Arman Rahman

FOX 21 is Arman Rahman’s first stop out of DePaul University in Chicago. There he earned a Bachlor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism, while also heavily studying Arabic.

Chicago is his hometown (well a suburb called Des Plaines, but who wants to stay in the burbs?). Even though he’s used to the big city, he digs the small town vibe of Duluth, and is particularly astounded by the kind, good nature he’s experienced from everyone here so far. Being his first time living away from home, he really appreciates how Duluth has welcomed him.

He feels particularly at home at FOX 21. Surrounded by an experienced, nurturing, and fun staff, he can’t wait to tell more of Duluth’s stories. For him, that’s what Journalism is all about. Before it became about government, gore and greed, Journalism was about stories from your community: what’s going on, who stands out, who needs help, and how you can help. Arman is beyond thankful that he gets to work at a station full of people with similar values, and dedication to real news.

While Arman loves his work, he still has a bit of a life. He enjoys hanging out with friends (and is always looking to make more), hiking and sightseeing, drawing (follow his Instagram @suparman96 to see them, and give your feedback), movies, and sometimes just taking a stroll thru town or by the lake. He has also dabbled in stand-up comedy, and hopes to get onto the scene here.

Most of all, Arman is a HUGE nerd, mainly a Superman nerd. He adores The Flash and Supergirl on the CW (and will probably bore you with the comic book backgrounds of each character).You can find him getting lost in the Rogue Robot comic book store, organizing his collection of vintage and new comics, or being among the first in line when a new superhero movie opens. He’s always down to chat about why Superman is the best superhero, Luke Cage, other Marvel Netflix shows, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and other nerd topics.

Finally, Arman takes pride in his half-Iranian, half-Indian heritage. He learned Farsi, the language of Iran, from speaking to his grandmother growing up. He is also fluent in Spanish, and knows a bit of Arabic. He’s always looking to get involved with programs and events from his 2 cultures, and loves learning about other cultures as well.

If you have a story idea, or just want to chat and hang out, you can reach Arman via email, or his Facebook!

Contact Arman at:

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