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Alvin Hall Biography

Alvin was born June 27, 1952, in Crawford Florida, one of seven children to a family of farmers day workers and fishermen. interview on the BBC radio 4 program midweek he said that his grandmother had told him he was” everything she had”, something that helped him get through difficult financial decisions she was also a great saver and gave him 50 dollars when he was heading to Yale University.

He grew up in severe poverty.  studied for a Bachelor of Arts in English at Bowdoin College and a Master of Arts in American literature at the University of North Carolina. After a period of unemployment and working as a college professor (teaching literature), he started to take an interest in finance. In 2016, February 27 was declared Alvin Hall Day to celebrate his success and influence on his hometown.

Hall lives in New York City where he designs and teaches classes about the investment markets for financial services companies, banks, regulatory authorities, as well as information and technology vendors. His acclaimed classroom programs and speaking engagements have provided thousands of people with a solid grounding in such topics as the workings of financial markets, investment products, effective investment strategies, reducing debt, planning for retirement and personal financial management. Alvin Hall is a member of the NYSE Euronext Financial Literacy Advisory Committee to help develop programs to improve knowledge about all aspects of personal finance among the general public. He is also on the Acquisitions Committee of the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Hall Financial adviser

Hall started buying shares a few at a time. His ability to translate complex financial concepts into simple English through the use of slices of cake led to him becoming director of course development at Leo Fleur, a company selling training materials for Wall Street examinations.1986 he became director of marketing for the Chicago-based Longman Financial Services Institute.

In creating and implementing marketing campaigns for training programs and products and consequently was executive director of the New York Institute of Finance.s the president of Cooperhall Press and designs and runs seminars for financial institutions around the world. In 1990, Hall briefly lectured British stockbrokers in London in preparation for the NASD exams in the United States.

He also edits a money column in the UK’s Reveal magazine. He has written Money Magic for the charitable organization Quick Reads which encourages people to get back into the habit of reading.involved in Jamie Oliver’s program, Jamie’s Dream School. On the program, Hall taught the pupils mathematics.

Hall At BBC

all have presented several finance-related radio programs for BBC Radio 4, which often broadcast in the period when Radio 4’s personal finance program Money Box is off-air.won the Wincott Award for business journalism.for his 2006 documentary Jay-Z: From Brooklyn to the Boardroom in which he interviewed and profiled the entrepreneurial rap star Jay-Z.

Alvin and his expert team film PassPerfect’s exam-prep training videos for the SIE (Securities Industry Essentials) exam, a new FINRA-required license that goes into effect on October 1, 2018. The teams also filmed and have begun editing, reorganizing, and updating training videos to conform with the new Series 7 General Securities Registered Rep exam, which also goes into effect on October 1, 2018.

For five years on the BBC, he hosted the highly rated and award-winning series, Your Money or Your Life, on which he offered both practical financial and. For five years on the BBC, he hosted the highly rated and award-winning series, Your Money or Your Life, on which he offered both practical financial and psychological advice to people about how to take control of and fix their financial problems.