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Who Is Bridget Moynahan? Bridget Moynahan Bio

Bridget Moynahan (Kathryn Bridget Moynahan) (a.k.a. Kathryn Moynahan) is an American actress and model, famous for her role in the police drama Blue Bloods. Moynahan graduated from Longmeadow High School in Massachusetts in 1989 and began pursuing a career in modeling. She has said that, during her childhood, she was a tomboy.

How Old Is Bridget Moynahan? Bridget Moynahan Age

Moynahan was born on April 28, 1971, in Binghamton, New York She is 47 years old as of 2018.

Bridget Moynahan Family (Bridget Moynahan Young)

Bridget Moynahan Parents

She is the daughter of Irish Americans Mary Bridget, a former school teacher, and Edward Bradley Moynahan, a scientist and former administrator at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has two brothers, Andy and Sean. Her family later moved to Longmeadow, Massachusetts when Moynahan was around seven years old, where she attended Longmeadow High School and was selected captain of the girls’ soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams, she graduated in 1989.

Bridget Moynahan Sister

There are no records showing her having a sister.

Bridget Moynahan Married – Bridget Moynahan Husband

Moynahan met businessman Andrew Frankel through her friend. And later on October 17, 2015, they got married in a private ceremony in the Hamptons.

Bridget Moynahan And Andrew Frankel
Bridget Moynahan And Ex-Husband Tom Brady

Why did Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan split?

Tom Brady and Bridget began dating in 2004, and their breakup in 2006 became a major celebrity story, especially because Brady entered a relationship with Gisele Bundchen soon after the split. Just a few months after the breakup, Moynahan’s publicist revealed that she was pregnant with Brady’s child.

Bridget Moynahan Wedding

Bridget Moynahan Children – Tom Brady And Bridget Moynahan Son

Moynahan has only one child, John Edward Thomas Moynahan the one he got with her ex-spouse, Tom Brady.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan Pictures

Bridget Moynahan Son Photos
Bridget Moynahan Son Photos

Bridget Moynahan Tom Brady

Brady has dated actress Bridget Moynahan from 2004 through 2006. They went public on their relationship later making appearances on red carpets and what not. While everyone thought that the two would end up getting engaged, they ended up going their separate ways after about two years. He ended up breaking up with Moynahan to pursue things with Bundchen and found out a short while later that Moynahan was pregnant with his child.

Bridget Moynahan And Tom Brady
Bridget Moynahan And Tom Brady photo

Bridget Moynahan Measurements

How Tall Is Bridget Moynahan? Bridget Moynahan Height

She stands at a height of 1.77 m high.

Bridget Moynahan Net Worth

Moynahan has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Bridget Moynahan Model

After graduating from high school in 1989, Moynahan pursued a modeling career despite admitting she had never read fashion magazines while growing up. One day, she had accompanied a friend to a modeling audition in Springfield, Massachusetts, and was signed by the modeling agency instead of her friend. She immediately began her career appearing in department-store catalogs in Springfield, during which time she attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Moynahan moved to New York at the age of 18 and a year later, she began appearing in magazines such as Vogue and Elle, and on covers of other widely-known magazines. Moynahan’s cover highlights include Vogue Paris (May 1993), Elle (October 1993), and Glamour (six times). In an interview given in July 2004, discussing her early work, Moynahan said: “It was a crazy world that paid a lot of money. I liked being a model, but I knew it would never last, so I looked into acting.”

During that time, she also began doing soap and shampoo commercials, in addition to taking acting and art classes.

Bridget Moynahan Movies and TV Shows

Actress Bridget Moynahan

Moynahan studied acting at the Caymichael Patten Studio in New York, and in 1999, made her television debut as Natasha in HBO’s romantic comedy Sex and the City. She later got a recurring role in the show, until the divorce of her character from Mr. Big (Chris Noth). The following year, she appeared in smaller film roles, including parts in In the Weeds and Whipped.

Moynahan made her feature-film debut in the 2000 comedy-drama Coyote Ugly as Rachel, a bartender/dancer in a wild New York bar, a role that has been considered Moynahan’s breakthrough. Moynahan accepted the role because she “thought it was interesting that the whole movie revolved around five women…and my character was so strong and independent”.

The film garnered generally unfavorable critical reviews, but it was a box-office success, earning $133 million worldwide. Her next role was a supporting role in the 2001 film Serendipity as Hally, the fiancée of John Cusack’s character. In December 2008, Moynahan guest-starred in two episodes of the ABC television comedy-drama Eli Stone, playing the titular character’s (Jonny Lee Miller) former lover.

Coming back to film, as the last feature she starred in was 2007’s Noise, Moynahan appeared in Ramona and Beezus, playing the mother to Joey King and Selena Gomez’s characters. The film was directed by Elizabeth Allen and was released in July 2010. The following year, Moynahan appeared alongside Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael Peña in the action science-fiction feature Battle: Los Angeles (2011). Away from films, Moynahan stars in the CBS television drama Blue Bloods, playing Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan.

In November 2009, she signed a contract with Garnier to appear in television and print advertising promoting their skincare products (Ultra-Lift).

Bridget Moynahan John Wick

Moynahan has joined the cast of John Wick, a contemporary revenge thriller starring Keanu Reeves, which began filming on October 2013 in Mill Neck, N.Y.

Bridget Moynahan I Robot

On the eve of the release of a new and more human-like model of robot, Detective Del Spooner (Smith) investigates a suspicious suicide by the creator of the robots at the company headquarters. He meets an attractive woman (Moynahan) who works as a robot ‘shrink’ and together with the help of a robot named Sonny they get caught up in stopping a robot revolution.

Bridget Moynahan Blue Bloods

Moynahan plays Erin Reagan, the opinionated lawyer and single mom who often goes head-to-head with her father, Frank (Tom Selleck) and brothers Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes). And though she seems to know all on the show, in real life, she’s never quite sure what the producers have in store for her fictional family.

Bridget Moynahan Coyote Ugly

Moynahan was given the role of Rachel in Coyote Ugly.

Bridget Moynahan Sex And The City

Moynahan as Natasha first stepped onto the Sex And The City scene during season two where she played Mr Big’s second wife.

Bridget Moynahan Movies – Bridget Moynahan Films

Row Your Boat
Apartment Owner
In the Weeds
Trifling with Fate
Coyote Ugly
Halley Buchanan
The Sum of All Fears
Dr. Cathy Muller
The Recruit
Layla Moore
I, Robot
Susan Calvin
Lord of War
Ava Fontaine
Gray Matters
Charlie Kelsey
Eliza Coles
Amy Newman
Helen Owen
Ramona and Beezus
Dorothy Quimby
Battle: Los Angeles
Small Time
John Wick
Helen Wick
Midnight Sun
Luke’s Mom
John Wick: Chapter 2
Helen Wick
Drunk Parents
Crown Vic
Tracy Peters
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
Helen Wick

Bridget Moynahan Photos

Bridget Moynahan Hot (Bridget Moynahan Bikini)


Bridget Moynahan Hot Pics
Bridget Moynahan Hot Pics


Bridget Moynahan Feet – Bridget Moynahan Legs

Bridget Moynahan Pictures
Bridget Moynahan Pictures

Bridget Moynahan Pregnant – Bridget Moynahan And Son

Bridget Moynahan Pregnant Photos
Bridget Moynahan Pregnant Photos

Bridget Moynahan Gisele Bundchen

The two seems to have a mutual relationship as they have been seen together in several occasions.

Bridget Moynahan Instagram

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Bridget Moynahan FAQs

Is Bridget Moynahan Married? Yes.

Who Is Bridget Moynahan Married To? Bridget Moynahan’s husband is Andrew Frankel.

Where Does Bridget Moynahan Live? – Not known.

Bridget Moynahan News

Bridget Moynahan recalls media frenzy as a new mom, talks co-parenting with Tom Brady

USAToday – April 04, 2019

Bridget Moynahan has a pair of motorcycle boots to thank for helping her get over the incessant media attention she received after delivering ex-boyfriend Tom Brady’s child while he was with now-wife Gisele Bündchen.

Moynahan, who currently stars on “Blue Bloods,” dated the Patriots quarterback from 2004 to 2006.

She writes of her saving shoes in “Our Shoes, Our Selves” written with author Amanda Benchley. The book, out Tuesday, includes stories from 40 women – like Katie Couric, Misty Copeland and Bobbi Brown – about their most significant footwear.

“I think a lot of women can relate to finding themselves in a life moment that has taken a little bit of their joie de vivre out of them, and then having that moment to reclaim it,” Moynahan told People magazine.

Moynahan’s story was fodder for media outlets, frustratingly so.
“I would have cars following me, and men hiding in the bushes outside my house,” she told the outlet. “As a new mother, you want to just protect your child. That kind of attention felt like a threat.”

While dodging photographers at Barneys, she spotted the life-changing boots.

“I thought, that’s what I need. Let me get a little bit of my ‘New York’ back, a little armor,” she recalled.

Moynahan says her son with Brady, Jack, now 11, has benefited from the affection of both parents; her husband, businessman Andrew Frankel; and Bündchen.

“Tom and I made a decision to raise a child together and we both found partners that not only supported us in raising that child, but also loved our child as if he was their own,” Moynahan told People. “I don’t think you can ask for more than that. My son is surrounded by love.”

Bündchen wrote about learning of Moynahan’s pregnancy early in her relationship with Brady in her book “Lessons” released in October.

“Two months into our relationship, Tom told me that his ex-girlfriend (Moynahan) was pregnant,” Bündchen writes. “The very next day the news was everywhere, and I felt my world had been turned upside down.”

“Needless to say, that wasn’t an easy time. But it was a time that brought about so much growth,” adding that “Jack, my bonus child (born in 2007), has been a huge gift and blessing in my life.”