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30 Seconds To Mars

30 Seconds to Mars is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1998. The band consists of brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto. During the course of its existence, it has undergone various line up changes. The band’s debut album, thirty Seconds to Mars, was produced by Bob Ezrin and released to positive reviews but only to limited commercial success. The band achieved worldwide fame with the release of its second album A Beautiful Lie , which received multiple certifications all over the world.

As of September 2014, the band had sold over 15 million albums worldwide.Thirty Seconds to Mars has consistently enjoyed sold out tours and numerous headlining festival slots. The band is noted for its energetic live performances and for fusing elements from a wide variety of genres, through its use of philosophical and spiritual lyrics, concept albums, and experimental music. Thirty Seconds to Mars has received several awards and accolades throughout its career, including a Guinness World Record, and has been included in the Kerrang! list of best artists of the 2000s.

30 Seconds To Mars Lead Singer

The band consists of brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto.  The lead singer of the band is Jared Leto he has the vocals while his bother Shannon is the drumist.

30 Seconds To Mars Debut Album

Thirty Seconds to Mars started in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, as a collaboration between brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto, who had been playing music together since their childhood. The duo later expanded to a four-piece when they added guitarist Solon Bixler and bassist Matt Wachter to the line-up.  Additional guitarist Kevin Drake, who first auditioned for the position of bassist, also joined the band as a touring musician. The band played its first concerts under different names, before finally settling on the name “Thirty Seconds to Mars”, which was taken from a rare manuscript titled Argus Apocraphex.

Jared Leto described the name as “a reference, a rough translation from the book. When Thirty Seconds to Mars first started, Jared Leto did not allow his vocation as a Hollywood actor to be used in promotion of the band.

By 1998, the group performed gigs at small American venues and clubs. Their eponymous debut album had been in the works for a couple of years, with Leto writing the majority of the songs. During this period, the band recorded demo tracks such as Valhalla and Revolution, or Jupiter and Hero, which later appeared on the band’s debut album as Fallen and Year Zero respectively, but also Buddha for Mary.Their work led to a number of record labels being interested in signing Thirty Seconds to Mars, which eventually signed to Immortal Records. In 1999, Virgin Records entered into the contract.


30 Seconds To Mars Members

Current members

  • Jared Leto – lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards (1998–present)
  • Shannon Leto – drums, percussion (1998–present)

Former members

  • Solon Bixler – lead guitar, backing vocals (2001–2003)
  • Matt Wachter – bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (2001–2007)
  • Tomo Miličević – lead guitar, bass guitar, violin, keyboards, percussion (2003–2018)

30 Seconds To Mars Albums

  • America
  • This Is war
  • Love,Lust, faith and Dreams
  • A Beautiful Lie
  • 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Rarties
  • Music Fron Cubbins 2006-2014
  • Music From Inspired By Dallas Buyers Club
  • MTV Unplugged: 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Helix (Volume 2)
  • To the Edge of the Earth
  • AOL Sessions Undercover

30 Seconds To Mars Songs

  • The Kill
  • Kings and Queens
  • Walk on water
  • Closer to the Edge
  • From Yesterday
  • This Is War
  • Hurricane
  • Up in the Air
  • Do or Die
  • Rescue Me
  • A Beautiful Lie
  • City of Angels
  • Dangerous Night
  • Night Of the Hunter
  • Edge of the Earth

30 Seconds To Mars The Kill

30 Seconds To Mars Hurricane

30 Seconds To Mars Tour 2019

  • June 30 -Klam, Ausria
  • July 3rd-Rome,Italy (Cavea)
  • July 4th Padova, Italy ( GOFX ARENA)
  • July 6th Pistola, Italy (Piazza Del Duomo)
  • July 7th Barolo, Italy(Collisioni Festival)
  • July 8th Argeles-Sur-Mer, France(Les Deferlantes)
  • July 13th Moscow , Russia (Park Life Festive)
  • July 15th Minsk, Belarus(Chizhovka Arena)
  • July 17th Kiev, Ukraine(Upark Festival)
  • July 19th Cuxhaven, Germany(Cuxhaven, Germany At Deichbrand Festival)

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