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Angelica Sanchez Biography

Angelica Sanchez is an American news reporter. She joined the FOX6 news in September of 2016. 

Angelica Sanchez

Her birthday and age are still under review.

Angelica Sanchez Husband

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Her net worth is still under review.

Background and education

She was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in the suburbs of Berwyn and Cicero. Angelica is a Mexican-American and she is fluent in Spanish.

Angelica graduated with an associates’ degree in arts at Morton College in Cicero. She later went on to Columbia College Chicago to complete my bachelors’ degree.

Angelica Sanchez Career

Angelica joined the FOX6 news in September of 2016. She is grateful for the opportunity to tell your stories and to join such an incredible newsroom. Sanchez started in television in East Central Illinois where she reported for FOX Champaign News WCCU/WICD.

As a general assignment reporter, Sanchez covered a wide range of stories in the areas of politics, education, sports, and crime.

Some of the most memorable stories she covered include the events leading up to the unrelated firings of two Champaign police officers for violating department policy.

Angelica also covered a year of administrator shakeups at the University of Illinois, starting with the abrupt resignation of Chancellor Phyllis Wise. She was also part of the team that covered the firing of head football coach Tim Beckman after player mistreatment allegations arose.

Angelica also reported on the high profile visits of her nation’s top leaders. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to the U of I in 2015 to promote the “It’s on Us” campaign and President Obama’s return to Springfield in early 2016. Most recently she covered the impact of an ongoing state budget impasse in Illinois.

When she is not reporting, she hangs out with friends or spends time with my family. She loves what she does and is thrilled to do it now in beautiful Milwaukee.


This is trespassing

MILWAUKEE — A man was caught on camera trying to steal tires from a vehicle parked at an auto shop — and the thief even brought his own tools to the crime scene.

Nick Hussary, manager at Als Wheels and Deals near 76th and Appleton said the business has been targeted before, but never in broad daylight.

“One time they tried to break into the office. It was like 12 o’clock at night,” said Hussary.

On Monday, May 27, employees walked in and saw one of the vehicles on the lot was missing a tire. A review of security camera footage revealed what happened.

“He’s acting like he’s walking in his yard. This is trespassing, you know?” said Hussary.

The man came onto the property on a sunny Sunday afternoon and loosened the tires on a Chevy. A few minutes into the video, there were signs he was struggling, but he seemed to have exactly what he needed in his own vehicle to pull off the crime.

“He’s taking his time, going back and forth with the vehicle — grab some tools and he’s not scared — with the heavy duty tools like the floor jacks they use — only professionals like us,” said Hussary.

Jake Patterson “True Crime”

BARRON, Wis. (WITI) — Jake Patterson was sentenced on Friday, May 24 to life in prison without the chance for parole. This, for kidnapping Jayme Closs and killing both of her parents.

Patterson entered a guilty plea in March to kidnapping 13-year-old Closs from her home and murdering her parents, James and Denise, in October 2018.

The judge hearing the case had this to say prior to sentencing, “You are an extreme danger to the public in general. There is no doubt in my mind that you are one of the most dangerous men to walk on this planet.”

Several family members of Jayme Closs spoke to the judge at Patterson’s sentencing. Their thoughts were emotional — and poignant.

“I don’t want myself, Jayme most of all, nor my family to fear another day. I don’t want another family to go through the nightmare my family has endured,” said Sue Allard, Denise’s sister.

“One of the most painful things for me to think about is that the last moments of my aunt’s life were the worst and scariest moments of her life. No one should leave this Earth in such a horrible way,” said Lindsey Smith, niece of James and Denise.

“None of us are going to win today. None of us are going to get our family members back. My mother isn’t going to get her Sunday phone call from her son to talk about the Packers; talk about the things we like to talk about,” said Kelly Engelhardt, James’ sister.

“Jim was as tough as they came. If he could’ve gotten his hands on him, it would’ve been different. We miss him and love him, and think about his every day,” said Jeff Closs, James’ brother.

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