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Camille Kostek (Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend), Bio, Hot, Interview

Camille Kostek Biography

Camille Kostek,( Camille Veronica Kostek) is an American swimsuit model, an actress, and on camera host.She is best known for I Feel Pretty (2018),The Barstool Rundown and rookie for cheer-leader Illustrated Swimsuit’s 2019 issue: Live from Houston (2017).

she is associated with the popular magazine, ‘Sports Illustrated,’ which is famous for its annual swimsuit issue. Apart from modeling and journalism, Camille is also passionate about dance. She is also a fitness freak and had worked as a fitness instructor at ‘Modern Barre,’ a boutique fitness studio.

Camille Kostek Age

Camille Veronica Kostek was born on February 19, 1992, in Killingworth, Connecticut, USA, She is 26 years old as of 2018

Camille Kostek Family

Camille Veronica Kostek was born in Killingworth, Connecticut, to Alan(Father) and Christine Kostek (mother).Kostek is thw eldest daughter of the family. The beauty actress has three siblings one brother Tommy and two sisters, Julia and Alina. She is from American nationality and English ethnicity.

Camille Kostek Boyfriend|Camille Kostek And Rob Gronkowski

Camille Kostek and Boyfriend Rob

The American model first met Rob Gronkowski , an American football NFL’ player in March 2015 after quitting her job as a cheerleader. The two have had a lenghten rocky rlationship so far.

Camille Kostek Image

Camille Kostek Image

Camille Height

Camille Kostek Career

Camille Kostek began her career as a cheerleader. After auditioning thrice, she was later roped in to cheer for the famous American football team, ‘New England Patriots.’ She was selected for the all-important ‘NFL’ tour to Hong Kong and China. She later on quited her cheerleading career to start a career in modeling. After being rejected by many modeling agencies, she was finally signed by ‘Maggie Inc.’ She then modeled for brands like ‘Benrus’ and ‘Equinox Fitness’ before inking a deal with ‘Sports Illustrated.’ She currently works as a swimsuit model for the famous sports magazine.
Apart from modeling, Camille also works as on camera host and was seen hosting ‘Jaguars vs. Patriots Tailgate Party,’ in September 2018. Thanks to her popularity as a swimsuit model, Camille awarded with an opportunity to appear in a comedy film titled ‘I Feel Pretty.’ She has also appeared in a TV series, ‘The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston.’

Camille Kostek Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $ 3.4. million.

Camille Kostek Hot

Camille Kostek Hot

Camille Kostek Patriots Cheerleader

Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend Camille Kostek was a former New England Patriots cheerleader. He had an opportunity to be a Sports Illustrater Swimsuit model

Camille Kostek YouTube

If  you want to view her official You Tube Click Here

Camille Kostek Video

Camille Kostek Instagram

Camille Kostek Twitter

Camille Kostek Interview

Published: February 14, 2018


Sports Illustrated: How has becoming a #SISwimSearch finalist impacted your life?

Camille Kostek: At first I was kind of hesitant to do the whole ‘sharing my life on Instagram’ type of thing. It’s kind of crazy with the world of social media now and how Instagram works. Even before SI, it was new for me to start to become what you call a ‘public figure’ on Instagram. I think that sometimes I want to take a step back and I’m a bit hesitant about sharing a piece of my life, but the open Sports Illustrated Swimsuit casting call got me to my dream shoot. Having an open profile and having a video that I could share with people that I know or didn’t know just from that public hashtag has literally changed my life. Having someone give their two cents on my profile or what they think of me from behind the screen — everything trumps that by doing something like this open call and having this to share with a bigger fan base and getting to know strangers or talking to other young women or women of any age about loving the skin you’re in.

SI: Has it been cool to get more attention on social media?

CK: And as far as social media going up, I have never in my life gained 30,000 followers in one day. It was a pretty exhilarating number to see. It’s just so cool to see the fan base behind Sports Illustrated. They might have their favorites already, but they get so excited to learn about the new girls that hop aboard the family.

SI: You said that girls have reached out to you about body image. Are you surprised to find yourself in the position to give advice to other women?

CK: ​Absolutely. Life flies by so fast. I remember being that 15-year-old, that 14-year-old that was looking at — it wasn’t Instagram at the time, but it was magazines and it was YouTube videos. I was a dancer, so I always loved watching girls perform and dance and just always looked up to them and their bodies. I remembered loving looking at JLo because she had a set of hips. And I think that’s what so cool about this day in age is that you do have that reach. Being an older sister and having been a young woman, it’s super cool for these women to reach out and share their insecurities or something that they want advice on and kind of being able to be their inspiration. That’s like the most fulfilling thing to ever hear.

SI: What’s been the reaction among your family and friends? Is it awkward for some of them to see you in sexy photos?

CK: I’m only 25 once. I train and have dreamed about this time in my life and when I got into modeling just a few years ago, I never had put on a string, thong bikini and shot. And I always said that the only time that I would ever drop trow and go topless and hold my boobs for a shot comfortably would be for something like Sports Illustratedbecause every time I look at the magazine, even at a young age, that didn’t scare me. It was just inspiring. It’s always been tastefully done — just this iconic magazine. My mom always let me look at it at a young age, and it was just something that I knew I always wanted to be in since I was young and I was never scared to share that with my mom or my dad and be like ‘I’m going to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.’

SI: We know you’ve shot some films that we’ll see this year. What was that like?

CK: I have always wanted to kind of step into the acting world, but I’ve have never taken acting classes, so it was really super risky. Every time I walked into a casting I kind of used that as my acting class to practice being on tape and picking up a new script and trying out these different personalities. So, it’s truly been super exciting to get the call because it was kind of one of those things where you expect the worst and hope for the best. I expected to just go and do it and never hear from the casting director or my agent again about movies, but it’s been a two-for-two situation. I’ve auditioned for two big feature films and I got the call both times. I will be in a movie with Amy Schemer, and I will be in a movie with Denzel Washington. And in both roles, I have speaking lines with both of those people in their movies, so I really lucked out.

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