Courtney Timmons Biography, Age, Husband, American Idol, and Net Worth

Courtney Timmons Biography

Courtney Timmons is an American singer who works as a security guard, who is a contestant on season 18 of American Idol. Timmons auditioned under very unusual circumstances since she was brought directly to perform before the judges, by the show’s host Ryan Seacrest, who found her outside seated by herself.

Courtney Timmons American Idol

When Seacrest came with Timmons to the audition room, he explained to the three judges how he found her. He said; “I was walking down the street and Courtney was on the corner and she was sitting there and she looked very sad and I said, ‘What’s going on?’” Ryan explained.

“She said, ‘Well I showed up to audition, but I think I missed the deadline. But this is my dream and I’ve wanted to do this all my life.’ So, I grabbed her and brought her up the elevator.”

During her audition, she sang Andra Day’s “Rise Up” and the judges were really impressed by her voice. “Are we being punked?” Luke Bryan asked after she was done singing.

Courtney Timmons
Courtney Timmons

“Hold on. Before the show started, I saw her sitting outside on the sidewalk. I thought you were just a fan of the show? You can sing!” Katy Perry explained that she had seen Timmons seated outside.

Judge Lionel Richie told her; “You can sing! There’s a difference between singing and singing. You are a bird, girl.” “You’re one of the best singers we’ve seen today!

“You’re probably the best singer we’ve seen today. Courtney Timmons, this is really magical. This is a magical moment. We’re going to send you to Hollywood.”

Courtney Timmons Age

Timmons was born in 1998.

Courtney Timmons Husband

Information about her husband will be updated as soon as possible. However, she is a mother of two kids.

Courtney Timmons Ethnicity

Timmons belongs to African-American ethnicity.

Courtney Timmons Height

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Courtney Timmons Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $100, 000.