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Ben Ferguson Biography

Ben Ferguson born (Benjamin Grant Ferguson) is an American cable television talk show host, and formerly a radio talk show host. He is well known for His nationally syndicated radio show, “The Ben Ferguson Show,” Before he aired throughout the United States on Radio America and was syndicated by ICON Radio Network.

As from 2018, his show The Ferguson File has aired middays on CRTV, which in December 2018 merged with BlazeTV to form Blaze Media. He is as well a regular political commentator on CNN.

Ben Ferguson Age | Ben Ferguson birthplace

Ben was born on 28th of Agust in 1981, he is 37 years old as of 2018. There is no information about his birthplace.

Ben Ferguson Family

He was born to Bruce (father) and Karen Ferguson (mother), he was raised along with his elder sister Holy. There is no much information about his childhood life.

Ben Ferguson Wife

Ben is a Married man, he married Anna Bradley Ferguson in March 2010. there is no much information about his past relationship before he married.

Ben Ferguson Children

There is no information about him having. The pair is seen most of the time spent together.

Ben Ferguson Education

Ben got enrolled at Tusculum College, he then joined and later graduated from Westminster Academy. He then joined the University of Mississippi, with an intention of playing tennis; he later became a member of Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity. He graduated from Ole Miss in 2004.

Ben Ferguson Career

Political activities:

Ben serves as a member of Students for Saving Social Security (S4). He served as a political director in 2005, he got selected by the White House to join President Bush and Ben Stein for a town hall meeting in an effort to educate the public on the issue of social security reform.

He as well spent several weeks a year on the road talking to youth leadership conferences, high schools, and college campuses nationwide. He has also become a regular keynote speaker for several groups, including Congressional Youth Leadership and Lead America.

Ben Ferguson Photo
Ben Ferguson Photo

He is an avid critic of former Memphis Mayor W. W. Herenton. He decided to run again for mayor two weeks after Herenton had resigned. Ferguson entered the political scene and pulled a petition to run for Memphis City Mayor. He then withdrew from the election when Herenton also withdrew.

Broadcasting career:

Ferguson began his broadcasting career when he was 13 years old. He was the youngest radio talk show host in the country and the youngest nationally syndicated host at 20.

He published his first book, a political work, (It’s My America Too), published by William Morris/Harper Collins in 2004 which USA Today named a (top choice read).

He joined then 600 WREC in Memphis as its morning radio host in 2007. He then got shifted to the afternoon drive show from 4-7 PM CT. He later resigned from WREC on April 20th, 2010, In a statement he said, “I have left the station, effective today. I’m looking forward to a new market and a new show, in addition to my national show and my continuing appearances on such networks as CNBC, CNN, and MSNBC.”

Thereafter it was stated that Ferguson left WREC after an impasse in contract negotiations. It was then announced that he would take over the 4-7 PM slot on another local radio station, KWAM. Controversial radio host Thaddeus Matthews had been fired to make room for Ferguson.

He then became the regular fill-in for Mark Davis on WBAP in Texas, as Davis was involved in contract disputes with the new owners of WBAP, Cumulus Media. Having not decided over a new contract between Mark Davis and Cumulus, he then became the permanent host of the 9 – 11 AM CT time slot.

His National talk-radio show focuses on current events from a conservative point of view. The Ben Ferguson Show can be heard over ICON Radio Network weekly on Sunday evenings from 7-10 PM ET.

He as well hosted a local radio show in Memphis during evening drive time slot (from 4-7 PM) weekdays on WREC (600 AM) in Memphis until 20th of April  2010. On 3rd of May 2010, KWAM 990 announced that he would be their new evening drive time host. On April 25, 2011, Ben moved to WKIM 98.9 FM, coinciding with a format change in the station to an all-talk network.

Ferguson later moved to CRTV in the fall of 2018, the channel was founded by Mark Levin’s Conservative Review, to host a midday talk show called ‘The Ferguson File’. In December of that year, CRTV merged with Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV to form Blaze Media, and Ferguson’s show moved to the new combined channel, which is carried by numerous cable systems across the country as well as streamed online. He has appeared in Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, and CNN Headline News.

Ben Ferguson Net Worth

Ben’s net worth has not yet been revealed it’s said to be under review.

Ben Ferguson Radio Host

Ben for more than a decade Ben has been the host of a three-hour syndicated Sunday night radio show carried nationwide via the ICON Radio network and heard on over 70 stations including major markets like WBAP-AM (Dallas, TX), WIOD-AM (Miami, FL), WFLA-AM (Tampa, FL) and KTLK-AM (Minneapolis, MN).

As from 2012 to 2015, Ferguson hosted the #1 mid-morning radio show from 9 AM to 11 AM weekdays in Dallas, TX on WBAP-AM.

Ben Ferguson Trump

Ben lit into the media for its portrayal of Donald Trump’s threat to send the military to protect the southern border, after a caravan of illegal immigrants advertised their intent to enter the country on a Thursday on the radio, filling in for Levine host Mark Levin.

“You have to understand what these migrant caravans are doing, these are illegal immigrants who are chanting and saying, ‘I’m coming to break into America and you’re not going to stop me.’ It’s no different than someone saying ‘We’re coming to your neighborhood, and we’re going to break into your house and we’re going to steal your stuff,’ it’s not any different than that, it’s the same intent.”

Ben went on explaining that portraying the president as “unhinged” for protecting the country is absurd.

“In a normal world, with a normal media … the headline would actually look like and read, ‘President of the United States of America defends lawlessness across the border in Mexico, and puts Mexico on notice that if they don’t stop these illegal immigrants from coming across into this country, that we will close our southern border to protect our nation’s interest,’ and it would be clapped by all, right? Because this is what a normal president does. This is what a normal mother or father would do to protect their house.”

Ben Ferguson Podcast | Ben Ferguson Show Podcast


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