Barry Alexander Brown Biography, Age, Spike Lee Collaborations and Filmography.

Barry Alexander Brown Biography

Barry Alexander Brown is a film director and editor from the United States. He was born in England. In addition, he edits music videos.

He is well known for his collaborations with film director/producer/writer Spike Lee. Together, the two have collaborated on at least 6 films, with Brown being the editor.

He formerly was an associate professor of Film Studies at Columbia University.

Barry Alexander Brown Age

He was born on the 28th of November in 1960. He was 58 years old as of 2018.

Barry Alexander Brown Spike Lee Collaborations

His collaborations with Spike Lee on film are nothing short of spectacular. His main job is editing the films by Lee. This, in turn, has made the films widely known and critically acclaimed.
Some of the films the two have worked on together include;

1989 comedy-drama film Do the Right Thing
1992 biographical drama film Malcolm X
1998 sports drama film He Got Game
2002 drama film 25th Hour
2006 heist thriller film Inside Man
2018 biographical crime comedy-drama film BlacKkKlansman


Barry Alexander Brown and Spike Lee on the set of 2006 heist thriller, Inside Man.

Barry Alexander Brown Filmography

He co-directed the 1979 anti-war documentary film, The War at Home. The documentary was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category.

He also directed the 1993 documentary film, The Who’s Tommy, the Amazing Journey. The documentary is about the English rock band, The Who’s fourth studio album, Tommy.

In addition, he directed the 2002 American comedy, Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control.

Barry Alexander Brown Discography

He has done editing of music videos. He has edited for Stevie Wonder, the late Michael Jackson, the late Prince, hip hop group Public Enemy and hip hop group Arrested Development.