Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Bio, Age, Tom Clancy

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Bio

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn is an award-winning freelance journalist and the widow of the late Tom Clancy, bestselling espionage and military-science novelist. Her father was a business magnate and the CEO of the ‘Coca-Cola Bottling Company’ of Philadelphia. He died in 2010 but is still regarded as one of the most prominent black businessmen of all time. Alexandra’s mother is a prominent figure in the fashion fraternity. 

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Age

We do not have the exact day and month, but we do know that she was born in 1967 in New York.

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Parents | Family

Llewellyn is the daughter of Jacqueline Brown and J Bruce Llewellyn. Her father was the chief executive of the ‘Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company’ and the president of the ‘Overseas Private Investment Corporation,’ a federal agency. Alexandra’s mother was an assistant fire commissioner of New York City from 1990 to 1994.

Alexandra has a half-sister named Jaylaan Ahmad-Llewellyn, from her father’s first marriage. Jaylaan is a ‘Harvard’ graduate and the founder of ‘Bluhammock Music’ and ‘Bluhorse Clothes.’ Marie  is the niece of General Colin Powell of the ‘United States Army.’

Moreover, Alexandra lost her father in 2010. He had left behind a property worth more than $160 million. Marie’s mother has always been a major inspiration to her.

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Education

Llewellyn graduated from ‘Bradford College’ with a business degree. She also became the director of the ‘Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company.’

Tom Clancy Alexandra Marie Llewellyn

Alexandra was married to Tom Clancy, the author of numerous bestsellers such as ‘The Hunt for Red October,’ ‘Patriot Games,’ and ‘Every Man a Tiger.’ He was also the founder of the North Carolina-based multimedia company ‘Red Storm Entertainment.’
Alexandra met Tom for the first time in 1997.

She was introduced to Tom by Colin Powell, a family friend. Alexandra and Tom got married on June 26, 1999. The wedding was held at the ‘St. Thomas Episcopal Church,’ followed by a reception at the ‘St. Regis Hotel’ in Manhattan. Tom was 53 at the time of their wedding, while Alexandra was just 21.

Tom was earlier married to Wanda Thomas, an eye surgeon, and had four children with her. The marriage ended in a divorce.
Alexandra and Tom lived in their mansion near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Tom later built a vacation home on a plot of the Martha’s Vineyard land that he had purchased from Alexandra’s father in 1999 for just a dollar.

Tom Clancy and Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Wedding
Tom Clancy and Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Wedding

Despite being rich and famous, Alexandra and Tom lived a private life. They also had a daughter, Alexis.
Alexandra became a widow in October 2013. Tom died in a hospital in his hometown of Baltimore due to an undisclosed illness, at the age of 66. The death was later attributed to heart disease.

Clancy’s Death

Tom’s death devastated Alexandra. Despite this, Alexandra dealt with a difficult situation with a lot of mental strength. She now has a successful career.

Alexandra inherited two-thirds of the total estate owned by Tom, which included a 535-acre farm on the Chesapeake Bay, a 24-room stone mansion, several real-estate holdings, a 12% ownership stake in the ‘Baltimore Orioles,’ and a unique WWII-era ‘Sherman Tank.’

Following this, she had a legal battle with Tom’s four children from Wanda over the estate taxes. In 2016, the ‘Baltimore City Orphans’ Court’ stated that she was not required to pay the estate taxes.

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Daughter

Llewellyn and her husband Clancy had a daughter named Alexis Jacqueline Page Clancy.

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Net Worth

Marie is from a rich family. Her father J. Bruce Llewellyn was a prominent American businessman. In 2010, Alexandra lost her father however, he left behind property worth more than $160 million.

Besides, prior to her husband’s death,  Tom Clancy had an estimated net worth of $300 million. Similarly, she inherited two-thirds of the total estate owned by Tom.

The assets included a 535-acre farm on the Chesapeake Bay, a 24-room stone mansion, many real-estate holdings, a 12% ownership stake in the Baltimore Orioles, and a unique WWII-era Sherman Tank.

Furthermore, Clancy also purchased a $16 million, 17,000 square foot penthouse condominium in the Ritz-Carlton, in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Moreover, in January 2018, Alexandra bought an $8.5 million Beverly Hills mansion. Outside of maintaining her personal fortune, she also operates a handbag company that is quite successful and well-known. Her estimated net worth is currently under review.

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Career

Marie owns a line of fashion accessories named ‘Love, Alex.’ The main idea of the venture was conceived with philanthropy as its key goal. Alexandra uses the profit earned from the business for charity. The line is popular for its exclusive range of luxury handbags. Each piece of handbag is curated in Italy with great attention to detail.

Alexandra’s decision to start the fashion accessories business was heavily inspired by her mother. Moreover, she worked as an assistant buyer for the fashion brand ‘Bloomingdale’s’ in New York. Her mother was also a fashion coordinator for ‘Famous Barr’ in St. Louis.

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Photo
Alexandra Marie Llewellyn Photo