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Agnes Wilczynski is an American-Polish renowned sales coordinator, estimator, and…Wilczynski started her career as a…Agnes moved to the United States with her…

Agnes Wilczynski Biography | Nationality

Agnes Wilczynski is an American-Polish renowned sales coordinator, estimator, and reality TV star. She rose to fame after her appearance in the Animal Planet series Tanked. Wilczynski has also been helping in running the ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing) that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her first career was as a hair designer. Then she moved on to work as a sales representative in a local Ferrari dealership near her living area in Las Vegas where she met Wayde King, the co-owner of ATM.

Agnes Wilczynski Age | Agnes Wilczynski Born

She was born in the year 1977, May 17th in Poland which currently makes her age 41 years. Wilczynski spent her early years in Poland.

Agnes Wilczynski Family

At the age of six, Agnes moved to the United States with her elder brother Arthur. The brother and sister had no arrangement for returning back as they flew on TWA jumbo jet with a one-way ticket to Las Vegas. She would later describe this moment as a literally hitting the Jack Pot. The information regarding her parents is currently under review.

Agnes Wilczynski and her brother Aurther Wilczynski
Agnes Wilczynski and her brother Aurther Wilczynski

Agnes Wilczynski Education

Nothing much is known regarding her childhood days and her education background.

Agnes Wilczynski Career

Wilczynski started her career as a hair designer. Later, she worked as a sales representative in a Ferrari dealer in Las Vegas. She became famous when she first appeared in the reality TV show Tanked. The TV series began in 2011 which is adapted from the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) business.

The business is owned and run by Brett Raymer and Wayde King who are her brothers-in-law and business partners. The series features the operations of the Las Vegas-based aquarium manufacturer Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

The series shows the tanks (aquarium) that are built in different locations and for different places including restaurants, casinos, and churches.

Agnes Wilczynski Photo
Agnes Wilczynski Photo

Agnes Wilczynski Net Worth

The reality television show pays Agnes Wilczynski a good salary. One of the ‘Tanked’ star Irwin Raymer’s net worth is around $5 million. Thus, we assume Anges’ net worth also to be somewhere in millions. Although her estimated net worth is currently under review.

Agnes Wilczynski And Brett Raymer Married

Many people have always asked the question on whether or not Agnes and fellow Tanked star, Brett Raymer have ever been in a relationship, or if they were married but later got divorced. Interestingly enough, Brett and Agnes have never been an item.

In fact, Raymer has never been married and as revealed, he has been in a rather long but well-blooming relationship with another woman, Trisha Chamberlain. The two have been together since 2011. Hence, the relationship between Brett Raymer and Agnes is nothing more than platonic. In fact, it has been pointed out that Brett sees Agnes as a kid sister.

On her own relationship, even as some people get to assume that Brett is her ex-husband, the very beautiful woman has never been married. It is very convenient for most people to assume that she has been married and divorced because of how hidden the woman has kept her personal and love life.

On her current relationship, Agnes may as well be single. This is because she has not been linked to anyone. More so, even as she loves sharing her moments with people she loves such as her4 family members and friends. The Tanked regular face has never talked or shared anything about any man to suggest that she is in any relationship.

One more thing is that despite the fact that no one knows who the woman is dating, many have assumed that she is straight even though she hasn’t come out to state anything about her sexual orientation.

Agnes Wilczynski Tanked

The fish business is a booming one, and Agnes Wilczynski knows how to bait a hook. Agnes has a background in hair design and ironically was working in sales at a local Ferrari dealership when she met Wayde. Her original goal was to sell him a Porsche. Wayde’s passion for his work inspired Agnes so much she sold him the Porsche and became a member of the ATM team.

Agnes is responsible day-to-day for handling incoming calls and coordinating with designers to estimate job costs and create quotes so that ATM can bid on jobs. Wayde and Brett consider her a kid sister, but her role coordinating some of their biggest projects is no small matter.

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