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Carrie Preston is an American actress, producer, and director. She is known for her work on the television series True Blood, Person of Interest, Crowded, The Good Wife, The Good Fight, and Claws.

Preston received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Elsbeth Tascioni on CBS’s acclaimed drama series The Good Wife and The Good Fight. For her work on the show Preston received two nominations for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, winning once.

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She was born on on 21 June 1967 in Macon, Georgia, United States. She is 51 years old as of 2018.

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In 1998, she wedded Michael Emerson.

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Actress Carrie Preston

Preston has worked with her husband, actor Michael Emerson, on a number of projects. Emerson played Ben Linus on television’s Lost, and Preston was a guest star in episode 20 of season 3, “The Man Behind the Curtain” as Ben’s mother Emily in flashback scenes, though she and Emerson never shared scenes together. The couple were featured in the 2004 comedy film Straight-Jacket and the 2008 feature film, Ready? OK!. She appeared in several episodes of Person of Interest as Grace Hendricks, the former fiancée of Emerson’s character, Harold Finch.

Preston is co-owner of the production company Daisy 3 Pictures with James Vasquez and Mark Holmes. For seven seasons she played Arlene Fowler on True Blood. On July 31, 2010, Carrie Preston and her husband, Michael Emerson, read A. R. Gurney’s Love Letters, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, at the Charleston Stage. They performed it as a fundraiser for the South Carolina’s theatre. The reading was followed by a brief “Question and Answer” session.

Preston had a recurring role playing Elsbeth Tascioni, an eccentric but extremely effective trial lawyer on CBS’s The Good Wife. First introduced in season one and recurring on seasons three through seven, the character was a fan favorite, and Preston won the 2013 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her work on the show.

On September 6, 2013, it was announced that Preston signed on to play a recurring character in the second season of the Kevin Bacon-led thriller, The Following. She portrayed Judy, a prostitute and ill-fated groupie of Joe Carroll. The show’s second season premiered in January 2014.[8] Preston has appeared in a number of films as a supporting character. Including several critically acclaimed films such as Doubt and Duplicity, where she starred alongside stars such as Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, and Clive Owen.

In 2015 she landed a leading role on the short-lived NBC comedy series Crowded where she starred opposite Patrick Warburton, during which time she also appeared on the final season of The Good Wife for which she earned her second Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series nomination. Preston was originally slated for a 4 episode arc but due to commitments on her new show she was only able to appear in one episode.

In August 2016 TNT announced that Preston had been cast in the Rashida Jones drama-comedy Claws. Preston plays Polly Marks (Polly-Pol), a mild-mannered preppy with an “ankle bracelet” who recently served time in prison for identity theft. The series was greenlit for a ten episode first season.

On December 16, 2016, CBS announced that Preston would reprise her role as Elsbeth Tascioni on The Good Wife spin-off The Good Fight.

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Mint Jennifer
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Mandy Newhouse
The Journey
Laura Singh
For Richer or Poorer
Rebecca Yoder
Mercury Rising
Emily Lang
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VTA – Administrator
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Lovely by Surprise
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Andy Dowd
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Barbara Bofferd
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Ludie Choat
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Lynette Patterson
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Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?
Chloe / Angel Tits
Beneath the Harvest Sky
5 Flights Up
Miriam Carswell
Compliance Officer Abby
To the Bone
And Then I Go
Ms. Arnold






RuPaul’s Drag Race
Herself (guest judge)
1 episode (season 10)[12]
3 episodes
When We Rise
Sally Miller Gearhart
3 episodes
The Dating Game Killer
Carol Jensen
TV film
The Good Fight
Elsbeth Tascioni
4 episodes
Polly Marks
Main role; 20 episodes
Martina Moore
13 episodes
Grace and Frankie
Episode: “The Goodbyes”
Debbie Dubonte
10 episodes
The Following
Judy Lang
3 episodes
Getting On
Denya Thorp
Episode: “The 7th Annual Christmas Card Competition”
Royal Pains
Jackie Van Ark
Episode: “Hurts Like a Mother”
Person of Interest
Grace Hendricks
8 episodes
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Bella Zane
Episode: “Educated Guess”
Hell’s Kitchen
Episode: “12 Chefs Compete Part 1”
The Good Wife
Elsbeth Tascioni
14 episodes
Private Practice
Yvonne Pierce
Episode: “Do the Right Thing”
True Blood
Arlene Fowler
81 episodes
Emily Linus
Episode: “The Man Behind the Curtain”
Desperate Housewives
Lucy Lindquist
Episode: “You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”
Arrested Development
Jan Eagleman
Episode: “Fakin’ It”
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Lena Copeland
Episode: “Bedfellows”
Vicky Sites
Episode: “Dirty Bomb”
The Inside
Kelly Comack
Episode: “Pre-Filer”
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Doreen Whitlock
Episode: “Magnificat”
Sister Katrina
Episode: “Wound-Up Penguin”
Hope & Faith
Sally Jones
Episode: “Queer as Hope”
Good Morning, Miami
Kiera Donahue
Episode: “The Slow and the Furious”
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Megan Colby
Episode: “Zoonotic”
B.D. Benson
10 episodes
Spin City
Episode: “Carter & Stuart & Bennett & Deirdre”
Sex and the City
Madeline Dunn
Episode: “The Chicken Dance”
Five Houses
TV film
Significant Others
Patti Pasternak
Episode: “My Left Kidney”
Grace & Glorie
Charlene Stiles
TV film
Union Square
Episode: “Michael’s First Stand”
Cutty Whitman
TV film

Carrie Preston The Good Wife

When a very public sex and political-corruption scandal lands her husband, Peter, in prison, Alicia Florrick (Emmy-winner Julianna Margulies ) must get past the humiliation and betrayal and assume responsibility for her family. She resumes her career as a defense attorney, shedding her persona as the embarrassed wife of a politician, and takes charge of her destiny. Years later, after Peter wins the gubernatorial election, Alicia must balance her evolving career and family responsibilities with her new position as first lady of Illinois.

First episode date: 22 September 2009
Final episode date: 8 May 2016
Network: CBS
Spin-offs: The Good Fight, The Good Wife

Carrie Preston True Blood

Small-town Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse already is viewed as an oddball by her friends and neighbours, since she can read the minds of those around her. She doesn’t exactly help her reputation, though, when she falls for Bill Compton, a 173-year-old vampire who has `come out of the coffin’ along with many of his undead comrades now that a new synthetic blood has made it possible for vampires to survive without preying on humans. Still, the conservative locals aren’t wild about mortal-vampire liaisons, especially Sookie’s boss, Sam Merlotte, who carries a torch for her. `Six Feet Under’ creator Alan Ball is behind this series adaptation of best-selling novels by Charlaine Harris.

First episode date: 7 September 2008
Theme song: Bad Things
Network: HBO
Writers: Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, Raelle Tucker, Brian Buckner, MORE

Carrie Preston And Michael Emerson | Michael Emerson Carrie Preston

Carrie is the wife to Michael Emerson.

Carrie Preston Lost

Michael Emerson said a casual goodbye to his wife, actress Carrie Preston, when he landed a mysterious guest role on Lost in 2005 and boarded a flight from their New York City home to the show’s Hawaiian set.

Carrie Preston Natural Hair Color | Carrie Preston Hair Color

Did you know that her natural hair was initially not red? She is actually Blonde. So, the first three seasons of True Bloods, she wore and wig, and then she finally became bold enough to permanently dye her hair red for the fourth season. She said that dying her hair was actually extremely liberating.

Carrie Preston Emmy

In 2013, she won the Emmy Awards being the Guest Actress – Drama Series in the movie The Good Wife. In 2016, she was nominated for the Emmy Awards in the same position.

Carrie Preston New Show

Her latest shows include:

  • Claws (since 2017)
  • When We Rise (since 2017)
  • Crowded (2016)
  • Dating Game Killer
  • After Dark With Julian Clark

Carrie Preston Crowded

After 20 years in the roles of mom and dad, Mike and Martina have the house to themselves again and are cutting loose and becoming reaquainted their wild sides. Events quickly make it clear that the freewheeling lifestyle will have to go back to being a fantasy — at least for a while — when their two adult daughters unexpectedly move back in.

To make matters worse, Mike’s parents cancel their plans to live out their golden years in Florida. Mike and Martina find themselves with a full house again, having to readjust to living their lives around others after their brief and intoxicating taste of well-earned freedom.

First episode date: 15 March 2016
Final episode date: 22 May 2016
Network: NBC
Genre: Sitcom

Carrie Preston Person Of Interest

Carrie Preston Blacklist

She guested in the movie Blacklist.

Carrie Preston Interview

Interview: Claws’ Carrie Preston

Getting the chance to speak with Carrie Preston is like a warm hug. The writer-director-producer-actress is wonderful in the TNT show Claws, and her character Polly reveals new sides of herself on almost every single episode. Of course, we also loved her performance as Arlene on True Blood, as well as her work in The Good Wife and The Good Fight. Essentially, we’re big (!!) fans of hers and it was a wonderful opportunity to speak with her in advance of Claws Season 2.

Here is a condensed and edited version of our chat with the delightful Carrie Preston.

Brief Take: What first drew you to Claws?

Carrie Preston: When I first read the script, I thought, “this is really something special and something that really stands out of all of the pilot scripts”. There are incredible pilot scripts right now but this one just had something unique. It was special and funny and weird and raunchy and surprising and dark, and all of those things mashed well together. When you feel that way reading a script, then you know you’re already starting off strong. I thought, “if we get it right, people will really flock to it”. And they are! They are really flocking to it and we’re so very grateful for that. All of the actors and the crew give it their all and I’m very proud to be a part of it.

BT: The ensemble, particularly the core five women on the show, work so well together, on and off screen. Can you talk a little about collaborating with them?

CP: You know, when you see friendships with women in tv shows or movies, they’re usually pitted against each other. You can’t have a tv show or movie without drama, that’s just a fact. In this case, though, the conflict is not amongst each other, the conflicts are coming at them from the outside. Even if they have tension with each other, they’re still a crew. They’re not trying to take each other down, they’re trying to build each other up. Then that spills out into our own personal relationships. It’s nice to be a part of a team where that dynamic and sense of camaraderie is in place.

BT: Tell me about crafting your character of Polly, who’s very much a mystery to those around her.

CP: With Polly, she’s an identity thief, so you never really know what you’re getting with her and nor do the other characters. She keeps everybody, including herself, guessing. Polly is curating her own life as she’s living it. There are psychological reasons for doing that, that maybe the audience hasn’t seen yet, but there’s some pain there that she’s trying to decontextualize or get rid of or recover from. Nonetheless, it keeps the audience guessing and it’s extremely fun to play as an actor. I’m able to play so many different characters, all within this one character.

BT: As a well-known and widely respected actress, your using your platform in order to work with GLAAD really makes a difference to a lot of people.

CP: Thank you. Exactly. I think that’s important, especially in this day and age, as so many people don’t feel like they’re being heard.

BT: Without giving away any spoilers, what can you tell our readers about the new season of Claws?

CP: Watch the first episode very carefully and see how each of the characters react to a certain incident, and then you’ll see the roads that each of them will be on this season.

BT: I was a big fan of True Blood and your character on the show. Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast of that show?

CP: You know, that was such a wonderful experience and I miss that show and I miss those people. I have such fond memories of all of it. I follow all of the cast on social media but everybody is so spread out all over the world, we have such an international cast.

But just last week I was on the phone with Lauren Bowles, we were just catching up. Then I was shooting in Atlanta recently and I was able to see Stephen Moyer there. So we all find each other when we can and I certainly try to follow what everybody is doing and try to support their work.

I love those guys! People still come up to me all the time and want to talk about True Blood and how much they love it. They talk about how they used to have viewing parties and how it shaped them.

People were really taken by that world and it’s such a testament to Alan Ball and what he was able to do with that story. You could substitute any group of disenfranchised people for the vampires on that show, so everybody had a way in with the show.

Even if you just wanted to watch it because it was entertaining or because there were a lot of hot guys on it, I mean there was always something that people were drawn to on that show! So many different types of people were drawn to that show, but then I could say the same for Claws!

I have soooo many different types of fans that come up to me and talk to me about Claws – people that I would never expect watch it. So that’s exciting, to move into another show that resonates with people. That means the world to me and I feel so fortunate.


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