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Chelsea Houska Biography

Chelsea Houska was born in Vermillion, South Dakota, the United States as Chelsea Anne Houska. She is an American Reality TV star and Esthetician at Body Sculpting Day Spa.

Chelsea rose to fame when she appeared as the main cast of reality TV Series 16 and Pregnant’s second season on MTV.

Chelsea Houska Age

Chelsea Houska was born on August 29, 1991, in Vermillion, South Dakota, United States. She is 27 years old as of 2018.

Chelsea Houska Family

Chelsea Houska was born in Vermillion, South Dakota, the United States to Mary Kneip (mother) and Randy Houska (father) who is a dentist by profession and has supported her in every way. The reality-TV star has three older sisters namely Melissa, Angie, and Emily. Despite her parent’s divorce they leading a happy life

Chelsea Houska Spouse|Cole Deboer Chelsea Houska

The reality TV star Chelsea Anne Houska got married to Cole DeBoer on October 1, 2016, in a colorful wedding.  The couples have a son. She was in a relationship with her boyfriend Adam Lind between 2008 and 2012 and together have a daughter Aubree Skye Lind. The two broke up in 2012.

Chelsea Houska Children

The Teen Mom star has three children. (daughter) Aubree Skye Lind was born on September 7, 2009, with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. Ason Watson Cole DeBoer born on January 25, 2017, and the youngest Layne Ettie DeBoer a daughter born on August 29, 2018, with her husband Cole DeBoer.

Chelsea Houska Siblings

The TV reality-TV star has three older sisters namely,

  • Angie Houska
  • Melissa Houska
  • Emily Houska

Chelsea Houska Height

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.60m)
Chelsea Houska
               Chelsea Houska Image

Where Is Chelsea Houska From

  • Vermillion, South Dakota, United States

Chelsea Houska Career

The reality TV star worked as high school senior hailing from Vermillion, located in South Dakota and she was reportedly a widespread softball player but things soon turned sour after she took in for her boyfriend, Adam. The American reality TV personality and a hairdresser, feature on a show titled ’16 and Pregnant.’ Chelsea appeared on the show alongside other teenage mother and they shared their story to serve as solace and inspiration to young girls all over the world with similar challenges.

Chelsea always had the ambition to become a hairstylist and by 2013, she completed a course in cosmetology. Chelsea Houska registered at a beauty school and worked in a part-time job at the salon all in a bid to become the beautician she has always dreamt of.

Chelsea Houska Net Worth

The beauty queen has an estimated  Net Worth of $0.06 Million.

Chelsea Houska Wedding| Chelsea Houska Wedding Ring

Chelsea Houska
                         Chelsea Houska Wedding Ring

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska got the fairytale wedding ceremony of her dreams with Cole DoBoer for a second time.

Chelsea Houska Pregnant

The reality TV star got pregnant while at high school and she delivered her baby girl named Aubree Skye Lind, with her former ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. The news of her pregnancy took everyone by surprise especially her parents who treated her with extreme negligence, making Chelsea go through difficult moments when she was pregnant. she went into labor about five weeks earlier than the expected delivery date, giving birth to a pre-term baby.

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss

Stepping up her fitness and nutrition game yielded some impressive results. She explained how she lose her weight: It involved cleaner eating and plenty of exercises. She also provided some helpful shortcuts she used to maintain her results, including drinking protein shakes and using carb blocker supplements when necessary, though she mainly has followed a low carb diet.

Chelsea Houska House Address

26694 462nd Ave
Hartford, SD 57033

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska

The Tv star Chelsea Houska starred in the American reality television series Teen Mom 2, which follows the lives of Jenelle Eason, Chelsea (DeBoer) Houska, Kailyn Lowry, and Leah Messer from the second season of 16 and Pregnant as they navigate their first years of motherhood. However, it also focuses on the themes of their changing relationships between family, friends, and boys, while highlighting the struggles of young mothers raising children.

Chelsea Houska YouTube

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Chelsea Houska Twitter

Chelsea Houska Instagram

Chelsea Houska  Interview

My Interview with Teen Mom 2 Star Chelsea Houska

Published: Jul 27, 2018


Q:  What aspect of your life has changed the most since Aubree was born? 
Chelsea:  Everything is drastically different.  Before Aubree, I was the party girl, I was all about social, like, always out doing something and ever since I had her I rarely go out.  I am just a hermit crab, I’m always home with her and so basically my social life has changed the most.

Q:  What aspect of your life has changed the most since being on Teen Mom 2?
Chelsea:  When people come up to me when I’m in public and stuff, that’s the thing that I still am not used to.  I’m so awkward, but people are always so nice when they come up so I love when people do, it’s just so hard to get used to.

Q:  What is your current relationship with Adam?
Chelsea:  Adam and I aren’t together!  He sees Aubree once in a while, but his parents are great, they are awesome, they see her from time to time, but we’re not together or anything and we haven’t been for a while…most people would probably be happy to know that!

Q:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about “teen moms”?  Do you feel pressure to use your “celebrity” to change those misconceptions?  
Chelsea:  I think that people just immediately judge teen moms because they think they’re just not gonna be good enough no matter what.  I think that there are a lot of teen moms who are better moms than older parents, but people look at it differently. they just assume that because we’re younger than we are no capable of being good parents.

I don’t think that I feel pressure because it’s something, it was almost like encouragement that I wanted to be the best mom out there because I don’t want anyone to think that I’m a bad mother.  I just want to show people (that) you can be young and be a good parent, so it’s something I wanted to do and I wanted to do it for my daughter and so it’s kind of like a push to do better.

Q:  What do you say to those people who think that the show glamorizes teen pregnancy and parenting?  
Chelsea:  If you watch the show, I don’t think anything that goes on is glamorous on the show.  I think, and I know that people don’t always understand, but I’ve read stories about me doing stuff that wasn’t true and that kills me, that makes me so mad and so for me, being my age and having stuff written about you is not as fun as people probably think it is.  I think that shows almost as 95% ends with all of the girls crying or something and every episode, I feel like someone cries.  It’s not glamorous at all, I don’t know why people think that.  I’m not partying, I’m not on drugs, I’m not married, I’m just a regular 20-year-old girl that has a child.

Q:  What’s the best advice you can give to a teen girl who’s thinking about becoming sexually active?
Chelsea:  Use protection and make sure that you’re with someone that if you do end up pregnant or something happens, no matter who you have sex with you have to know the consequences…you could get pregnant, you could get an STD, you just want to make sure the person you’re with is someone that really cares about you and that would stick around with you through anything that happens.  The person that you’re going to be with should be someone that you could see yourself with a long time from now.

Q:   What are your plans regarding having more children in the future?  Do you want more children, is one enough?  
Chelsea:  I definitely want more children, but not anytime soon!  I want to be married, and settled, and everything before I have another child, but I definitely want more kids.

Q:  Aside from having more/not having more children, what are your plans for the future?  With Teen Mom 2?  
Chelsea:  I want to finish school, hopefully, open my own salon someday and just be happy, me and Aubree, for now, …we’ll see what happens!

Q:   How does being seen as a role model affect you or make you feel?
Chelsea:  I’m glad that I am and I think that I want to help girls who need advice and if there are other teen moms out there who are looking at me and what I do, I pay really close attention to what I do for other people.  I don’t go out and stuff because I want people to see that when you have a child you have to change your life and step up to the plate.  I still have awesome friends and you can have everything, you just have to prioritize and make time for everything and yourself and girls need to know that.

Q:  What’s your best Mommy tip?
Chelsea:  Take time out for yourself and make sure that you feel good about yourself because when you feel good about yourself then you are a happier, better person and kids just pick up on that!

Chelsea Houska News

Teen Mom’s Chelsea Houska Gets Candid About Her Family of 5



When it comes to Chelsea Houska’s household, family rules all day, every day.

On Monday evening, viewers watched the Teen Mom 2 star expand her family when she gave birth to a baby girl named Layne. The smooth and successful delivery was the ultimate gift for a reality star who just so happened to be celebrating her birthday the very same day.

But more than five months after welcoming her third child, Chelsea is getting used to her new reality that includes a whole lot of love and heart.

“I feel like [baby Layne] is like Cole. I think Aubrey is like me and Watson and Layne are like Cole,” Chelsea shared with E! News exclusively. “She’s very laid back. She’s easy, she’s smiley, she’s chill, very chill.”

From the moment Layne met her older brother and sister, it was love at first sight. And as viewers can likely guess, Aubrey is already helping mom out with her two younger siblings under two.

“Oh my gosh! I honestly think that she makes life so much easier,” Chelsea explained. “Having Aubrey’s help has been amazing.  She loves helping. She plays with her brother when I need her to. She can get his little boots on or something when we’re heading out the door so she’s been amazing.”

Credit also has to go to Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer. Fans loved watching his kind gestures and positive words when taking his wife to the hospital in last night’s episode. And as it turns out, he’s like that all the time.

“I mean, Cole is just great all around,” Chelsea gushed after celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend. “I’m more of the laid-back parent and he’s definitely more paranoid and worried all the time, which is funny because it’s usually the mom but I mean, he’s so helpful. He changes diapers. He gets in there. He does it all.”

With life looking and sounding so sweet, fans have already started asking if more kids could be in this family’s future.

Although the pair isn’t in a rush, Chelsea admitted that more children are definitely a possibility in the years to come.

“We definitely want more kids—at least one—but I think we’re going to wait probably a little farther than the last two babies. Maybe when she’s two, we’ll start thinking about it,” she teased. “But there will be more.”

In the weeks to come, Teen Mom 2 fans will get to witness Chelsea adjust to having three kids under one roof. Cameras will also roll as the proud mom faces some bumps in the road with Aubrey’s biological dad Adam Lind.

“I definitely have my own opinion and my own opinion on things, but I have to try my best not to put my feelings out on her,” Chelsea explained to us when looking back on recent episodes involving Adam’s inability to meet with his daughter. “He’s still her dad. She still has her own feelings about it so I kind of have to keep my feelings to myself and let her have her own little opinion.”

She continued, “I’m proud of her for being so mature but it’s not even something a kid should have to deal with but I think that we’ve always been so open with her and let her accept her feelings and try to explain things to her as best as we can.”As for the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion taping, Chelsea isn’t feeling nervous or anxious. Instead, she’s looking forward to introducing baby Layne to her fellow co-stars.
“I’m sure baby Layne is going to get plenty of loving from all of the ladies,” she shared with us.

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