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Adrien Brody Biography | Who Is Adrien Brody?

Adrien Brody is an American actor and producer who gained widespread fame for starring in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist (2002). He is the only male American actor to receive the César Award for Best Actor.

Brody appeared in the fourth series of the BBC historical drama Peaky Blinders in 2017.

Adrien Brody Age | How Old Is Adrien Brody?

Brody was born on April 14, 1973 in New York City, New York, U.S. He is 45 years old as of 2018.

Adrien Brody Nationality

Brody is an American by birth.

Adrien Brody Wife

Brody is not yet married.

Adrien Brody Family

Brody was born to Sylvia Plachy, a photographer, and Elliot Brody, a retired history professor and painter.

Adrien Brody Photo
Adrien Brody Photo

Adrien Brody Jewish

His father is of Polish Jewish descent while his mother was born in Budapest, Hungary and raised as a Catholic. Her father is a Catholic Hungarian aristocrat and her mother a Czech Jewish. He was however raised “without a strong connection” to Judaism or Catholicism.

Adrien Brody Girlfriend |  Adrien Brody Dating

From 2003 to 2006, Brody dated Michelle Dupont, a music industry personal assistant. Michelle was his date to the 2003 Oscars.
He began dating Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in 2006. For Elsa’s 31st birthday in July 2007, he purchased her a 19th-century farm in Central New York state that was remodeled to look like a castle. The couple was featured at their New York home in a 35-page spread for HELLO! magazine in October 2008 and later broke up in 2009.

Actor Adrien Brody

He performed magic shows at children’s birthday parties as “The Amazing Adrien” as a child. He attended I.S. 227 Louis Armstrong Middle School and also New York’s Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Brody’s parents enrolled him in acting classes to distance him from the dangerous children with whom he associated. He also attended summer camp at Long Lake Camp for the Arts in the Adirondacks in upstate New York and attended Stony Brook University before transferring to Queens College for a semester.
Brody took acting classes as a child at thirteen and appeared in an Off-Broadway play and a PBC television film. He appeared in Bullet in 1996 with Tupac Shakur and Mickey Rourke. He then hovered on the brink of stardom, receiving an Independent Spirit Award nomination for his role in the 1998 film Restaurant. He was praised for his roles in Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam and Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line.

Adrien Brody The Pianist

He then received widespread recognition when he was cast as the lead in Roman Polanski’s The Pianist (2002). For him to prepare for the role, he withdrew for months and gave up his apartment and his car, broke up with his then-girlfriend and learned how to play Chopin on the piano. He also lost twenty-nine lbs (13 kg).

Adrien Brody Predators

Brody played the star role of Royce in Predators (a sequel to the original Predator), directed by Nimród Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez.

Adrien Brody Midnight In Paris | Adrien Brody Dali

Brody appeared in Woody Allen’s 2011 Academy Award-winning comedy Midnight in Paris as Salvador Dalí.

Adrien Brody Detachment | Adrien Brody Teacher

Brody stars as an inner-city high-school teacher who adapts to the drifter lifestyle of substitute teaching as a means to avoid emotional connection and responsibilities. Detachment is a gritty drama from controversial director Tony Kaye.

Adrien Brody The Jacket

Brody stars as Jack Starks in the American psychological thriller/horror film The Jacket. Jack is a Gulf War veteran who miraculously recovering from an apparently fatal bullet wound to the head and returns to Vermont in 1992, suffering from periods of amnesia.

Adrien Brody Snl

He appeared on Saturday Night Live on May 10, 2003, his first TV work, controversially giving an improvised introduction, while he was wearing faux dreadlocks for Jamaican reggae musical guest Sean Paul.

Adrien Brody Oscar | Adrien Brody Awards | Adrien Brody Best Actor

  • Best Actor – 2003 · The Pianist

Adrien Brody Body | Adrien Brody Nose | Adrien Brody Beard | Young Adrien Brody


Adrien Brody Height | How Tall Is Adrien Brody?

Brody stands at a height of 1.85 m.

Adrien Brody Filmography | Adrien Brody Filmy | Adrien Brody Filmografia | Adrien Brody Films




1989New York StoriesMel
1991The Boy Who Cried BitchEddie
1993King of the HillLester Silverstone
1994Angels in the OutfieldDanny Hemmerling
1996Ten BennyRay Diglovanni
1996BulletRuby Stein
1996SoloDr. Bill Stewart
1997The Last Time I Committed SuicideBen
1997The Undertaker’s WeddingMario Bellini
1997Six Ways to SundayArnie Finklestein
1998RestaurantChris Calloway
1998The Thin Red LineCpl. Geoffrey Fife
1999Summer of SamRichie Tringale
1999OxygenHarry Houdini
1999Liberty HeightsVan Kurtzman
2000Bread and RosesSam Shapiro
2001Harrison’s FlowersKyle Morris
2001Love the Hard WayJack Grace
2001The Affair of the NecklaceCount Nicolas De La Motte
2002DummySteven Schoichet
2002The PianistWładysław Szpilman
2003The Singing DetectiveFirst Hood
2004The VillageNoah Percy
2005The JacketJack Starks
2005King KongJack Driscoll
2006HollywoodlandLouis Simo
2007The Tehuacan ProjectNarrator
2007The Darjeeling LimitedPeter Whitman
2008ManoleteManuel “Manolete” Laureano Rodríguez Sánchez
2008The Brothers BloomBloom
2008Cadillac RecordsLeonard Chess
2009GialloInspector Enzo Lavia
2009SpliceClive Nicoli
2009Fantastic Mr. FoxRickity
2010High SchoolEdward “Psycho Ed” Highbaugh
2010The ExperimentTravis Cacksmackberg
2011DetachmentHenry Barthes
2011Midnight in ParisSalvador Dalí
2012Back to 1942Theodore White
2013Inappropriate ComedyFlirty Harry
2013Third PersonScott Lowry
2014The Grand Budapest HotelDmitri Desgoffe und Taxis
2014American HeistFrankie Kelly
2015Dragon BladeTiberius
2015Stone Barn Castle


2015BacktrackPeter Bower
2015Septembers of ShirazIsaac Amin
2016Manhattan NightPorter Wren
2017Bullet HeadStacy
2018Air StrikeSteve
TBAEmperorCharles V, Holy Roman Emperor
TBAEl Tonto
TBAThe French Dispatch

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Adrien Brody Paintings

“Hooked”: Interview with Adrien Brody

Published: MAY 12, 2016
How would you describe your artwork? 
“Painting, music, photography and visual art have been creative forms of expression for me for decades. I’ve drawn and painted for many years (I used to paint fish and sharks even as child), but I never had the confidence to share that passion. More recently I’ve begun to nurture this, and painting has essentially become my main creative outlet. Currently, I would describe the work I do as a more autonomous extension of my creativity, a freedom I enjoy immensely and am deeply grateful for. Sharing this passion, discussing concepts with friends and strangers, and creating a dialogue for certain social issues has been very rewarding.”
Is there an evolving connection between your first exhibition, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Handguns and your current exhibition, “Hooked” at Art New York?
“There are clearly some similar themes explored – like us being “hooked” on convenience and instant accessibility. In “HHH,” I explored how fast food culture has permeated so much of our everyday lives. I love the accessibility that my great nation affords us but it is virtually inescapable for most people in America, and many places abroad, to rely on inexpensive, yet unhealthy meals as a main source of sustenance.
I also previously explored how violence in our society is, unfortunately, as commonplace as fast food. It awaits us at every turn in some shape or form – even in our entertainment. With “Hooked” I have taken a lighter and more positive approach, incorporating more humor, yet the series delves into environmental consciousness (or lack thereof), conflicting messages in pop culture, and Asian influences from my many trips traveling through Asia and the southeast. “
I read that you conjured up the theme for “Hooked” in a dream. Tell me something you recently dreamt about in your sleep.
“I actually dream of painting almost nightly now. I remember early on in preparing for the show at Art Basel, Miami, my dear friend and mentor, Domingo Zapata, told me he was having dreams of painting. I thought it was cool and strangely powerful how immersed he was in his art. Now I can’t not dream of painting, and several ideas have come from my lucid dreams. The dream was a merging of a Jackson Pollock style of painting I was experimenting with and the vision of the fish. I saw the lightness and brightness they possess amidst the dark seas as a metaphor for our fragile spirit, our soul, as we must prevail in these relatively dark times, with such conflict and discord in the world around us. I felt a profound need to nurture that quality in myself and the people around me. I also like how the droplets in the “dropfish” create a uniqueness to each piece that further represents an individuality in all living beings – another aspect to celebrate.”
Is there a social agenda behind your artwork?
“I have been blessed to see so much in this world. From great beauty to tremendous horror and misfortune.  In my work as an actor I have been given even greater insights and have been guided towards empathy and a consciousness of those who are less fortunate. More recently, I have seen a great deal of environmental destruction as I traveled through depleted rainforests and witnessed the effects of global warming, coral bleaching, illegal poaching and fishing, as well as a carelessness fed by convenience, corporate greed and apathy. These elements are explored in my artwork.”
Has your dedication to your art taken a toll on other parts of your life?
“All commitments require sacrifice and hardship. Immersion into anything takes a toll as other areas receive less of your attention and energy. Yet, when we find inspiration, I believe that something great within us is awakened and this allows room for new awareness, new friendships, and new forms of fulfillment. I have less free time now but I value it more and use it more wisely.”
What’s next?
“I paint every day if possible, and dream every night. This is just the beginning of the journey. I have some sculptural works that I have been eager to do and I have a talented blacksmith coming to work with me this summer. I am very excited to learn more and express more. Hopefully I will have other shows in the near future and can share these with you.”