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BiBill Bryant Bio

Bill Bryant is the longest-serving male news anchor in the history of Lexington TV and the host of Kentucky Newsmakers. He has interviewed virtually every major Kentucky political and business leader of the last quarter of a century. He grew up in Williamsburg, Kentucky, USA.

Bill Bryant links his journalism origins to the 5th grade when he and some colleagues published and distributed a newspaper on the roads of his Williamsburg neighborhood. By the moment he was 15, Bill went on the radio as well as playing basketball, running track and serving as chairman of the school.

“I’ve always said those busy days got me ready for a career in the demanding business of TV news,” Bill says

Bill Bryant Education

Bill studied at Cumberlands University before graduating from Eastern Kentucky University in journalism and political science. He was rewarded by EKU inducing him into the “Hall of Distinguished Alumni” of the school. He also was an effective fan of his study affair. Bill completed an apprenticeship at WKYT after his senior year at Eastern.

“I was just supposed to be here for the summer and that was 1984,” Bill says with a laugh. “The opportunities have been endless for me professionally as I’ve done newscasts in all time periods, covered major stories and had a hand in management. And I’ve had a great time working with wonderful people.”

Bill Bryant Career

At the age of 15, Bill Bryant was given a regular shift on WEZJ radio, playing country music and doing local news. A year later, the managers started a cable TV station, and Bryant produced and anchored the news while also playing basketball and serving as class president.

Bryant, a resident of Kentucky, has been with WKYT for over 30 years. He is presently co-anchoring WKYT and their sister channel WDKY-56 morning and noon media programs. He is also the CBS affiliate station’s managing editor and the longest-served masculine media presenter in the history of Lexington television.

Since 2015, Bill Bryant has been the host of “Comment on Kentucky,” the longest-running public affairs show on the Kentucky Educational Television network. He is also actively working to increase cash at Kentucky Children’s Hospital and has helped kickstart an attempt in latest years to construct a community park in his home town.

Bill Bryant Family

Not much is known about his family, married Life whether he is married with kids or not but however, Bill Bryant maintains a regular timetable creating government presentations when he’s not on the screen or operating behind the bars, catching up on the political landscape and maintaining up with family and friends. He also loves physical fitness and works out regularly and promotes others to “go to the game and stay in the game” as he says it.

Bill Bryant Wkyt

WKYT-TV is the central and eastern Kentucky CBS television station in Lexington Kentucky. Its office and transmitter are in Lexington, south of the Winchester Road junction of I-75 & US 60. His newspapers are at 5-7 a.m. every weekday, 10-10:30 a.m., noon-1 p.m., 4-6:30 p.m., 11-11:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. nights.

WKYT’s Bill Bryant is the longest-serving male news anchor in the history of Lexington TV and the host of Kentucky Newsmakers. He has interviewed virtually every major Kentucky political and business leader of the last quarter of a century. His energy and passion are on show every day after more than three centuries at the channel as he co-anchors “WKYT This Morning” from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m., “Fox 56 Morning Edition” for our WDKY sister channel, WKYT Midmorning” at 10 a.m. And “WKYT’s Noon News.”

Bill Bryant Written Interviews

Bill Bryant & Andrea Walker
Bill Bryant and Andrea Walker with WKYT interview Brian Evans, President of BT Web Group about Marketing Strategies, Online Marketing and Web Design in Lexington Kentucky.

B.Bryant (WKYT): Well, BT Web Group has some wonderful strategies for you.

A. Walker (WKYT): Owner, Brian Evans, is here to tell us how they can help you do it. Thanks for being here.
Brian Evans: Yeah, my pleasure. Thanks for having me.

B. Bryant (WKYT): So, if somebody wanted to start a business, they have their idea, but they just don’t know how to get the word out.
A. Walker (WKYT): It’s intimidating.

B. Bryant (WKYT): This is how this helps.

Brian Evans: Yeah. I’ve written a couple of books and this is my most recent one on marketing. But really, it’s about marketing. Marketing is essential for every business. So you could have the greatest product or service in the world but, if nobody knows about it, you’re not going to be able to generate revenue.

So starting a business is one of the best American dreams possible. I would recommend it to anyone, but it’s hard. So you want to make sure you have a process to get your phone to ring. The Internet these days is so powerful. So you have to have a good website.

But even just a website, there’s more to it than just design and looks. It has to generate traffic. So you have to build a website that’s not just for the design features. You have to build a website that’s good for search engine, Google, Yahoo, Bing. You have to make sure that you build it for the first and then aesthetics and design second. So online is absolutely where it’s at. It’s the best bang for the buck, in my opinion.

A. Walker (WKYT): I would assume the strategies in these books aren’t just good for startups. Even if you have a business already, you can probably learn something.

Brian Evans: Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, there are way more ways than 101 ways to market your business.

But really, to business owners, the best advice I can give is to make it more about what it is for the customer. It’s not how great your business is, it’s about what your business can do for someone else.

B. Bryant (WKYT): What are the major mistakes that business owners make in marketing their business?

Brian Evans: Honestly, probably the biggest mistake they make is they don’t invest enough money into their marketing.

B. Bryant (WKYT): Yeah.

Brian Evans: It’s scary to invest money or spend money with different avenues, media, online, et cetera, to generate new business. But it’s essential. So, if you can have a way to generate new business and track the marketing results from that investment, then it’s all about return on investment.

So, if you can track those things from spent to received, that’s probably the biggest mistake is, don’t be afraid to invest a little bit and test small. You don’t have to spend it all at one shot. And you can even grow it over time once you’ve proven that that marketing campaign is actually profitable. TV, online, Pay-Per-Click, Facebook, all those things. They work, but the message is important and then the ability to track results.

B. Bryant (WKYT): So some established businesses, let’s say, get too comfortable. They’ll say, “Oh, everybody knows about us,” kind of thing.

Brian Evans: Yeah, yeah. We make most of our money from referrals. And that’s great if you can do that. But, again, it’s not predictable.

B. Bryant (WKYT): Yeah. Brian Evans: The best way to grow your business is to have predictability, especially with your marketing.

A. Walker (WKYT): Now, where can people get these tools, these resources and learn more about you?

Brian Evans: Well, thank you. These books are available on So you can type in the Marketing Strategies book in Amazon. It’s available there. You can find it on our website, which is, and I hope you enjoy.

B. Bryant (WKYT): All right. Brian, thanks for coming by. Appreciate it.

Brian Evans: Yeah. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

Bill Bryant Comment on Kentucky

Comment on Kentucky has been the longest-running public affairs show on the KET network, focusing on political and government news. Bill Bryant was named a permanent host of Comment on Kentucky, the long-running, the Kentucky Education Television weekly public affairs program.

Comment on Kentucky was originally the idea of Len Press, who in the 1960s managed Kentucky Education Television’s creation and establishment. He convinced Smith, then a weekly newspaper’s editor and publisher in Russellville, to organize the daily program that has a dedicated follow-up around the state.

Bill Bryant had served as interim host of the program for some time, since the retirement of previous host Ferrell Wellman. Comment on Kentucky has aired on KET for more than 45  years now, bringing together journalists to discuss the state’s top stories of the week. Al Smith was the original host who preceded Wellman.

“It is an honor and a challenge to facilitate an informed discussion of news, timely issues and challenges facing the commonwealth,” Bryant said. “Our mission will be to be fair and accurate and provide some interesting contest to Kentucky news.”Bryant’s roles at WKYT-TV will not change, he said.

KET executive director and CEO Shae Hopkins said: “Bryant’s enthusiasm, work ethic and knowledge of the subject matter he covers have long earned him a much-deserved reputation as one of our area’s most respected journalists.”

Smith said he was glad to hear that Bill Bryant was named a permanent host of the show.

“I’ve followed him, and he’s done a good job,” Smith said. “I marvel at his stamina. He’s very fair and even-handed. I like the reporters he has brought to the program. He’s very familiar with the state’s culture and its political history, and he respects the opportunities of the job and the position with KET.”

Wellman saidBill Bryant has “a flawless reputation. He knows the state and he is an experienced journalist.”Wellman also said Bryant was his choice to fill in for him when he had to be away from the show.

With more than 30 years of experience at WKYT, Bill Bryant will continue in his role as morning anchor and managing editor for the CBS affiliate station.

“I spend the week in a busy Kentucky newsroom keeping up with what’s going on, and then we gather some of the state’s best journalists to talk about what happened and where we may be headed,” Bryant said. “It’s an honor and a challenge to facilitate an informed discussion of news, timely issues and challenges facing the commonwealth.”

Shae Hopkins, KET’s executive director, and CEO said Bryant “will continue keeping KET audiences well informed through in-depth analysis and discussion of the key news affecting our state each week.”

He currently co-anchors morning and noon news programs for WKYT and their partner station WDKY, and he is the host of Kentucky Newsmakers, a weekly public affairs show on WKYT.

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