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Alex Mytton Biology

Alex Mytton is British star who was seen in Chelsea “Made in Chelsea in series 5 of the show”.He is also a touring DJ and producer. He was educated in Lord Wandsworth College and Oxford Brookes.

The television reality star Alex Myttons’ life must be the fortunate one as he made space for him in the acting career along with the fame, garnering the consistent sensation from his role in Made In Chelsea.

The young and talented star, who had a keen interest in becoming an actor since the young age, was able to live on his dream with all the efforts he had put.

Within the late teenage phase, Alex not only summoned name and fame but also several beauties to hold his love and harness.

Alex Mytton Age

Alex Mytton is British star who was seen in Chelsea “Made in Chelsea in series 5 of the show”.He is also a touring DJ and producer. He was born on 14th June 1991 at England, the United Kingdom as for 2018,  The Dj is 29 years old as of 2019.

Alex Mytton Family Background | Parents

Mytton has maintained his family life private by avoiding contact with media, but every action is being taken to access the information about his family and childhood life we are going to provide as soon as hold the information with our palm.

Alex Mytton Job

Mytton is a musician, DJ, and producer, he was known for appearing on British reality television show.

Alex started his career as a reality star from the reality show, “Made in Chelsea” at the age of 19 through he garnered considerable attention.

Later, he appeared on the spin-off show Made in Chelsea NYC and also came in its eighth season as a full cast member. As a young and handsome actor, he has successfully set up his career as a reality star which could make him to the height of success in the future.

Alex Mytton Image | Alex Mytton Hair Tutorial

Alex Mytton photo | Hair

Alex Mytton Girlfriend

The producer has dated a number of alluring, Girls, For now, he is dating with Georgina Howard'(British model). Alex discloses a very revealing snap from their romantic Maldives getaway. Alex Soon after he has been dating Lottie Moss but they relationship with Howard seems last ever as his closest friends comment.

Alex Mytton Dj

Students who had Alex (The DJ) at their party talks On how they guttedly missed occassion.

They said that  nobody should get too excited it actually was not crazy as it may seem. Not even quite late, leaving everyone there to try and socialise with his security guard for an hour(yes, he had a security guard…), but he only played for just over an hour before running off again.

One described his DJ’ing as being “average” with the tunes being the “average lads on tour Ibiza tunes”. amny people want to know wherether did he flirt with any girls? Did anyone get with him? Again, a dissapointing no. Seeming different from the screen, he was sober and shy and seemed to literally run out of the door at the end of his set.

So, if anyone is devastated they missed their favourite Made in Chelsea star in action, I’m not sure you should be too dissapointed. It definitely was a night that could have been missed.

Alex Mytton and Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes she was left heartbroken when her boyfriend Mytton broke up with her over text while she was on a family holiday in Florence, Italy.

And Made In Chelsea star Nicola Hughes has laid into her former girlfriend who she dated on and off for almost two years – in an interview with new! magazine, in which she also revealed she is dating another of co-star Binky Felstead’s exes.

Alex Mytton Body Interview

Alex(Chelsea star)  says that he would rather work super hard on making his body look as fantastic as it does, rather than take short cuts like his steroid-popping co-star Spencer Matthews.

‘I try to train two, maybe three times a week if I can,’ the dashingly handsome DJ and reality star told Guys like. ‘My gym LAX is literally a two-minute walk from my place which is super handy and my trainer Robbi Isenberg is super good at fitting me in and getting me in shape when I need to be!’

When asked about whether or not he’d ever considered taking steroids as Spencer Matthews has recently admitted to doing, he replied defiantly: ‘I have never been attracted to that if I’m honest, largely due to the thought of what that sort of stuff can do to your body and insides. Also, I’m not exactly training to become some sort of human-gorilla! I don’t need that, I’m just trying to keep slim!’

In an interview to be published exclusively on on Monday during the next episode of Made In Chelsea, Alex chats about his cheating past plus that notorious pic taken by his girlfriend Nicola Hughes. ‘Yeah, that was a bit embarrassing wasn’t it,’ he tells us. ‘Put it this way, my mum and I still haven’t spoken about it! Alex Mytton Clothes

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