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Camila Banus Biography

Camila Banus is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Gabi Hernandez on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Banus returned for brief appearances on December 22 and 29, 2014. Banus reprised her role as Gabi again, beginning September 17, 2015.

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Camila Banus Age/Height

She was born in the year 1990 July 22nd and will be turning 29 years old come July 22nd this year 2019. Her terrific looks are contributed to by body stats like the height of 5 feet 6 inches and a body weight of 64 kg. As for her body size, she is on the leaner side, owning a body measurement of 34-25-42 inches for her bust, waist and hip sizes respectively. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Camila Banus nationality

She belongs to Cuban, Hispanic ethnicity and holds American citizenship.

Camila Banus Family

Camila Banus was born on the 22nd of July, 1990 in Miami Beach, Florida. to parents Jaime and Carmen Banus as the eldest daughter in the family which also consists of Gabriela Banus who is her younger sister and an actress just like her. As her name suggests, Camila Banus is of Latino origins and of Spanish and Cuban descent.

Camila Banus Boyfriend/Married

Camila has yet to walk down the aisle as a bride but considering how long she has been in a relationship, she might as well be married. After a couple of failed relationships, Camila Banus found love in the arms of Marlon Aquino. They began dating in September 2012 and have remained together ever since.

Like her, Marlon Aquino is also an actor and together, the couple has been building their career in the profession. As to whether the couple will be finally taking their longtime relationship to the next step by walking to the altar soon, it is difficult to say but one thing is for sure, they do love each other very much. At least according to their social media posts.

Camila and her boyfriend Marlon Aquino

Camila Banus Gabriella Banus

8th Annual World Choreography Awards
Camila Banus and sister Gabriella Banus

Camila Banus Career/Education

We are a bit unknown to her education also the sources out there haven’t mentioned information about Camila Banus. Talking about her early life Banus returned for brief appearances on December 22 and 29, 2014. Banus repeated her part as Gabi once more, starting September 17, 2015. Banus additionally played the character of Lola Montez on One Life to Live from October 2008 to May 2009.

Professional career

Camila has been in this industry for a long time and can’t see herself in some other business! Camila Banus likewise played the character of Lola Montez on “One Life to Live”. She played the character from October 2008 to May 2009. She has been acting as long as she can remember – to my folks, to escape going to class or to instructors, to escape being in class! Her mom has been the greatest supporter of her vocation.

She has done all that she can to ensure they’re continually heading down the correct course. Her sister and she were blessed to have a craftsman as a mother, she ensured they were continually remaining inventive whether it was through move, workmanship, verse or an assortment of other extraordinary abilities.

They began doing numerous local and national plugs, at that point proceeded onward to greater parts on television programs and movies.

Inevitably they moved to New York while she was dealing with my first cleanser “One Life To Live”. For her generally acclaimed execution in “One Life to Live”, she was selected for a 2009 Ensemble Young Artist Award alongside her throwing individuals from the show. She is one of the rising stars of the American network shows and her notoriety is developing significantly every new day.

Camila Banus Movies and TV Shows

1. Days of Our Lives (TV Show)-Gabi Hernandez-2019
2. Star (TV Show)-Roots and Wings—2018
3. Ante Up—Nina-2018
4. Mistresses (TV Show)
5. Back to the Start—Kylie-2016

6. Hawaii Five-0 (TV Show)-Tori Onuma-2015
7. Guest (2 Credits)
8. Title Role Year
9. Home & Family (TV Show)-2015
10. American Latino TV (TV Show)-2013

Camila Banus Net Worth

Camila has been one of the hardest working celebrities around. Throughout her life, he has been part of many shows and programs. She even has made great contributions in the field of Television. During this time she has made a net worth of 500 thousand dollars.

Camila bonus Interview

Interview: Days of our Lives star Camila Banus Knows Who She Is, and What She Wants

What is it that motivates you to do what it is you do?

Okay. I would say the main motivating factor in my life would have to be just the constant love for this particular craft and medium of entertainment. I pretty much became obsessed with the TV, or moving images, since I can remember and I’ve … my eyes … You know, I am a millennial, I come from that generation, but for me it was something. The TV was like, a religion, you know, it was such a big deal that it changed my life completely. And it inspired me so much that that inspiration’s never left me; that love is never left me.

What are you most passionate about in your career?

I guess I would say I’m most passionate about two things. So, I have to say one thing is the craft itself. I personally love theatre history, and learning about dramaturge and playwrights, and, you know, everything that kind of was a foundation for what we create now. And I would say the other passion is, and this is gonna sound a little bit weird, but it’s kind of my own actions.

So basically, I feel like I have a style of acting that is my own and I feel like everybody has their own kind of thing. And I think one of the things that makes me really passionate about acting is that I love the way that I portray characters. I love that I am a little bit different. I’m not necessarily going for the stillness all the time.

You know, like, there are different types of people in this world. So for me, I’m very passionate about expressing a lot of different types of emotions and people.

Do you ever like re-watch your scenes and critique yourself? Would you say that you are you’re the hardest critic?

I don’t watch my scenes because if I do watch my scenes I start, like, really criticizing a lot of things, and I am my worst critic. Basically, I start doubting the decisions that I’ve made for my character because I start implementing what I think society wants to see as far as what is entertaining.

And, um, and so then like a lot of different things coming to my mind. Instead of just me actually watching the scene, I’m just thinking about how it could be better, or how I think all of a sudden it’s wrong, when before, not seeing it, I thought it was fine.

Do you think doing that has better prepared you for when you do get on set, that you know like “I have my own things that I know I kind of need to work on” without being able to look at tape after?

Yeah, I definitely think there should be a good, happy medium, as far as, like, there should be moments where you should be able to do your work and, and understand that you can grow from seeing your work and, you know, all of that. But I think there also is a level of comfort when you have confidence.

When you feel good about what you’re doing because, no matter what somebody says or whatever criticism, you know that it’s right and it’s something that feels good inside. There’s a level of, like, confidence when you walk into the set, and no one can tell you otherwise because it’s the character that you’ve created, and it feels right in your bones, you know?

How many key mentors, or people who deeply influenced who you are, and what you believe in? Who inspired what you’re committed to in your work in life?

One of the people that I identify a lot with is artist Salvador Dali. I think one of the reasons I identify with him so much is because he was able to, in his art, create so freely. There are no boundaries when it comes to surrealists or surrealism, and, so, to me, that’s one of the most beautiful mediums, is just being able to express however you want, without any judgments.

And so, he has been somebody that, his quotations, the way … things that he has said, you know. “I’m not”, “I’m not a madman. I don’t do drugs; I am drugs.”

All these things that are just like … he inspired so many different artists to be able to create without being censored. And so, for me, that’s somebody that I definitely emulate, and I have, I’ve always wanted to express in my craft and acting, freely, without censorship, without being judged, and it’s really hard because, in our industry, it’s about opinions.

It’s about “I like that; I don’t like that.” And so being able to like not to give a fuck sorry about me, my language. [Laughs]

No, no, it’s awesome [laughs].

But it’s really like not giving a fuck. And having artists, other artists like Michael Jackson, like Madonna, like Prince – these people that weren’t necessarily understood by everybody and still were committed to not giving a fuck. That everybody can understand them. You know, that, to me, is what makes them, them, and makes them so special and one-of-a-kind.

Did it take you a while to get to this point where you’re able to not give a fuck about the outside things and be in your own zone?

A little bit. I will tell you, I’m very blessed and very lucky that my mom was really …um, maybe she wasn’t as confident as I thought, but she definitely projected confidence to us. And I had such an amazing example of what a strong, confident woman is, that at a really young age I was able to kind of mirror her and understand that, that, that there was no way that I was going to feel less-than, at least this that I’m seeing, which is a really confident strong woman, you know?

And I never saw less than that, and, so, yes, of course, life, and time, and just, you know, growth and age allows you to kind of not give a fuck, you know, more and more and more as you grow with age. But, I’ve kind of been like that a little bit my whole life.

You know, if I see an injustice, it’s really hard for me to just stay quiet. It’s really hard for me to stand up for somebody, even if it’s a stranger, just because I have something inside of me that kind of alerts me and doesn’t let me to not just, like, look away.

As one of the few Latina women in daytime, what are your thoughts on the importance of representation for women of colour, and how Gabi plays into that as the only Latina character on Days of our Lives?

I think with there’s a very big, um, degree of hype with the housewife. Um, the privileged housewife that gets to stay home, and not have to go to work, being one particular race. And I am so freaking honoured to portray a Latina and to be viewed by so many different ethnicities and races that watch the show that isn’t just the ones that are the supposedly the privileged few.

Because let me tell you, there are so many people on social media, in person, of colour that come up to me that appreciate that I have been pretty much full representation of the Latino culture on our show for the last ten years.

You know, for me it’s, it’s absolutely overwhelmingly exciting too, to be Gabi, to present her as somebody that is strong, doesn’t allow life to just passing by. She takes life and grabs it by the horns, and does what she wants with life. And so, to me, it’s been wonderful. See, I wish they could have more.

I wish we could see more other ethnicities, and other cultures, and other traditions, and things that people would not understand, but because they’re being exposed to it, they might be able to understand. So for me, it’s overwhelming. For me, it’s wonderful. For me it’s everything. But of course, I wish it could be more, always.