Claire Cameron

I first fell in love with the weather back in elementary school.

I grew up in Texas and I loved to watch storms blow through my neighborhood. When hurricane Ike went through Houston in 2008 I stayed up all night so I could listen to the storm.

When I went to college I initially went in as a business major, but after taking one meteorology class I was hooked and changed my major. I graduated from Baylor University in 2014 with a dual degree in Earth Science and Journalism.

Before moving to Michigan, I interned at KXXV — a news station in Waco, Texas.

I moved to Michigan the summer of 2014 and when my first winter came it was a bit of a shock! Now that I have lived here for nearly 5 years, I am more accustomed to the cold and feel ready for whatever crazy Michigan weather Mother Nature has to throw at me.

I am on the FOX 47 News team as the Morning Meteorologist. You can watch me on FOX 47 News from 7-9 AM Monday-Friday or interact with me on Facebook and Instagram.

I enjoy living in Lansing with my husband and our dog. When I am not on air you can find me in the kitchen baking, or outside running (if it’s not too cold).

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