Danielle Radin

Danielle Radin is excited to bring you the news online and on air! She is the digital anchor and producer of the FOX 5 Weekend Update, the only live and interactive news show in San Diego. During the week, she also brings you the news online and on TV during the FOX 5 Morning News.

Danielle has covered San Diego as a digital correspondent and multi-media journalist for two years. In that role, she has covered numerous human-interest stories, the San Diego County Fair and San Diego Comic-Con.

Danielle has been fortunate enough to spend her whole reporting career in California. She started as a broadcast reporter in Redding and Eureka, covering everything from wildfires to marijuana legalization.

Danielle got her start in journalism in San Francisco, first as an intern for KQED and then as a news writer and production assistant for KRON. She has also reported internationally in Mexico, Panama and Greece.

She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a double major in Rhetoric and Comparative Religion and a minor in Creative Writing in three years. From there, she went to Stanford University and earned a Master’s degree in Communication.

When Danielle is not reporting, she enjoys trying taco stands around San Diego, going to the beach and playing the piano. She is the author of three books. Her latest book, “Everyone’s Been Hacked,” is a compilation of technology reporting she’s done on cybercrime.

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