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Benji Aflalo Bio, Age, Height, Wife and Net Worth

Benji Aflalo Biography

Benji Aflalo is an American comedian, actor and writer.He is the co-creator, writer, and star of the Freeform television show Alone Together. He was born  and raised in Los Angeles, California.Hesturdied at Jewish school for much of elementary and middle school. He grew up watching his favorite comedians on Comedy Central behavior that displayed him as comedy lover.

Benji Aflalo Age

The comendian date of birth is not provindded ,we are apologise for the inconvinience but we are stil carrying on the research and we will make the information soon after we find it .

Benji Aflalo Height

The Comedian  has height of 5’6 feet.

Benji Aflalo Wife | Benji Aflalo Siblings

As for 2018 the actor is single,but he been suspected to have been dating Esther.With whom they starred at ” Freeform’s quirky comedy “(Alone Together). The show follows two chaste, ‘millennial misfit pals’ looking to make their mark in the socially hip city of Los Angeles. Esther and him share the same names as which create the question: is Alone Together an autobiographical show?

The new series is completely based on the real-life friendship of Esther and him, according to majority. The two met and became friends while training with (improv groups and pursuing careers comedy in California). Many of their friends evidently, commented that the two had a ”

uncanny relationship that would make a good show. From there Povitsky and Aflalo decided to turn their film nonsexual, friendship, which her described as “almost like siblings,” into a short film. Alone Together is based on this short.

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Benji Aflalo Net Worth

The acter has accumulated an estimated networth of 20,000 million dollars as 2018.He get his income from his job as an actor as well as a writer.Also he  get some part of it from his acting performances in Alone Together and City Girl.

Benji Aflalo Stand Up

Benji Aflalo Alone Together

Esther and him are not a couple, but they are a thing. Kind of platonic best friends who need to be accepted by the vain and status-obsessed culture of Los Angeles. Despite their sometimes contended relationship, when push comes to thrust, they had already got each other’s backs especially since they have nobody else to hang out with. less

Benji Aflalo Comedian

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Benji Aflalo and  Esther Povitsky

were it not for Whole Foods, Povitsky and him might never have become friends leave aside co-creators of the new Free form series “Alone Together”.The two met at the Comedy Store almost ten years past but they did not bond until they collided at the grocery store. The Actor invited Povitsky over, “and that was kind of it,” Povitsky remembered. “We just never stopped hanging out.” Now they’re starring in a comedy produced by the Lonely Island, first performed  on Freeform and based on a short film they made together a few years ago.

Benji Aflalo Season (1) 2018 Filmlogy



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Pilot January 10, 2018


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Fertility January 24, 2018


Pop Up January 31, 2018


Dean Girls February 7, 2018


Dinner Party February 14, 2018


The Big One February 28, 2018


Sleepover March 7, 2018


Music Video March 14, 2018


Property Management March 21, 2018

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