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Anthony Campolo Biography

Tony Campolo whose birth name is Anthony “Tony” Campolo  is an American sociologist, pastor, author, public speaker and former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton. Campolo is known as one of the most influential leaders in the evangelical left and has been a major proponent of progressive thought and reform within the evangelical community.

He has also become a leader of the Red-Letter Christian movement, which aims to put emphasis on the teachings of Jesus.Campolo is a popular commentator on religious, political, and social issues, and has been a guest on programs such as The Colbert Report, The Charlie Rose Show, Larry King Live, Nightline, Crossfire, Politically Incorrect and The Hour.

Anthony Campolo Age

Tony Campolo was born on February 25, 1935. He is currently 84 years old as of 2019.

Anthony Campolo Education

He is a 1956 graduate of Eastern College, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a PhD from Temple University

Anthony Campolo Wife

Antony is married to Peggy. The couple have  have participated in very public debates and discussions about the place of lesbians and gays within church and society. Tony Campolo formerly contended that homosexuality was a sin in practice, though not in orientation. His wife, Peggy Campolo, disagreed, holding that committed, monogamous homosexual practice was not a sin; she supports full equality for homosexual, bisexual and transsexual persons.

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Anthony Campolo Family

Campolo’s son is Bart Campolo, a former evangelical preacher who left Christianity and transitioned to secular humanism. The two have engaged in an ongoing conversation since Bart announced to him that he no longer believes in God. They have co-authored a book exploring the issues at the heart of this conversation, and a documentary film (Leaving My Father’s Faith) was released in 2018 which features the conversations between them and tell the story of Bart’s journey out of faith.

Anthony Campolo Career

Campolo founded the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE), which works to help “at-risk” youth in the U.S. and Canada, and has helped to establish several schools and universities. His best known work is a sermon entitled It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming!, recordings of which have been widely circulated in evangelical circles, and which is based on a sermon by a black minister at Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

He is a frequent speaker at Christian conferences. He was also one of several spiritual advisers to President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal where he met with president Clinton at the White House.

Although he has associated himself with the Democratic Party and several other modern liberal groups and causes, he has publicly stated his opposition to abortion. Campolo holds a consistent life ethic stance in opposition to any human situation that leads to the termination of life including warfare, poverty/starvation (as caused by extreme wealth inequalities), capital punishment, and euthanasia.

Campolo was the subject of an informal heresy hearing in 1985 brought about by several assertions in his 1983 book A Reasonable Faith, particularly his claim that, “Jesus is actually present in each other person”. The book became a hot button issue, and the controversy caused Campus Crusade for Christ and Youth for Christ to block a planned speaking engagement by Campolo. The Christian Legal Society empowered a reconciliation panel, led by noted theologian J. I. Packer, to examine the issue and resolve the controversy.

The panel examined the book and questioned Campolo. The panel issued a statement saying that although it found Campolo’s statements “methodologically naïve and verbally incautious”, it did not find them to be heretical.

On January 14, 2014, Campolo announced his plans to retire from leading the EAPE and to close that ministry. The extra money in the ministry will be distributed to offshoot ministries started by EAPE; however, he plans to continue writing and speaking.

Beginning in March 2011, Tony began hosting the TV show Red Letter Christians, aired on JC-TV. This weekly half-hour talk show features interviews with leaders in the Red-Letter Christian movement.

Anthony Campolo Net Worth

During his evangelical career, Campolo has created the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE), has published numerous books and spends his time touring the country as a key speaker. All of this has led to an estimated net worth somewhere in the region of $4 million.

Anthony Campolo Books

  • The God of Intimacy and Action: Reconnecting Ancient Spiritual Practices, Evangelicalism and Justice
  • Connecting Like Jesus
  • Stories That Feed Your Soul
  • Red Letter Revolution
  • Red Letter Christians
  • The God of Intimacy and Action
  • It’s Friday But Sunday’s Comin’
  • Letters to a Young Evangelical
  • The Church Enslaved: A Spirituality for Racial Reconciliation
  • Speaking My Mind:
  • Adventures in Missing the Point:
  • The Survival Guide for Christians on Campus
  • Which Jesus:
  • Revolution and Renewal:
  • Let Me Tell You a Story:
  • Following Jesus Without Embarrassing God
  • Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat?
  • Can Mainline Denominations Make a Comeback?
  • Carpe Diem
  • Stand Up and Be Counted
  • The Kingdom of God Is a Party: God’s Radical Plan for His Family’
  • Everything You’ve Heard Is Wrong
  • Anthony Campolo Sermons

Anthony Campolo It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming!