated by racial stereotypes — but he seemed to think the situation is improving somewhat.

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