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Ashley Baylor Biography, Age, Career, Meteorologist, Education

Ashley Baylor is an American journalist who joined Storm Team 8 in January 2019. She is originally from Massachusetts and is no stranger to all of the different types of weather we experience in New England.

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Ashley Baylor Biography

Ashley Baylor is an American journalist who joined Storm Team 8 in January 2019. She is originally from Massachusetts and is no stranger to all of the different types of weather we experience in New England.

Before coming to Connecticut, Ashley working for News 8’s sister stations, WAVY in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and WWLP in Springfield, Massachusetts. Some of her most memorable storms include Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Sandy, and the Halloween Nor’easter in 2011.

Ashley Baylor Age

Information on Baylor’s age is not available. However, we shall update it as soon as possible.

Ashley Baylor Career| Awards

Prior to joining WWLP, Ashley spent three years at WEAU in Eau Claire, WI and several months in New York City as a weather producer.

In 2014 and 2013, Ashley was voted “Best Meteorologist” by the Valley Advocate.  She was also voted “Favorite Meteorologist” in the Reader Raves poll by The Republican/ in the same years. In 2008, she won an honorable mention for her photo of lenticular clouds that was published in the September issue of WeatherWise Magazine.

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Ashley Baylor Meteorologist

Baylor says “I’ve had an interest in weather since I was 9 years old.  I moved to Charleston, South Carolina the year after Hurricane Hugo made landfall there.  Even though I didn’t live through Hugo, the devastation was still visible a year later.  In 1992, still living in Charleston, Hurricane Andrew slammed into southern Florida.  I remember being glued to the TV, watching the coverage… I’ve been hooked ever since!”


Ashley Baylor Education

Baylor is a member of the National Weather Association and graduated from the State University of New York at Albany with a degree in Broadcast Meteorology.

Ashley Baylor Family| Facts

Baylor is a HUGE Patriots fan – she and her husband got married in front of Gillette Stadium in Foxborough! They are proud parents of a daughter, Morgan, a rescue pup, Bodie, and two Siamese cats, Chase and Brooklyn. In her free time, you can catch Ashley on the beach or checking out a local zoo.

8 Things you didn’t know about Ashley Baylor

Favorite memory/story from working in TV news?
Either Hurricane Matthew or the February Nor’easter in 2013.

What inspired you to work in news?
I became interested in weather after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. I’m thrilled that I was able to make my childhood dream of being a meteorologist come true.

What is your favorite restaurant in New Haven?
I’ll get back to you on that. Open to suggestions!

Who is your favorite musician/band and/or best concert you ever been to?
I actually love metal music. (Most people don’t expect that.)

What’s the best dish you can make?
I don’t love cooking, but I make an awesome beef stew.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Ibiza, Mallorca, and the Maldives.

What’s something you don’t know about me?
I am ridiculously and inexplicably terrified of frogs.

What are your hobbies / hidden talents?
I was a swimmer for over a decade and coached high school swimming in Massachusetts. That’s why my shoulders are so big!

Ashley Baylor Invasive Insects Are Continuing To Kill Our Connecticut Trees

Article by Ashley Baylor;

Ash trees and oak trees are becoming more and more scarce across the state of Connecticut all because of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moths.

So how do you know if you have a problem with the Emerald Ash Borer or Gypsy Moths?

Chris Martin, the Director of the CT DEEP Department of Forestry said, “If you have a tree that has no leaves on it and it’s an oak or ash, it’s likely dead from the Gypsy Moth or the Emerald Ash Borer.”

Since these insects are known to cross state lines through firewood, the Department of Forestry has strict regulations in place to keep out-of-state firewood from coming into Connecticut.

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The Department of Forestry also has to watch out for other invasive insects and bugs that are inching closer to our state, like the Asian Longhorn Beetle, found just north of us in Worchester, Mass.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection also has its eyes on the Spotted Lanternfly, which has come as close as Pennsylvania. If it starts spreading into Connecticut, that could be devastating to hops, orchards, and grapevines which would have a major impact on the agricultural industry.

Ashley Baylor Strawberries Ready For Picking At Jones Family Farms

Article by Ashley Baylor;

It was a beautiful opening day of the strawberry season at Jones Family Farms.

Since we are coming off a rather soggy spring, Storm Team 8 Meteorologist Ashley Baylor wanted to see whether that excess water would affect the sweet crop.

The sun was shining at the farm in Shelton. This was the first day of its strawberry season, and the berries were ripe and ready for picking.

Mother Nature certainly helped out from the recent rainfall.

While the rain is welcome, the cold temperatures are not.

But with several varieties, you can actually pick strawberries all summer at Jones Family Farms.

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