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Billie Lee Biography/ Who is Billie Lee

Billie Lee is a transgender woman, activist, blogger and TV personality born on 23rd February 1984 in Terre Haute, Indiana, United States of America. She is famous for appearing on the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules on Bravo TV, she is the first openly transgender cast member. She is a former celebrity stylist and makeup artist. 

Billie moved to California where she began her career as a stylist working with many both in and outside of the entertainment industry. Billie later opened an organic cafe which she opened and operated for two years before she later sold it. She has since focused on motivating and inspiring others as a lifestyle blogger and TV host.

After the introduction of Tinder new “transgender” feature Billie has been a spokesperson and model for their movement. She is currently on the board of Trans Life LA, a non-profit, which helps bring health and wellness to the trans community in the area.

Billie Lee Age

Billie was born on 23rd February 1984 in Terre Haute, Indiana, United States of America (35 years old as of 2018)

Billie Lee Indiana

Billie was born and raised in Indiana.

Billie Lee Photo
Billie Lee Photo

Billie Lee Education

Billie graduated from a broadcasting academy in Illinois, where she secured her degree in radio, TV, and film

Billie Lee Parents

Billie Lee revealed that while transitioning her parents tried to help her out. Her father even sold drugs to help her make ends meet and fund her transition.

Billie Lee Boyfriend

Billie Lee was in an on and off relationship for three years before the boyfriend called it off as she is unable to carry a child. During an interview with People magazine she said:

“I was madly in love with him, that hurt so bad, because I want to have kids more than anything. I don’t even try to be jealous because it’s not a good energy, but I do envy women sometimes, how a woman can go through that. And I do think, how cool would it be to have a kid with a man that had both of our DNA and looked like us — what woman would not want that? But at the end of the day, I have to think of reality and that this is my life, and if he can’t accept that … “

Billie Lee Children

Billie has no children although she hopes to one day adopt just as her boss Lisa Vanderpump.

“There are so many children out there who need love, and I feel like that’s my mission. It was cool to close that chapter and start a new chapter and have my boss be all about adoption. It was the universe telling me to keep going, keep living your truth, keep being you, because something magical will happen.”

Billie Lee Transgender

Billie Lee was raised as a boy and she says she was misdiagnosed with childhood depression and OCD but nobody diagnosed him as transgender.

Billie said she felt different at a young age and in April 1990, at the age of 6, he went to an Easter egg hunt with his parents in the small town in Indiana. The rules were if you found the golden egg one would choose any prize they wanted from either the red “boys” section or the pink “girls” section. Billie found the golden egg and ushered in past the pink tent where the pink bike was and told he had to pick a “boy” toy.

Billie Lee Gender Reassignment

When Billie left her hometown she discussed her gender identity issues with a therapist and she immediately started physical transformation which began with hormones and later surgeries.

While transitioning Billie has revealed that she endured lot as she couldn’t even get a job for an entire year which led to some dark days:

“You’re so vulnerable when you transition — you start hormones. You’re starting puberty as an adult, and you’re literally… you’re an open wound. You can easily be knocked down or hurt. I couldn’t get a job for a whole year because I was awkward looking. In Los Angeles, you have to have headshots [to work in a restaurant], and I was in between. The opportunities weren’t there, and I went to a dark place where I didn’t have any income. I had to do… not so pretty things to make money. Now, I’m okay with it.

Back in the day I wasn’t proud of it. It was survival mode. As a trans person, sometimes we have to do what we have to do. Once I had all my surgeries, the red carpet rolled out for me. It was like, ‘Here, you want a job?’ All the guys wanted to date me. I was the cool kid all of a sudden. That’s society for you.”

Billie Lee Facial Feminization Surgery

During an interview with Refinery 29 in 2019, Billie Lee revealed that facial feminization is less talked about compared to sex reassignment surgery yet it’s the most valuable and important.

Billie said she underwent the surgery like a decade ago because she had to go through puberty as a boy and the testosterone affected her in a negative way. She grew more masculine which got her depressed. Her nose extended out pretty far, her eyelids were pretty low and she had a bit of Adam’s apple.

Billie revealed that after she got facial feminization “the red carpet was rolled out for me. I remember going into my first job interview for a serving position afterwards, and seeing how people acted around me. They weren’t asking questions about what I was. People would look at me and think, Oh, this is a girl, and now I can hire her because I know who she is, and what she is. I felt like I could have whatever I wanted.”

Before the surgery, Billie said she went through a lot of rejection as people couldn’t put her in a box of male and female.

Billie Lee Vanderpump Rules

Billie is a cast member of Vanderpump Rules although she once said in an interview that she was looking for a job at SUR restaurant and unlike other cast members she wasn’t trying to get on the show.

“Honestly, as an activist, you don’t get paid. You don’t make money! I needed a job, and I had a friend who knew Lisa, and they were like, ‘Oh, she loves the LGBT community, you should get a job at one of her restaurants. I applied, and I met with [Lisa], and I got the job. And she’s like my fairy godmother. I feel like she should have a wand because she just makes things happen and she inspires me.”

Since getting cast on the show she is using her platform to help trans community. She said:

“I just want my trans brothers and sisters to live a better and more accepting life. As a child I wasn’t accepted, and even when I first transitioned, society did not accept me, I felt like I was beat up nonstop, I didn’t have opportunities, I had to do really awful things to survive and I just don’t want that for anyone.

If I can speak my truth and be vulnerable on television in front of everyone, even when it’s difficult, that’s what I need to do so the younger generation can be more accepted and have a safer environment.”

Billie Lee and Lala Kent

Billie and Lala Kent are both cast on Vanderpump Rules. In season 6 the two were best friends but in season 7 they seem to be a bit distance. In season 7 they seemed to be pulled further apart after Lala sided with Katie who did a ‘Ladies Night’ but neglected to invite Billie. Billie said Katie left her out because she was transgender but Katie insisted she simply hadn’t involved Billie in the planning aspect because they weren’t on the best of terms, and that she was always welcome to come.

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