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Alex Wassabi Biography

Alex Wassabi (real name, Alex Burriss) is a United State content creator, actor and youtube vlogger best known for his popular youtube channel Wassabi.

Alex Wassabi Age / How Old Is Alex Wassabi

Wassabi was born on March 28, 1990, in Great Falls, Montana, United States. He is 29 years old as of 28th March 2019.

Alex Wassabi Family

Wassabi was raised by his parents alongside his siblings Aaron Burriss (Brother), Andrew Burriss (Brother) and Mariah (Sister). His brothers are also famous web video stars and have a channel which is primarily run by Aaron named Lazyron Studios with over a million subscribers.

Alex Wassabi Girlfriend

Wassabi was dating a fellow YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki for about three years before breaking up in September 2018. He may be currently single since there is no sign of him moving on after the breakup.

Alex Wassabi Height

Wassabi has a height of 1.83 meters.

Alex Wassabi Career

Wassabi started his YouTube career in 2005 and has been described as one of the fast-rising Filipino-American YouTube vloggers. He is a YouTube vlogger on the very popular channel, Wassabi Productions. The channel has gathered over 10 million subscribers. additionally, he runs his personal channel which has over two million subscribers.
Alex Wassabi Photo
As an actor, he played Allen in the movie Boo 2! A Medea Halloween in 2017. A year before that, he was featured in 10 episodes of the TV show Escape the Night as himself. He also acted in Laid in America and This is How We Never Made Out.
Wassabi was nicknamed the class clown from an early age; he attended middle school in Durham, North Carolina. He joined his best friend, RoiFabito and several others, to create video contents in 2005. Their channel was named Hoiistroi but later changed to Wassabi Productions.
Initially, videos were purely for their own entertainment until they gradually started to amass a following. Soon, others dropped out leaving Roi and Wassabi to it. Their first major hit video was Define Friend in 2009. In April 2012, their parody of Call Me Maybe made a huge impression with over a million views in a short time. In 2017, it had garnered over 125 million views.
They moved to Los Angeles from their hometown and moved into an apartment with some other YouTubers. They named the apartment ‘Haunted Mansion’. Until January 2016, they continued to make more interesting videos which they posted every Wednesday in a series called ‘Wassabi Wednesdays’. Later, they both agreed to create videos separately with Roi granting Wassabi full control of Wassabi Productions.
He moved back to the Philippines and started his own channel called ‘Guava Juice’. He now has several features in his videos including his family and girlfriend. The two remained friends and feature in each other’s channel from time to time.
Apart from YouTube, Wassabi is very active on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Alex Wassabi Movies and TV Shows

Double Dare
Anime Crimes Division
Goin’ Raw with Timothy Delaghetto
Escape the Night
Celebs React
Your Grammar Sucks

YouTubers React

Alex Wassabi Vlogs

Alex Wassabi Youtube Channel

To visit Wassabi’s youtube channel click here.

Alex Wassabi Instagram

Alex Wassabi Twitter

Alex Wassabi Facebook

Alex Wassabi website

Alex Wassabi interview

You filmed Lifeline, which is super cool. What was the difference like for you to have a more scripted acting role vs your vlogs on YouTube? Is there one you prefer more?
Yeah, it was a big difference because vlogging is just me and the camera, and then it’s edited. But with Lifeline, there were just hundreds of people on set. There were other actors, it was really cool and it was super different than the YouTube Red series I did called Escape The Night because Escape the Night was unscripted. They had a bunch of people on set but it was unscripted, and then Lifeline– I had lines. So the big differences were really cool– there was still creative freedom [and] the director was really cool. They let you do whatever you want; if you wanted to change a line then you could talk to them, but they had great writers and I loved every part of it.
That’s awesome. Do you like that sort of Scifi horror theme? Or is that just something that you happened to do a couple times?
That’s just something I happened to do. I was contacted by Joey Graceffa for Escape the Night, he’s a good friend of mine, and I saw the first few clips of the first season and I was super excited to experience that. Lifeline just happened to be another Scifi one, but once I got the script I was super excited to audition and then I got the part. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, is executive producing it, and Corridor Digital had a big part of it, and I couldn’t say no.
That’s awesome! Any crazy stories from set?
On set, nothing too crazy, but it was just a lot of fun being there and seeing everything and getting punched on screen– [I got] fake punched for the first time. Working with the stunt coordinators was so cool!
Stunt work seems pretty crazy– was that really challenging or was it easier to do than you thought?
We had to do a few takes of the getting punched part– I wasn’t too familiar with it. But we had a stunt coordinator who showed me the ropes and showed me when to turn and how to turn, and the correct way to fall so I didn’t get hurt. It was a learning experience.
So YouTube has grown into its own beast at this point. What is your favorite part about being in the YouTube community?
The community itself is great, like everybody that’s on Youtube, they understand how hard it is and they understand that everybody’s grinding and trying to get their stuff out there. So, the community is great, and the creative freedom– you can do anything you want. There’s no limits on YouTube, so you can just let all your [crazy ideas?] out into one, and you’re [inaudible]. So that’s my favorite part.
Who is someone that you haven’t collaborated with that you would love to in the future?
Oh man, so I would love to collaborate with like, Smosh. I haven’t really worked with Smosh yet…. There’s Jenna Marbles, we haven’t really done anything yet, so hopefully in the future.
You’ve been able to travel a lot. What’s a favorite place that you’ve been to?
Definitely Bora Bora. I went there with my girlfriend and it was just in the middle of nowhere [and] there was no wifi where we were at. Just completely off the grid, and it was great. I was vlogging still because I vlog every single day, but it was good getting away from e-mails and texts, and getting away from the world for a little bit.
Do you find that you ever struggle with keeping parts of your life personal vs sharing it online? Where do you draw the line with that?
You know, I try to spread positivity with my vlogs. Of course everybody has bad days, [but] I don’t put in the bad stuff or the hard stuff, just cause I want to spread positivity. I feel like my vlogs are a 15 minute window so people can escape their lives and just smile. So that’s my main goal with the daily vlogs.
Wassabi productions has evolved so much over the years, how do you see yourself evolving next as a content creator?
People always ask me “How have you survived 11 years on Youtube?” because a lot of creators will create for like a year or two, and then they kind of fall off. I always tell them it’s [about] adapting. You’ve gotta adapt with today’s world, you can’t keep doing one thing forever because people will get bored of it, so adapting is key.
Definitely. You talked about filming Escape the Night. Do you have a moment that stands out?
My girlfriend (LaurDIY) was on Escape the Night with me and once an episode someone dies. One of the nights, my girlfriend died and I got pretty emotional because we were in character. I know it’s not real, but thinking about that happening and then I started screaming at everybody and it was unscripted and everybody was shocked and so it turned out very cool.
What’s next for you? Do you have any plans with acting or another adventure you wanna go on?
Well, I had Lifeline, Escape the Night, and then the Boo! 2 Tyler Perry Halloween movie that just came out. So, I don’t know, I’m just going with the flow. Coming up soon, my girlfriend and I are going on a trip for our second anniversary, so I’m excited for that, but I’m just gonna go with the flow with acting. I’ll just keep auditioning and hopefully something good comes my way.

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