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Adam G. Sevani Biography, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Movies, Instagram, Net Worth,

Adam G. Sevani is an American actor and dancer who is known for playing Robert Alexander III / Moose in the Step Up film series.

Adam G. Sevani Biography

Adam G. Sevani is an American actor and dancer who is known for playing Robert Alexander III / Moose in the Step Up film series.

Adam G. Sevani Age

Adam Manucharian was born On June 29, 1992 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He is 26 years old as of 2018.

Adam G. Sevani Family

Adam was born in a family of two children to Gagik Sevani-Manucharian, and Edita Manucharian.

Adam G. Sevani Vahe Sevani

Vahe Sevani is the elder brother to Adams. He is a an actor and writer who is known for Rock, Paper, Scissors (R.P.S.) (2017), 2 Guys and a Girl (2012) and Movin’ On (2011).

Adam G. Sevani Wife

Sevani is considered single since there is no available information of him getting married.

Adam G. Sevani

Adam G. Sevani Girlfriend | Adam G. Sevani Partner

Adam has been involved in several relationships with fellow actresses including Miley Cyrus.

Adam G. Sevani And Miley Cyrus

Sevani and fellow actor Miley (both stars of ‘LOL’) made contact via YouTube ‘dance battles’ in 2008. This finally led to the pair sharing a live dance battle on the 2008 Teen Choice Awards Show. They were also spotted together several times, including in a cycling outing. They two only began a casual relationship in 2010 while filming ‘LOL.’ quickly after Miley’s split from Liam Hemsworth.

At the end of filming of ‘LOL’, in which the two starred, the couple were reported to be no longer seeing each other.

Adam G. Sevani And Alyson Stoner

He has also been rumored to have dated Alyson Stoner who is also a fellow actress. The two did not confirm or deny about it and eventually the rumor died.

Adam G. Sevani Career

Adam G. Sevani Step Up

Adam appeared in the Touchstone Pictures dance drama film Step Up 2: The Streets, the second installment of the Step Up film series in February 2008. The film is centered on a group of students who form a dance troupe and go ahead to battle on the streets. His performance as Robert “Moose” Alexander III was praised by critics, such as The New York Times, for portraying a character who “might be the baddest nerd in movie history”. The film received generally mixed reviews, and went on to gross over $150 million worldwide. For his role in the film, Adam received the “Best Scene Stealer” award at the 2008 Young Hollywood Awards for his role in the film.

He was confirmed to reprise the role of Moose in the planned third installment of the Step Up trilogy in May 2009. Its Filming took place in New York City on a $30 million budget. The film, Step Up 3D, then centers on Moose and his best friend Camille Alyson Stoner moving to New York to start University until Adam’s character gets mixed up in the underground dance scene. The film was later released in August 2010 to generally mixed reviews from critics. The film was the highest grossing installment of the trilogy, with over $159 million worldwide asv of August 2012. Adam made a small appearance in the trilogy’s fourth installment, Step Up: Revolution in July 2012. He once again reprised his role as Moose in the fifth installment of the Step Up film series, Step Up: All In in 2014.

Adam was confirmed to star in the American remake of the 2008 French film LOL (Laughing Out Loud), alongside Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore and Ashley Greene in August 2010. LOL centers on Cyrus’s character finishing her final year of high school. It received a limited US release, and was given bad reviews from critics in May 2012.

He has appeared in music videos such as: Mase’s “Breathe, Stretch, Shake”, Will Smith’s “Switch”, T-Pain’s “Church” and a little part in NLT’s “That Girl.” Adam also did the choreography for NLT’s music video for “Karma.” He is then credited as a back-up dancer for Kevin Federline’s performance on the Teen Choice Awards in 2006. Sevani also formed a dance crew with Jon Chu and also several California area dancers with celebrity cameos in 2008 known as the AC/DC, or Adam/Chu Dance Crew. It had a highly publicized YouTube dance battle with Miley Cyrus. The battle then ended with a final dance off between the two crews at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. Adam was featured in a tribute video to Michael Jackson’s 25th Anniversary ‘Thriller’ video for Halloween in November 2008, with Step Up series co-star Alyson Stoner.

Adam G. Sevani Upcoming Movies

There is no available information on any of Sevani’s upcoming movie

Adam G. Sevani Now

Sevani still goes on with his career in acting and dancing.

Adam G. Sevani Net Worth

The Step Up star has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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Step Up: All In

Robert “Moose” Alexander III


Step Up: Revolution[17]

Robert “Moose” Alexander III

The First Time

Wurtzheimer Guy




Step Up 3D

Robert “Moose” Alexander III


Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory



Step Up 2: The Streets

Robert “Moose” Alexander III






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Learn to Hip Hop: Volume 2

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Adam G. Sevani Dancing

Adam G. Sevani And Chris Brown

Adam G. Sevani Interview

Published: NOVEMBER 24, 2014


Congratulations on Step Up: All In, the fifth in the franchise. Where do we find Moose at this stage of his life?

In LA, he has a job, he’s got Camille – his girlfriend – who’s also there and he’s happy. His parents have a dance studio and Shaun is looking for a job so he reaches out to Moose and that’s how we see him for the first time.

What is it about the character of Moose that keeps bringing you back to the franchise?

Maybe the dancing, yeah I think the dancing.

Will we see Moose again in this franchise given your popularity? And perhaps be given an even bigger role?

Probably not, I think that was the last of the franchise so maybe in the future you’ll see me in another dance group. But not a Step Up anytime soon.

Across all of the Step Up movies, what has been your favourite dance routine and the most challenging one?

The most challenging and my favourite I guess would be the one in New York on the boulevard, where he and Alison are doing a dance in one take. It was the most challenging one because we had to do it so many times.

You got started with dancing at a very young age. Can you tell us how you first got involved with dance?

I guess for me it wasn’t a choice… I didn’t choose to get into it. My parents owned a dance studio and I grew up around it. So I was always dancing in the studio and when opportunities came up I guess I was there at the right time.


Who were your dance inspirations? We pick up a lot of references to the great Michael Jackson.

Yeah I mean Michael keeps coming up because there really isn’t that many people that were famous for dancing. So the obvious one would be Michael Jackson and off the top of my head… I can’t remember! A lot of people can’t list a lot of names because there really aren’t! Other than some of the people I grew up around, which are anonymous. But I think that he was in the biggest way possible, who truly inspired. So my answer would probably be him.

Who were your biggest acting influences growing up?

Hmm I would say Al Pacino, he was always my favourite.

What do you enjoy the most, the acting or the dancing?

I like acting more than the dancing because the dancing is like a physical activity and it is pretty gruelling and pretty hard. It’s like a sport and you gotta put a lot of time and energy into it. But acting is more cognitive and you have to figure out stuff in acting rather than exert a lot of energy. So I like acting better.

Why don’t we see Adam G. Sevani in more movies? 

Well, growing up I never really wanted to act, it wasn’t ’till recently that I took it seriously. But I never thought it was a serious job, I never took it seriously because I thought it wasn’t something that I wanted to do. Until recently I had to choose between, you know, what I really want to do and I think that this is what I want to do. So I took it more seriously this year and now I’m focussing on it.

How has the industry changed since you started? Do you think it’s easier to break into it now?

I dunno – I think in terms of how hard it is, I think it’s still the same. But in terms of the movies that are being made, more like action, superhero movies and book adaptations and stuff. So that’s actually the only thing that’s different, but I think it’s still relatively the same.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

I don’t really have anything lined up at the moment.

Finally, we ask everyone what their favourite movie has been over the past year… what have you enjoyed most at the cinema?

The past year? I don’t even remember the movies in the past year! Honestly, there are so many good movies, I cannot even remember!