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Betsy Webster Biography, Age, Net worth, Education, Broadcast Media KCTV / KSMO, Arrest for suspicion of DUI

Betsy Webster is an American Television journalist. She has a connection that gives the meaning and relevance to the information. Our physical world…

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Betsy Webster Biography

Betsy Webster is an American Television journalist. She has a connection that gives the meaning and relevance to the information. Our physical world can be insular and limiting. I aim to change that through video and voice. She is also known for working in other works as a Creative Storyteller. Fastidious Fact-Checker. Grammar Guru. 

Betsy Webster Age

Betsy Webster age is under review because as for now we have no information related to her age. We will get to update you about Betsy Webster age very soon.

Betsy Webster Net worth

Betsy Webster earns her income from her businesses and from other related organization. She also earns her income from her work as a Television journalist. She has an estimated net worth of $ 6 million dollars.

Betsy Webster Education

Betsy has a B.A. from Wellesley College and an M.S. from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She grew up in the Philadelphia area. As the daughter of an immigrant mother, she was fortunate to have made three trips to Europe as a child and teen.

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Betsy Webster Journalist | Broadcast Media

Betsy Webster began her journalism work soon when she finished her studies. She works with the KCTV / KSMO / Meredith Corporation and KCTV / KSMO / KAKE Radio & TV.

She is also known for working for other works in Creative Storyteller. Fastidious Fact-Checker. Grammar Guru. She had an admirer of Alliteration.

She broadcast for KCTV / KSMO / Meredith Corporation and KCTV / KSMO / KAKE Radio & TV in Kansas City, Missouri United States of America. Betsy Webster joined KCTV5 News in 1999 where she broadcast at 10 p.m. Before coming to Kansas City, she worked as a reporter and anchor at KUPK-TV in Garden City, KS and as a reporter and producer for KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO

She began honing her interview skills at age 10. Armed with a RadioShack tape recorder, her questions for her father were more persistent than probing, “What’s your favorite color?” and “OK, what’s your second favorite color?” She recalls watching East German soldiers guarding the walled border just a bicycle ride from her grandmother’s house, shooting pool in Berlin just months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and being refused genuine Pilsner during Prague’s first free election since before World War II.

Betsy’s off-work interests include dancing, music, crafts and her little one, a sweet LhasaPoo she adopted from Wayside Waifs in 2011. You can find her dancing salsa, bachata and merengue almost weekly and kicking up her heels with some swing dancing whenever a rockabilly band comes to Knuckleheads. She uses Etsy as an outlet for sharing some of the crafts she creates. Read also Erica Horvatin

She also tries to travel to a faraway destination every two or three years in order to expand her understanding of the world beyond her doorstep. After hitting most of Europe due to her ancestry, she spent three weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in 2009. She is planning a trip to India in 2012. Japan, Greece/Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and Spain are still on the list, as is most of South America.

Betsy Webster also realizes that no matter how noble one’s purpose is, a message has no impact without an audience. Building that audience was once the purpose of a promotions team, but new social media marketing strategies have moved the role of promotion to encompass everyone on the news team. I have embraced that role and a multi-media approach in the realm that was once simply television.

I have utilized my skills in shooting, writing and editing to produce short videos tailored to social media platforms to engage on subjects also covered in the traditional television format. I am eager to expand my skill set in digital communication and social media. I have seen its value in my role as a consumer and crave all the creative skills needs to make that which I so gleefully consume.

Betsy Webster Arrest for suspicion of DUI

It was on a Friday morning when Betsy Webster was found guilty for suspicion of driving under the influence which caused her to be arrested. The report says that Webster’s car silver 2001 Honda Civic rear was parked at Lincoln Town Car at 39th in Baltimore, injuring two people.

She told the police that she was driving on the east side on 39th Street when she saw a car stopped in her lane, but it was too late and she hit the parked car. The officer reported “major damage” to the front of Webster’s Civic and “damage” to the back of the Town Car, which was “parked in a parking area.”

Webster “repeatedly lost her balance while walking and had to use her arms for balance taking them out away from her body.” She also failed to turn the correct way after being shown how by the officers.  Asked to stand on one leg, Webster “repeatedly put her foot down and used her arms for balance while swaying.”

Webster refused a breathalyzer test but she answered several questions at the station, including what she had to eat and when (pretzels and potato chips around 1 or 1:30 a.m.) and how much sleep she’d had the previous day (6-10 hours) but wouldn’t say what her occupation was or what she’d been doing during the last three hours.

Webster failed several field sobriety tests and officers described her breath as giving off a “strong odor” of alcohol, her balance as “swaying” and pupils as “dilated.”

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