Anne Campolongo

Anne’s vision to become a broadcast meteorologist started at a young age. Her lifelong dream became more real when she graduated from Ohio University (Go Bobcats!) with a degree in meteorology and journalism. She started her career in Southern Oregon in Medford. She made the switch from morning to night-side news here in Portland for the Fox 12 team and enjoys being a night owl.

She hails from Cincinnati, Ohio where she has lived most of her life. Anne’s Italian heritage has been a significant part of her life, from her family’s delicious home-cooked Italian meals to venturing to Italy to meet some of her relatives.

One of Anne’s favorite activities was fostered by the beautiful PNW landscape: hiking. Since moving out West, Anne loves to find new hikes to explore with newfound friends and visitors from back home.

Hands-down one of her favorite pastimes, Anne adores snail mail and writing letters. She loves the novelty of a handwritten note – which never goes out of style!

With a new city to call home, Anne is becoming more of a Portlander as she explores its nooks and crannies. She loves the local food and coffee scene, and she also enjoys volunteering with the community. As a meteorologist, Anne is passionate about encouraging young girls to enter STEM fields. As she’s settling into life here in the 503, Anne is grateful for her great new co-workers and welcoming viewers!

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