Cuco Biography, Age, Family, Songs, Net Worth, Shows, Height, Interview

Cuco Biography

Cuco born as Omar Banos is a Mexican-American Rock singer who is well known for writing the summer love jam of 2017 called “Lo Que Siento.” He at first got approval in the mid-year of 2016 when his front of Santo and Johnny’s exemplary sentimental number, “Sleepwalk” circulated around the web.

A single youngster, Cuco discovered comfort in music. He was attracted to music at age 8. Growing up, he tuned in to Baby Bash, Lil Rob, and MC Magic. Cuco plays the guitar, console, and drums among different instruments. He aced the ‘Ableton’ music programming at age 16. Among 2015 and mid-2016, he discharged tracks like “Better believe it”, “Mindwinder”, “Swear on a Soul” and “Cupid’s Quiver.” His prominence on SoundCloud has since soaring to 122K+ adherents and a great many streams.

Wannabewithu, Cuco’s introduction mixtape, touched base in July 2016. Discharged as a free task, it turned into a viral hit among youthful Latinos. The tape was driven melodies “Darling Is a Day” and “Love de Siempre.” They consolidate for 8+ million twists on SoundCloud. In January 2017, Cuco dropped his second mixtape, Songs4u. It highlighted melodies “One and Only” and “Winter’s Ballad.” 2017 demonstrated to be his breakout year, with him moving from SoCal house shows to sold out scenes. His first bilingual melody “Lo Que Siento” debuted in May 2017. It grabbed the eye of Steve Lacey and Kevin Abstract.

Cuco dropped his 6-track EP, Chiquito, in May 2018. It was bolstered by singles “Dontmakemefallinlove” and “Late spring Hightime” highlighting J-Kwe$t. The track-list additionally incorporate “Sunnyside”, “CR-V” and “Mi Infinita.” The joint single “Suffocate” with Clairo was discharged in August 2018. It performed incredibly well, checking in 4+ million YouTube streams in the initial a half year.

Cuco Education

He studied at Hawthorne High School and later joined Santa Monica City College. He dropped out of college after a year to pursue music.

Cuco Style

His songs are loaded up with energetic Synthesizers that discharge wistfulness substantial tunes in the method of present-day Serenatas that he sings in both English and Spanish

Cuco Shows

Cuco has played live shows all through scenes in the Los Angeles zone including selling out The Smell in June of 2017. He has likewise played celebrations in the region including, Beach Goth Music Festival. His shows have brought other surely understood nearby youthful artists including individuals from The Internet, Kevin Abstract, and Steve Lacy.

Cuco FYF Fest

He is one of the performers who took part in the 2018 edition of the FYF Fest.

Cuco Age

Cuco was born on June 26, 1998, in Hawthorne, California, United States. He is 21 years old as of 2019

Cuco Family

He is the only son in his family. His mother is from Puebla and his father from Mexico City.

Cuco Height

He is of Mexican descent. He stands at the height of 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Cuco Net Worth | Cuco Salary

He gets his earnings from music deal, appears/visits and spilling stages. His official product ranges from hoodies to neon lighters. Cuco has 400K+ devotees and 1.7+ million month to month audience members on Spotify. He has 515K+ and 160K+ supporters on Instagram and Twitter individually. His fans are named “Cuco Pebbles.” He has an estimated net worth of US $500 Thousand

Cuco Interview

Interview with Cuco: The Chicano Artist From The South Bay

Omar Banos a.k.a Cuco took a moment to share about the meaning behind his artist name, upcoming music, his biggest inspirations and what it feels like to sell out a show at the age of 18.

Teal Magazine: Can you introduce yourself and describe what kind of music you make?

Cuco: I’m Cuco from Hawthorne, California. I really don’t know exactly how to describe my music. In a sense, it’s like alternative dream pop.

TM: What’s the story behind your artist name CUCO?

Cuco: Oh, it’s because my mom used to always say I was ‘cuckoo’ as a kid. My family would also say it since we are Mexican and we spoke Spanish so they would always say I was CUCO.

TM: What inspired you to start playing instruments such as the trumpet and guitar?

Cuco Photo

Cuco: Well, with the guitar I just always wanted to learn it since I was a kid. I would be like, “Man, I really want to learn that instrument.” I kind of just did. I took me like 3 lessons then after that the next 10 years I learned it by myself. When I got on the trumpet I really didn’t have a choice. I was put in my school’s marching band so just had to learn all of that to pass it and it got me out of P.E too. (laughs)

TM: In what point in your life did you start writing music?

Cuco: I started writing music when I was 6 well, oh no that’s a lie. I started writing when I was 11 or 12 but I didn’t actually start recording until I was like 15 or 16.

TM: Do you use songwriting as a therapy?

Cuco: Sometimes, most definitely.

TM: What’s your biggest dream as an artist?

Cuco: I definitely want to bring up that representation from the Chicano community because that definitely isn’t there. I wanna help out any causes that I can because I might not know sometimes how to speak out on things but I do want to be able to help. I really want to bring that to light.

TM: Who are your biggest influences in the music world?

Cuco: Man my biggest influences… That’s a hard question. I have a lot of influences sometimes it can be Kevin Parker of Tame Impala and Ariel Pink is cool too. It’s weird and it’s all over the place. To get like a good feel of what my inspirations are you can just dead ass look at my Spotify playlist and stuff. It’s really all over the place. I listen to Classical Music, Jazz, and Trap.

TM: As an artist what do you hope to achieve?

Cuco: I really want to play festivals. That’s all I really wanna do. You know, just play the biggest music festivals in the world. I really don’t care about that radio play stuff – I just really like performing. It’s really fun for me or even just touring, you know. I don’t even have to play the biggest festivals, just intimate shows in small venues. I just like performing.

TM: Do you prefer house shows or venues?

Cuco: I like small venues and house shows. Both of them are cool but at the same time I have to make a living of all of this if I really want to thrive more and with venues, they will kind of cover me and at the same time I will get to meet all the people that really fuck with me. And with that, I could be able to meet people after my set and take pictures with me which is the best thing.

TM: How excited are you to play a sold-out show at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana?

Cuco: It’s going to be insane like I really can’t grasp it. It’s crazy because The Constellation Room and The Echoplex are the venues we would say we would go in like a year and now we are playing both of those in the same week. The Constellation room is already sold out and I’m still in shock.