Alex Lange Biography, Age, Height, Siblings, Dating, Career, Net Worth

Alex Lange Biography

Alex Lange is an American model and one of the key participants of Team 10. He is extremely popular, having gathered more than 2 million followers on Instagram account.
He is of French descent born on March 3, 2001. Though being so young, Alex is incredibly talented in modeling and acting. His humorous videos are natural and relaxing. He also takes part in videos shot by his gang ‘Team 10’ fellows.

Alex Lange was never constantly linked with anyone when it came to romance. And why would anyone bother doing it, since he has only got eyes for his girlfriend of two years?

Alex Lange embraced fame after posting pictures on his Instagram account that has gained over 2.5 million followers. He is also known by some for posting vlogs on his self-proclaimed YouTube channel.

Carrying a fitting charm for acting, Alex played a recurring role of a 15-year-old cancer patient named Max in the CBS medical drama, Code Black.

The young and suave member of ‘Team 10’, Alex Lange, is winning thousands of hearts on the popular Instagram app. Fifteen-year-old Alex has a pure zest for life.

His Facebook page reads, “I live life and capture some of it”, which he does with a bright and optimistic attitude.

Fans have followed his social media accounts from Instagram to Twitter, and he has built a solid fan base. He has more than 73.1K followers on Twitter and a lofty 1.2 million fans on Instagram.

When he launched his YouTube channel he was met with similar fame and now has almost 60K subscribers to his channel.

He is jointly seen in videos with his flatmates and ‘Team 10’ gang. Alex shares space with AJ Mitchell, Alissa Violet, Jake Paul, Lucas Dobre, Marcus Dobre and Stan Gerards in the YouTube videos; he also features in some of their Vines.

Alex Lange Age, Height, And Early Life

Lange was born in Paris, France on March 3, 2001. He is 18 years old as of 2019. His father’s name is Marc. Additionally, he has an older brother, Matthieu Lange, who is also an Instagram model and also a younger sister. He is of French descent born on March 3, 2001.

Throughout his childhood years, he moved between France and England. He is of South-African nationality. Furthermore, he belongs to a French ethnic background.

Body Measurement

  • Age: As of 2018, he is 17 years old.
  • Height: He stands at a height of 6 feet (1.85m).
  • Weight: He weighs 64kg.

Alex Lange Siblings

The older brother and a big friend of a model Alex Lange is named Matthieu. Everyone, who sees this young man, notices that he looks exactly like his famous sibling.

Matthieu is an Instagram star, too. He joins his social media activity by studying at Santa Clara University. He majors in finance and business.

The young man has amicable relationships with a female YouTube celebrity Chelsea Crockett. He has a younger sister, too.

Alex Lange Dating

Alex Lange Adores His Model-like Girlfriend

The 17-year-old model has been dating his gorgeous girlfriend, Bailee Madison for over two years now. And you bet that he’s captivated by her and doesn’t miss a beat to show her off on social media sites.

Alex Lange

If you don’t know who Bailee Madison is, she’s the girl who plays the little sister of Josh Hutcherson in Bridge to Terabithia. Yeah, she’s all grown now, reaching the age of 19. But anyway, she has been dating Alex for quite a while now and the two are absolutely adorable.

The lovebirds don’t just limit themselves to grow on social media; they’ve even served as the national youth spokespersons for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The organization encourages kids to raise fund for pediatric cancer patients by running their own lemonade stands.

Isn’t that beautiful? And let’s not forget to mention the number of people who are quite jealous of the cute couple, but the majority simply ships them.

So the hating opinion matters the least. Anyway, Alex and his model-like girlfriend have been going strong since 2016, and there’s nothing they would do to change that.

Alex Lange Modeling Career 

Born on 3 March 2001, Alex Lange is a former member of Jake Paul’s Team 10 who shares space with AJ Mitchell, Alissa Violet, Lucas Dobre, Marcus Dobre, and Stan Gerards. He became the talk of the town after posting pictures on Instagram, quickly bagging the tag of a model.

But Instagram wasn’t the only platform he wanted to carve his name on, so he created a YouTube channel where he posted random entertaining videos, like the one where he applies makeup on Chelsea Crockett, blindfolded. The makeup was a full-on disaster but the video gained a lot of views.

Alex, age 17, also landed himself modeling assignments with Subdued and Brandy USA, which adds to his female fan-following as well.

While he might be smothered with internet fame, the model who stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters) regards his family as his top priority.

When asked who he would choose between friends and family, Alex didn’t blink an eye to say, family. How cute is that? He often shares his gratitude to his family for supporting him and helping him reach the heightening point of his life. But there’s more cuteness to aww over when it comes to Alex’s adoration for his girlfriend.

Alex Lange Rise To Stardom

Alex Lange gathered massive attention when he began uploading pictures on Instagram. Within a week people starting following him and he soon became the talk of the town.
As a model, he is unabashedly good-looking and has a huge female fan following. Taking his fame from pictures to videos, he began his own channel on YouTube and since then regularly updates his channel every Sunday.
His most viewed video is where he is blindfolded and applies makeup on his friend Alissa Violet, which ends up a total disaster! The video became very popular and is hilariously executed.

Although most of his videos are typically funny or else stylish, he recently struck an emotional chord with his video on ‘How to be Happy’, where he prioritized happiness over all other virtues of life. He has also landed himself modeling assignments with Brandy USA and Subdued.

What Makes Alex So Special

Besides his striking features and boy-next-door looks, Alex Lange has great talent in both modeling and acting. His videos are effortless; he acts himself, with no unnecessary façade.
He gets along with his teammates extremely well, creating humorous videos. But primarily, in one of his videos he emphasizes on the fact that fame comes with hard work and consequences, and so has it been with him.
His posts on Twitter indicate that he is highly appreciative of his family’s support and where life has taken him. He is the perfect example of a charming boy with a large heart. His views on life are intellectual and assertive, which contribute to his personality.

Alex Lange Beyond Fame

Alex introduces himself as a regular teenage boy who loves sports, food, and movies. He is usually seen hanging out with his friends and takes trips back home to meet his family.
Alex loves playing online games and has a dog that he considers his best friend and loves unconditionally. He often visits new restaurants as a hobby and explores various cuisines.
He is a regular school goer and is currently studying in high school. Alex also believes that education is a vital necessity for all individuals to make informed decisions. He loves taking vacations with his girlfriend Bailee and traveling the world.

Alex Lange Behind The Curtains

He was born in France and moved to England as a young boy and lived there for several years; he later moved to Los Angeles and is now living there.
Over the years he has mastered both English and French fluently and is currently learning Spanish. He has an elder brother who is equally famous on Instagram, Matthieu Lange.
Alex also has a sister and a baby niece. He has uploaded adorable pictures of his niece with him. He loves his parents and siblings abundantly and stays connected with them always.
When asked who he would choose – friends or family, he promptly replied “family.”His best friend, AJ Mitchell is also a famous YouTuber.

The duo has uploaded many videos together. Alex has been going steady with his present girlfriend and (now known as TikTok) star, Bailee Madison. The couple frequently posts their pictures on Instagram. He is smitten by his lady love and hopes that she sticks with him too.

Alex Lange Net Worth

Alex Lange has gained massive popularity in short span of his career, he is widely popular on Instagram and from each promotional post, he earns $50k-$70k.

He also makes good money from his acting and modeling career. Considering his career growth, he might have an estimated net worth of six digit figure.

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