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Coby Bell Biography

Coby Bell whose full Coby Scott Bell is an American actor, born on 11th May ,1975 . Coby is famous for his roles as professional football player Jason Pitts on The CW/BET comedy-drama The Game and police officer Tyrone Davis, Jr. on the NBC drama Third Watch. He also played the role of Jesse Porter on the USA Network original series Burn Notice. He also starred in the Amazon original series Mad Dogs.

Coby Bell Age

Coby was born on 11th May 1975. He is 43 years old as of 2018.

How Tall Is Coby Bell

Coby is 1.9 meters tall.

Is Coby Bell Black

Born of an African- American father Coby is of  black ethnicity.

Coby Bell Family – Coby Bell Parents – Coby Bell Mother

Born in Orange County, California, Coby is the son of a Caucasian mother and an African-American father, the Broadway actor Michel Bell.

Coby Bell Wife – Coby Bell Aviss Bell

He is married to Aviss Pinkney-Bell since 2001 and together they have four children.

Coby Bell Kids

He has four children and together they have two sets of twins: girl twins and boy twins.

Coby Bell Career

His career began with a few minor roles in various shows including The Parent ‘Hood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER and Smart Guy, before landing a thirteen episode stint as Patrick Owen in L.A. Doctors.

The year 1999, Bell got the role of Officer Ty Davis, Jr. on the NBC drama Third Watch.Bell was the was one of the only five original cast members to remain on the show throughout its entire six-season run on NBC. During the series’ run, Bell co-starred in Safe, a critically acclaimed play co-written by Third Watch co-star Anthony Ruivivar. Third Watch actors Jason Wiles and Yvonne Jung, also co-starred in the play. Bell then appeared in a Third Watch edition of the American version of The Weakest Link.

The year 2005 just months after Third Watch ended its run, Bell got a recurring role as Glen Stallworth, a San Francisco firefighter who is originally set up on a date with main character Mona, on the UPN comedy series Half & Half but winds up falling for her mother, Phyllis, a role played by actress Telma Hopkins. Despite appearing in only three episodes, his character was mentioned and referenced throughout the show’s fourth and final season.

Inthe year 2006, Bell starred in and co-produced an independent film called Drifting Elegant. The project marked his debut as a producer. That same year, Bell guest-starred in an episode of the UPN comedy series Girlfriends in an episode entitled “The Game”, which he served as the pilot episode for the CW comedy-drama series of the same name.Then he stars as Jason Pitts, the captain of the fictional San Diego Sabers football team. Bill reprised Jason Pitts in a recurring role when The Game, which was cancelled in the year 2009, returned on BET in January 2011.

Coby Bell Burn Notice

In June 2010, He joined the cast of the USA Network series Burn Notice as former counter-intelligence agent Jesse Porter.

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Coby Bell Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Coby Bell Interview

THE GIFTED: Actor Coby Bell on new mutant Marvel series – Exclusive Interview


Fox’s new Monday-night drama THE GIFTED is an original series set in the Marvel Comics Universe. It has some mutant characters viewers may know from iterations of THE X-MEN, but it centers on some new figures, the Strucker family. Dad Reed (Stephen Moyer) is a prosecutor whose job it is to put away dangerous mutants – until the day he and his wife Kate (Amy Acker) find that their two teenage children, Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy (Percy Hynes White) have just demonstrated mutant abilities.

The Struckers go on the run from the mutant-hunting Sentinel Services, which is headed up by Reed’s erstwhile colleague Jace Turner, played by Coby Bell. Southern California native Bell had previously been a regular on BURN NOTICE, which was created Matt Nix, who also developed THE GIFTED. Bell’s other series regular credits include THIRD WATCH and THE GAME.

ASSIGNMENT X: Were you and Matt Nix in communication at all between BURN NOTICE and THE GIFTED?

COBY BELL: Yeah, we’ve remained friends ever since. And he told me about this project kind of early on. He was saying, “I would love to have you involved if we can make it happen.” It’s not completely up to him or completely up to me. And I said, “I would like to be a part of that.” Both of us looked at each other like, “Man, I can’t believe this worked out.” I still had to get through Fox, I had to get through Marvel, I had to do the whole auditioning process. So it’s hard for me to even express how excited I am to be part of this show, because this is exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to do, and it’s not very often as an actor that you get to do that.

AX: Growing up, were you a D.C. guy, a Marvel guy, or not a comics guy at all?

BELL: I was not a comic book guy, but I was always into all the cartoons, all the movies, all the toys. I was always more into the toys than I was into [comic books], so I would make up my own stories. So growing up, doing this – it’s like a dream come true to do this kind of show.

AX: THE GIFTED is set specifically in the X-MEN universe. Did you watch or read anything from that?

BELL: You feel a responsibility to at least be familiar with the universe. We’re in our own galaxy, but in the X-MEN universe, you want to know the tone … We’re nerding out on ourselves.

AX: How do you see Jace?

BELL: I think he’s just doing his job. Jace Turner is a high-ranking official in Sentinel Services. The story is that he was a cop. His daughter was killed in a mutant-related incident. So then he joined the Sentinel Services to sort of make sure that doesn’t happen to any other family. So he’s coming at it [as though] he thinks he’s the hero of the story. He is not. I think down deep, everyone wishes they could just zap away injustice. Someone’s being a jerk. You’re like, “You know what? I zap you, jerk.” [laughs] I think that’s what everybody relates to when they watch these kinds of shows.

AX: Jace is an ordinary human with no superpowers. When you look at the rest of the show, are you like, “Rats, I feel outnumbered, being the only person without powers,” or are like, “Oh, good, I can act my way out of this rather than VFX my way out of this”?

BELL: You know what? In the very, very beginning, I was like, “Matt, we’re going to find out at some point, this guy’s going to have some powers?” He’s like, “No, dude. We actually know that couldn’t happen, because the Sentinel Services robots would have already detected you.” So I was like, “All right.” But now, the more we get into the series, I’m realizing how much fun I’m having being this guy, who is a normal human trying to figure out a way to beat these superhumans. It’s a lot of fun. They’re writing him as a real guy. I was a little worried that he would be more Sergeant Friday – “Just the facts, ma’am.” No, he’s a real dude, with real problems and family stuff. I’m having a blast playing the character.

AX: Is Jace in charge of his Sentinel Services unit?

BELL: I am, yeah. Whatever region we’re in, there are people above him, but as far as what goes on in the day to day show, he’s the head of the Sentinel Services.

AX: When you’re playing someone who’s in charge and saying, “Follow me, troops,” is that different than playing somebody who’s either being one of the followers, or off on his own completely?

BELL: It is, yeah, definitely. I guess it’s something you don’t really think of as an actor, but it just kind of happens, when you put on the uniform and you say the words that they give you, you kind of assume that power role.

AX: How much does that Sentinel Services uniform weigh? It looks heavy.

BELL: It’s actually not bad. It’s a fake bulletproof vest, and then he pretty much wears the same thing every episode, which I love. So I got my slacks, my little windbreaker, I’m good to go.

AX: And what would you most like people to know about THE GIFTED?

BELL: Oh, man. I’ve got to say, Matt has set it up perfectly. It’s got everything. It’s got all the superpower stuff that the comic book fans are going to want, it’s got the action, but it also has sort of the heart of being a family drama. They’re just a family on the run, trying to survive